Meet Mr. Twitter: They Tweet, he Bleats & issues the Heat

The KCTwitic follows and critiques the Twitter messages from public figures in the Kansas City area, so you don’t have to.

Check it:

DanaKCTV5 you think my shampoo is weird? pisano keeps a full pedicure set in the mens’ dressing room.
DanaKCTV5 also. someone at work STOLE MY SHAMPOO over the weekend. it turned up in the breakroom FREEZER. very funny.!!!!!!!
DanaKCTV5 just learned we’re getting a gunea pig. any bets on how long we can keep ‘taffy’ with us? kids’ track record not so great in that regard.

KCTwitic: Grammatical and spelling errors aside, KCTV5’s Dana Wright has some of the more entertaining (albeit pointless) Tweets around. Too many local newsies send out regurgitated retweets of whatever breaking “news” their station is currently covering. Wright, on the other hand, lets us know about various newsroom pranks and her children’s inability to care for small, domesticated rodents. Definitely more interesting than the latest car jacking in Midtown.

JoCo_Emergency Our Facebook page can now be viewed at … Come be a fan!

KCTwitic: As much as I am a fan of government entities embracing social media, I’m not so sure about this one. Is it OK to be a fan of Johnson County emergencies? I mean, the next time a tornado wipes out a Kansas trailer park, should I click Facebook’s thumbs-up, “I like this” link?

JimmyConrad Apparently I made the list for the MLS All-Ugly Team on The NY Goal Blog which proves the NY Times has no credibility whatsoever.

KCTwitic: Here’s what Goal had to say about the Wizards’ soccer star Jimmy Conrad: “This long-time M.L.S. All-Star, who has played many times with a broken jaw, simply had to be on this team. Conrad, 6-2, 185, is media savvy, and when he was told he was under consideration for my All-Ugly team, he threatened to get

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4 Responses to Meet Mr. Twitter: They Tweet, he Bleats & issues the Heat

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good idea for a blog. A twitter version of “OTC”. I like the format and look forward to reading more of your posts down the road.

    P.S. “KCTwitic” very creative…is it original? If so…props to you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, John. Yes, it’s definitely a variation of the OTC format, which I enjoy a lot. The “twitic” term was original, as far as I know.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The “happy man” you refer to is Chris Pisano.
    Rhiannon Ally is playing with cars … because she’s the TRAFFIC reporter….

  4. Anonymous says:

    Really? Their intelligence level just went down in my book. This has got to be the stupidest deal I have ever heard. I guess these newspeople don’t get out much!

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