OTC: Will KC’s All-Star Game Match STL’s Bash?

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20 Responses to OTC: Will KC’s All-Star Game Match STL’s Bash?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Today’s play-by-play guys are bland by virtue of corporate orders. Play-by-play guys who work for teams cannot afford to piss off the players, coaches, GM’s, or, most importantly, owners. Play-by-play guys who work on a national level cannot afford to get in hot water with the leagues they cover. As KU football coach Mark Mangino said after he believed his Jayhawks were robbed in a home loss to Texas a few years ago: “It’s about dollars…..BCS dollars.” Remember what happened to Bob Fescoe and Rhonda Moss when they dared to hold the the Royals feet to the fire in a news conference? They had their media credentials stripped. At the time, wasn’t Fescoe working for the station that covered the Royals? ‘Nuff said.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would think Royals fans would like bland, given the reverence in which many hold Denny Matthews. Although technically a color analyst rather than play-by-play announcer, Al “The Mad Hungarian” Hrabosky lets it rip on FS Midwest’s Cardinals broadcats. While I think Frank White is a nice addition to Royals TV with his insight on the game, he’s not as edgy as Paul Splittorff, who I really miss.

    Joe Buck has never been among my favorites, but I’ve never understood the enmity which Tim McCarver engenders. He’s always been willing to give a frank, honest assessment; I don’t always agree with him, but I appreciate that at least he has a take. A four-decade player (and two-time All-Star; he scored the winning run in the bottom of the 10th during the last ASG in St. Louis in 1966, to which my parents took me on an insufferably hot day), with three rings to his credit, he knows the game.

    BTW Greg, it’s rewards “outweigh” the risks.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Some friends went to St. Louis for the All Star Game and festivities and were absolutely blown away by the carpet STL rolled out for fans going to the game and visitors in general. Hell the veal parm at Charlie Gittos…”on the hill” is worth the drive. KC will be a different city in 2012…probably less population in the city proper than Omaha by then. I hope we can hurdle the bar St. Louis set. I wonder if the hookers from Craigs List have started booking rooms yet?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Actually, it’s BRET Saberhagen, not BRETT Saberhagen. 😉 But don’t feel bad about it; the ROYALS got it wrong on the BIG SCREEN/Crownvision too, misspelling the great pitcher’s name.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You think KC is viewed as a cowtown now? Wait until the 2012 ASG when the camera pans the stadium to show that The K is not nestled in among downtown high rise buildings but instead is plunked down across the street from Taco Bell and Drury Inn. We may have the best stadium in the world but it is in absolutely the worst location for an event of this magnitude.

  6. Anonymous says:

    kc rush

  7. Anonymous says:

    I still think you nailed it on the staged disagreemtns between C&C. Cowboy is just covering his ass. If that schtick is real, then they really have no broadcasting talent at all.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Stop with the freakiing inferiority complex this
    city has. Stop with bullsh*t about how we can’t
    handle a freaking event. Stop with the crap about
    st. louis and the way they handled the crowds.
    Truth is that 90% of the people at the park were
    regular st. louisans. Truth is (according to
    stats) that the game doesn’t generate the dollars that the city says it does. Sure it gets
    people from outside the city (mostly media people who are cheap a$$es and want everything
    for free)..sure it gets people to come downtwon
    but as far as outside dollars I’m sure they
    are good but not as good as the city wants you
    to believe.
    Also, KC knows how to party too. Just not at
    the stadium. The city beterhave plenty of
    things going on during the week or they look
    bad. MLB brings in their crack team of promotional people for the event. St. Louis has
    the Anheuser Bush organiation which spent millions on promotion for the event.
    So why are we always feeling we have to reach
    the bar and beas good as someone else.
    KC is a magnificent city. We have the most
    beautiful city in the nation. Our people make
    this the most gracious city in the country.
    Weh ave great access and easy airport accommodations.
    If you believe3d guys like kietzman and the
    3 blind mice this city and everything in it
    sucked. KK is without a doubtthe most totally
    negative a$$hole in this ktown. He hates everything. He hates the k..he hates sports…
    he hates tiger winning..he hates the royals and
    the players..and the manager..he hates the
    chiefs and pioli and haly and cassel and he
    hates the downtown area and he hates the
    entire city. Go f*ck yourself Kietman. Move
    tp manhattan kansas and see what a “real” city
    is like.
    We are a fantastic city. We have the bexsty quality of life in the nation. Affordability…
    and an incredible place to raise a family.
    KK thinks the royals stadium should have been
    built downtown so the drunks could go right into
    the bars and drink after the game. Our stadiums
    are fantastic and havbe stood the test of time.
    Of course they’d be beter if we had winning
    teams but sometimes things don’t work out the
    way we thought they would.
    Go chiefs…go royals and KK can take his
    wife the hummer queen and shove the microphone
    up his arrogant a$$.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Vince Throxton
    KC will never do anything baseball as well as STL. STL is a baseball town first, foremost and forever. But the NCAA Baseetball championship in KC and we would clean STL’s clock!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait for the ASG in 2012. No hotel rooms, no resturants other then a Denny’s and Taco Bell close to the park. Showing off the New OK.

    ASG 2012, there will be a bomb in KC.

  11. Anonymous says:

    First of all, Greg, it’s Vin Scully, not Skully. The guy you’re talking about owns a biker bar or something.

    Second, I like your idea of having the All-Star game be about great athletes from KC, but I don’t think Major League Baseball will ever let it actually happen. In Bud Selig’s eyes, this is about baseball. Besides, we have nothing to be ashamed of for having so few “greats” in the Royals’ history. We’re still an expansion team and about 50+ years behind teams like the Cardinals who were also able to build their teams with the assistance of the reserve clause and no free agency or collective bargaining.

    But I’d also make sure Dan Quisenberry and Frank White got recognized.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Mo, Chris & Gavin, thanks for the corrections. By 2012 I am hoping to stamp out all grammatical errors…or start a diary and blame the City Council.

    Gavin — Frank White and Quiz’s wife or son are excellent additions.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I can hardly wait unitl 2012 and our proud “new” stadium showcased for all the world to see. I can only imagine how much better it will be in 3 years.
    And how about that piece of crap Busch stadium located downtown. How in the world could that many people find parking? And what a distraction it must be to the hitters overlooking centerfield and seeing the arch.

    I’m glad our civic leaders had the forsight to add an outfield seating/drinking section to the “K” not to mention those new state of the art concession stands. Stand up and be proud Jackson County…job well done.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    Ditto jojo! What a bunch of whiney-assed d-bags.
    Since most of you were still trying to figure out which one of your mama’s tits to suck in 1988,you don’t remember that this city hosted the NCAA Final Four Championship and Royal’s opening day on the same day and both were fantastic. This city has hosted more Final Fours than any other. Look it up, junior.

    The people who bitch about not having a downtown stadium would be the same ones to bitch about parking downtown and the difficulty of getting out of the loop in order to go home. When a national broadcast originates from KC,they show the Nelson, the Plaza, Union Station, and the skyline, which are as impressive as anything in St. Louis, except the Arch, which should have been here anyway. Gateway to the West my ass-Sante Fe, California, and Oregon trails originated here. The only reason STL got it was they were able to bribe the Democrats with AB money, beer, and hookers, all well known Democratic staples.

    And now this forum is a grammar and spelling class? I don’t even listen to the horseshit on the radio now that Greg is back. If you typed as many words and covered half the sports and people as Mr. Hall,you might make a mistake once in a while as well. I know who and what he is writing about without some pencil neck wanting to prove their intelligence by correctly spelling some has-been’s name.

    The dipshits on the radio today make me miss Conrad Dobler. Bob Fescoe had one of the best lines in KC Radio history. Dobler was admonishing some guy for turning down an NFL head coaching job and said “Those head jobs are hard to get.” Fescoe replied “That’s what I’ve heard.”

  15. Anonymous says:

    hey sh*theads. Don’t come downtown. Don’t buy
    tickets. Don’t spend a dime you cheap a$$
    red necks. I’ll buy the tickets.I’ll sit in
    great seats and watch the all stars. I’ll gladly
    walk into the K and have a beer (no $1.00 dogs)
    and cheer on brett/white/howser. Sh*t i’ll even
    get excited about any royals in the game.
    I’ll be as excited as I was in 1973 when I
    saw some real baseball stars.
    All you naysayers need to get on the “bad News”
    BUS. This town, our stadium is great. I can’t
    think of a better place in the summer.
    Sure we’ve had some down years but that’s
    What do you losers do? Are you ceo’s/managers/
    high level execs? You act like you know how to
    run a company when you’re probably some
    worthless peons in a company thats failing.
    Take your worthless ideas and pontificate them
    to keitzman while all of you circle jerk
    each other talking abouthow bad things are.
    I’m sick of the crying. Cry but also talk
    something positive.
    In 2012 I’ll be at the K. You idiots can stay
    at home.
    Noones putting a gun to your head to go see
    the royals or the cheifs. If you don’t like
    them …stay at home and save your $8.00
    an hour wage. I support my teams and I can find
    reasons to disagree with the owners/managers/
    players but these teams wear my city name on
    them…and love em or hate em…they’re all
    we got. Stick a bat up your a$$,

  16. Anonymous says:

    Read the star article today. Is David Glass STILL blaming small market economics of the Royals loseing?

    David Glass, please sell this team. Sell it to someone who knows what their doing.

    I would take my chances with an owner who might move this team to Brooklyn in five years when the “improvements” to the New OK are outdated then have him as the owner any longer.

    Glass, sell the team.

  17. Anonymous says:

    john…get real. glass is right.Look at the salaries in major media markets where the
    broadcast rights are enormous…where they can
    get 1000 dollars a seat…where parking is
    $50…even st. louis with a market double the
    size of kc get big money for broadcast rights..
    ticket prices are probably double or triple..
    and their payroll is only slightly higher than
    KC can never…never compete for the players
    of ny/boston/…but they have to get some
    players to have career years (like tampa bay)
    and they have to get much better at player
    evaluation. Minnesoata has done well but they’ve
    hit a lucky streak with some great players
    on their team.
    Can the royals compete. Yes. Butnotwith
    thecurrent management (hillman) and not
    with moore signing players with no talent.
    But to have the royals leave? are you a
    freaking idiot. Its our team. So take your
    $8 an hour job income and spend it somewhere
    else. Go to a movie..go to the tractor pulls
    you redneck. Go clean up your trailer…you don’t have to spend money at the K.
    We love the new stadium and having been to
    10 others think its as good a stadium as
    many. The people who work there are great
    and its easy in and out.
    STay home and watch the UFC. We don’t need
    you and your cousins kids coming out to
    the ballpark.Royals will be here in 2009..and
    in 2020…stop your bitching and get back to

  18. Anonymous says:

    Wow, Jo Jo, I didn’t know The Royals had Cameroheads following them.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Back to Steven St. John’s insinuation about a play-by-play guy perhaps thinking a little too highly of himself. I have a hunch he’s referring to a person with the initials M.H. and who every once in awhile gets to yell “Touchdown Kansas City!” But only every once in awhile.

  20. Anonymous says:

    MSNBC on Lifesupport
    CopGuy – not sure if your post was tounge in cheek but a few things;

    1) And how about that piece of crap Busch stadium located downtown.
    – Piece of crap? Compared to the K? Come one. Have you been to the New K? WTF with the food, still sux rocks!
    2) How in the world could that many people find parking?
    – it’s called the MetroLink. A simple concept that we have failed to ever get off the ground in this town!

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