Edelman: ‘Anything Goes’ goes great at Starlight!

Back in the day, Starlight knew how to do it…

Hire a talented Broadway star, surround her with top imported and local talent, put alot of musicians in the pit, get some glamorous costumes and a great big set and put on one of the chestnuts that makes the great American musical our grandest contribution to the performing arts (okay, maybe second to jazz).

But in the Swope Park theater’s rush to be more “relevant” and get touring Broadway shows, everything got sort of smaller and less glamorous. And the local connection went away; along with an orchestra pit with more than three synths, a horn and reed player and percussion. The titles may have been hipper, but the work just wasn’t as grand.

So I’m pleased to report that the Starlight production of ANYTHING GOES (now through Sunday, July 19) brings back the good old days. This first outing for

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Craig Burnett
    Excellent article, Mark…really enjoying reading your stuff here.

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