OTC: Moore Says Hillman Will Be Back

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21 Responses to OTC: Moore Says Hillman Will Be Back

  1. Anonymous says:

    Who is trey hillman favorite bible character?
    They’ve both wandered aimlessly for
    40 years!
    Has anyone noticed the security around hillman
    before and during the game. When he goes to the
    mound armed security comes out of the dugout.
    When he brings out the starting lineups an
    armed guard watches the crowds. After the games,
    security is on the steps of the dugout watching
    into the crowds. Something strange for a worthless mlb manager.
    It seems the “gifted child” moore can’t make
    one good deal. Everything he touches goes to
    hell. Hillman can’t coach. Saw Pineilla in the
    dugout working with one of players showing him
    how to swing at a pitch during the game.
    I’ve never seen hillman even say a single word
    to a player in the dugout. He’s the worst ever
    in Kansas City.
    I said it in May…Hillman and Moore must go.
    We’re starting the countdown to 100 loses.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who says Watson “choked” on the final hole has no understanding of the game of golf…And I don’t mean playing 3-4 rounds a year, either…

  3. Anonymous says:

    What you see from the Royals is “circling the wagons.” They are definitely in defense mode. The honeymoon is over for Moore. He will sink or swim with Hillman. My prediction is that he will sink.
    Unfortunately digging this team out of the hole that ownership has dug is probably too much for any GM. David Glass is the main problem with this franchise and until he changes his ways or he leaves we will be on this roller coaster ride every 3-5 years.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Amen JS, as long as David Glass owns the team it doesn’t matter who is the GM and who is managing the R’s.

    70 – 75 wins is the best you can hope for from a David Glass owned team

  5. Anonymous says:

    guillen says “he sucks…he’s embarrased by the
    money he’s making”!
    When will moore/hillman/gordon/butler/meche/
    cruz/ponson/bale/frans”no”worth/pena jr jr/
    etc. make the same true statement.
    Royals are at 1.2 million in attendance this
    year. Should reach 1.8 with about 32 home
    games left. Probably 100K for red sox in
    september 4games. At this number, royals make
    big money for glass.
    Yankees: draw close to 4 million in 09
    $60 avg.ticket price= $240,000,000…$40 avg.
    per person on other crap= 160,000,000…misc.
    comes to $60,000,000…broadcast rights:
    $50 million…shareof mlb money approx:$80,000,000…minus tax for payroll…
    add depreciation of playerssalaries (200,000,000 salary= $43.5 million dollar taxwrite down…)
    its not fair for kc with this kind of money
    coming in to major market teams.
    Moore must go. We need a magician and a rabbits foot to compete with other teams.GM has to get
    reallucky…has to have some playershave
    career year…great manager…players develop
    from minors…few injuiries…and a lot of luck with trades…moore doesn’t have it. Hillman lacks mlb experience…bring on white and brett.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Until the R’s have a real owner it won’t matter.

    Ced Tallis and Whitey Herzog couldn’t cobble together a winner with the loser that owns the R’s right now.

    A competent owner makes a great deal of difference, look at what happened in Tampa once they got an owner who gave a damn. At times I wonder what difference the Prentice group would have made. Sure as hell wouldn’t be any worse and at least it would have looked like they gave a damn, unlike Glass.

  7. Anonymous says:

    GH Quote: “I have heard from many people who believe changing managers as often as the Royals have the past decade or so is a mistake.”

    The ONLY manager the Royals have fired in the last 10 years is Tony Muser, and he gave us SIX YEARS OF LOSING. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t know if any manager ever coached as long as Muser with a worse record. After him, Tony Pe

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’ve said it once and I’m going to say it again. Glass needs to sell the team to someone who knows what their doing.

    Glass is still blaming large market/small market for his team not winning. He’s a loser and the team will always be a loser as long as he’s the owner.

    Moore right now is wishing he never took the job. He left what is one of the best orginizations in baseball in Atlanta to one of the worst.

    Moore could of waited until a better job came up a job were he might of had a chance to do something. A chance to win. But he made the mistake and came to Kansas City.

    I rather take my chance with a out of town owner who will threaten to move the team in five years when the “improvements” to the New OK are outdated then have Glass as the owner.

    Glass sell the team and go to your home in NW Arkansas never to return to this city again.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Glass is not the problem. He hired 2 people to
    run the team and they are losers. Glass put up the money (over 75 million in 2009)…he got
    the stadium built and with all the amenities of
    nicer stadiums…he gave reins to moore and
    hillman and said you guys run the team aned
    Glass has done everything he can. And he is
    right about small market teams. But with the
    right manager/gm a payroll of 70 million can
    make a competitive team. I have no porblem
    with glass THIS YEAR. Of course he’s got such
    a hole to get out of from previous years that
    its proably a long work in progress.
    But who hired seitzer. Traded for crisp and gave
    up ramirez. Who brought in Jacobs? Meche?
    Who can’t figure out that bloomquist can be
    a good ballplayer. Who brought in cruz…who’s
    coaching these batters? Who ruined meche?
    NO more excuses because minnesota/tampa bay/
    florida etc. are winners with smaller payrolls.
    Glass took achance on moore…admit it wasa
    Hillman is the worst in kc history.
    Until we GET a major manager with mlb epxerience
    (noone would probably come here) and until we get someone who can evaluate talent we will end up in the bottom. v

  10. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    Peter Noone?

  11. Anonymous says:

    JoJO Glass has not done everything he can do. He’s a cheap owner who if it’s not done on the cheap it doesn’t get done.

    Drafts-on the cheap.
    Free agents-on the cheap, except one in the last ten years.
    The New OK- on the cheap. Will be outdated in five years.

    He’s a cheap loser. Glass sell the team and sell it now!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Fuck the Royals. This is bullshit. The only way to get better sports teams in KC is for fans to speak with money and butts in seats. I’m done.

  13. Anonymous says:

    john…$250 million to update a stadium?
    thats not cheap..it may be stupid but its
    not cheap.
    free agents? he’s got 55% of hismoney
    in guillen/meche and greinke…not muchleft
    and not much talent left to tradewith..
    he still is paying out 75 million…if thats
    not getting it done youhaveto look to moore…
    drafts:he got the #1”s…he’s got to pay
    crowe or he’s gone and we wasted another
    big draft.
    I own 2companies..ihave managers that i payto
    run them…if they don’tdo the job…bam..they
    are gone. If i have todo their work I le3t them
    go and keep the cash.
    Free agents: what free agentwould want to com
    e here and lose? not many when the big market
    teams can throw them asmuch as kc and they go
    to a winner plus millions in major market
    endorsement money.
    The deck is stacked against us. I wish some owner with abbillion bucks to lose would take
    over but those days are over.
    Glass paid for top peoplein marketing/fan services/he’s paid top dollar for key people.
    If moore cant put a team together and hillman
    can’t manage glass could spend 100 million and
    we’dstill be at the bottom.
    Glass is not the problem. HIllman can’t coach/
    manage and moore can’t put a team together.
    Moore has picked my losers to come tyo the royals than any other manager inkc history.
    Til that stop and the royals get a few lucky
    breaks (gordon gets hot/guillen hit 300/
    meche comes backstrong/more runsscored etc.)
    nothing changes.
    Glass didn’t drop the balls…didn’t throw to
    the wrong bases…doesn’t lead the league
    in passed balls…doesn’t do strategy…he;’s
    a yes man for waltons for years but he put the
    team in the handsof people he thought we good
    enough to win gamesand the 2 idiots haven’t done
    one thing right (except have the condiment race
    in between innnings!)

  14. Anonymous says:

    Greg: Careful about Smart Car bashing. Someone might get upset.

  15. Anonymous says:

    jojo- this a record a third rant in one column!

    David and Dan Glass are the biggest problem with this team. It starts with the attitude of trying to make this a break-even proposition from the start. If you own companies you know that you have to invest something initially to get a business going. You don’t necessarily expect profits the first year because it can take some time to recoup those investment dollars. They would not invest in top line talent and let most of the talent we did have go by not wanting to spend $ trying to keep them. This has been 15 years of neglect and only the last 2-3 years have they attempted to even do anything concrete.

    We can get the best manager and GM possible and if they are constrained by the owner than there is very little they can do. Do I like Trey Hillman as a manager–No! Dayton Moore hasn’t proven alot but still he can do only as much as the owner is willing to invest!

  16. Anonymous says:

    You should know by now “careful” is not one of the boxes on my checklist. I do think though, that everyone should head over to Aristocrat Motors in Merriam and buy one of those sweet Jags, Benzs, Saabs or Land Rovers.

  17. Anonymous says:

    JS you’re right. In those 15 years of Glass rule how many first round picks were selected because of signability? I guess 90% of them. How many of then paned out? Is Colt Griffin still in AA ball?

    Glass sell the team now!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Why do people buy Land Rovers?

    Because they expect a war, and will need a military vehicle?
    Because they have to drive up a mountain and through a stream to get to the grocery store?
    Maybe it’s so they fill the back of this monster vehicle with monitors, video games, DVDs, assorted toys and all other kinds of crap so they don’t have to talk to their children?
    Perhaps it’s just that they love paying for gas – why else would you want a vehicle that gets just 11 miles to the gallon?

    Americans need to stop living like self-indulgent fools and start learning to live with a little bit more frugality and common sense.

    You say that you have never been “careful” – I say that just makes you reckless.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Greg, you are right that Hilman is not the guy for the job. I would prefer the Royals hired an SOB for a manager if for no other reason then to know that those pukes on the field get their asses handed to them every time they get back to the dugout after dropping a fly ball.

    You gotta question somebody’s manhood. Maybe walk out to right field during the game and fire Guillen on the spot. Do something man!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I got to ask. How many of you guys were begging Glass to buy the team because you were fearful of it being moved? I go way back in saying Glass would be a mistake. The Bretts would of bombed also as the would of been like MJ is in basketball ownership. But Miles really had a love and passion. But baseball refused to give him a shot. I don’t know. But I did know that us going back to Glass asking him to save baseball in KC was a mistake and we should of looked for other options. But many of the same current complainers like KK convinced us their were no other options. We choose our poison. I remember everyone being soooooooooo happy that Glass bought the team and promised to keep it here. He was a hero and savior. MISTAKE.

  21. Anonymous says:

    everyone has f*ked up. The players don’t
    play…the manager can’t manage…the pitching
    coach has the pitchers throwing softballs that
    the hitters get a great eye on…the batting
    coach is the worst in mlb…the thrid base
    coach is a screwup…the first base coach is
    an idiot…moore is a freaking loser…
    gordon’s a bust…meche is a wreck…ponson
    thinks he’s playing volleyball…the catcher
    can’t catch…outfielders cant shag fly balls…
    glass with his 900 million in the bank is tigther
    than a screw…michael jackson is dead…
    this has been one bad fuc*ing summer!

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