OTC: Dayton Moore Responds To Critics Via 810 AM

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14 Responses to OTC: Dayton Moore Responds To Critics Via 810 AM

  1. Anonymous says:

    Greinke/Meche/and Guillen are taking about
    55% of the Royals salary. That leaves less
    than 32 million for the other 21 players on the
    team or 1.5 million per player.
    Either you find a diamond in the rough like
    a Bloomquist who hits huge numbers..or a teahen..or a butler…or some other player you
    don’t expect to do great to come thru.
    The devils proved last year that payroll doesn
    t have to be huge to win. You have to have
    several players from your farm system (who you
    are paying very little to) or you pick up someone who has a career year (jacobs last year)
    or you plain get lucky with several major
    positions on your team having incredible seasons.
    So far, moore hasn’t found them. Its more his
    inability to make a good decision.
    He started off bad with Hillman. He took a chance on this guy with almost no mlb experience in coaching. Look at cubs/cards/dodgers/yankees/tigers/red…they all
    went back to proven major league managers.
    Who does moore bring in his most important
    decision…the most unusual manager without
    a pulse to ever run a mlb team…a loser!
    His choice was terrible.
    He gambles on crisp/jacobs/and both are busts.
    If crisp has a huge season and jacobs matches
    last year, moore’s a genius. But he didn
    ‘t read the stats and busts out again.
    Guillen he’s stuck with. A bad attitude toward
    coaches and managers. What does he do…bring
    in another “cancer” to the team and he’s faced with more potential problems.
    The guys who were here before moore are playing good ball. Butler has done a good job. Teahen has done good. Moore and Hillman can’t figure
    out that bloomquist has better stats than
    betancourt and should have gambled on getting
    another position filled.
    With little money to spend…with major markets teams not caring about salaries…with teams
    above them having unlimited trade bait the
    royals are stuck.
    Moore needs a little luck or he’s gone. His
    talent is depleted. He’s cleaning out his farm
    system to get bad players with attitude problems. He’s not found that cheap player(s) that can make a short salary yet have a career year.
    We’re stuck. The Royals are what they are.
    A second rate team with a second rate gm and
    Hillman must go. Moore must go. I’ve said it since may. The second half of the year the royals might play great ball but the deck is
    stacked against them and they are destined
    to be a second class mlb team.
    Hope is alive. Hope is alive. The royals need to
    give away free tickets in august and september and let’s start dreaming about 2015.

  2. Anonymous says:

    1. Strip your farm system down to almost zero.
    Estimates are that your farm system costs 30 million dollars. Make one AAA team that feeds your major team. No more farm club is worth
    30 million dollars.
    2. Kill all that latin/south american scouting
    and salaries. The 16 year old who got a million for signing..explain to him that he’s out of
    a job and he can go back to harvesting sugar
    cane. Savings: $15 million.
    3. Cut all executive salaries by 25%. You
    will now be paid on performance and bonuses
    based on how the team performs. Savings: 1 million dollars.
    4. All scouts in college/high schools cut.
    savings: 3 million dollars.
    5. Reduce all expenses including transportation,
    decks of cards for players to use when they should be following pujols example and studying
    baseball and getting ready for the game.
    No more charters…use busses and no more first
    class hotels…motel 6 for all away games.
    SAvings $3 million dollars.
    Add that all to payroll. It make you competitive with red sox/tigers/etc.
    only pay proven players with mlb experience.
    You should see a significant improvement quickly
    in the royals if moore and hillman can evaluate
    talent and negotiate better contracts.
    You take no chances on upcoming players/high
    school grads/college bustouts.
    Your payroll goes to $130 million. You buy
    talent..you don’t harvest or develope talent.
    It would work. Nothing else has. Lets take
    a chance.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It all reads like Dayton wants to play General Manager against all the big kids on a Playstation 3 and all Grandpa Glass will buy him is an old Atari….

  4. Anonymous says:

    TDC is right. Moore will never be a good GM in this city as long as the Glass family owns the team. Right now I bet Moore wishes he never entered Kansas City. Why leave a great orginization like Atlanta for a team that could of been folded in 1998?

    I would rather take my chances with Glass selling the team to someone who might move the team to Northern NJ them him keeping it one more year.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Moore’s biggest problem is not embracing the “statisticians data”. He’s from the old school of thought that everything is scouting and batting average. He said yesterday and I quote, “I’m not sure I totally understand these defensive statistics”…WHAT? How are you a GM and you don’t know the statistical figures that EVERY SUCCESSFUL MLB TEAM IS USING!!! Christ, the Red Sox hired a Kansas City guy, Bill James, just to provide input to the scouts when deciding on free agents and players. If we continue to ignore the information that is available when deciding on players we will continue to be bad. We simply cannot afford to have an ignorant GM who refuses to evolve in talent evaluation.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I was stunned to discover Moore is old school when it comes to sabermetrics. Rany said it well in one of his columns. The Royals continue to acquire players for what they can/might be instead of what they are. Ignoring the numbers is just an admission on Moore’s part as to how wrong he is to be the GM of a small-market franchise. This ain’t Atlanta, despite the humidity.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Best deal for KC is to swing a deal with MLB to contract the Royals out of the league and MLB guarantees us same amount of regular season home games between AL teams, NL teams or Inter-League play. David Glass just doesn’t have it in his DNA to do what it takes to put a competitive team on the field. Mr. K went into his pocket many times over the years to keep the Royals competitive. He had a love of competition in life, sports and business and a fondness for KC and contributing to the community that David Glass will never have or acquire.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Bob Sacamano

    As much as it hurts to say this as a life long Royals fan, if it weren’t for all of the money that the taxpayers have sunk into the new K, I wouldn’t be opposed to contraction. If MLB would pay the county for the stadium improvements, contract them! This team has been continually bad, and only getting worse, while you see teams like Tampa go from worst to first, you see Milwaukee contending and making trades for Sabathia. I used to believe that Moore was the guy to turn things around, but I have finally realized that he is clueless. Look at TPJ, for example, the guy has wasted a roster spot for years, and Royals fans just accept it. The farm system is still years away, sad when your best minor league pitcher is in high A ball. Sunday, I started watching the game on TV and decided that I wasted enough of my time following this team. I switched over and watched the Cubs vs the Cardinals. I am just going to have to try to learn to become a Cardinals fan, they play the game the right way, have a manager that understands the game, and seem to have an owner that cares about winning. St. Louis looks like my closest shot to go see playoff baseball, we know it won’t be anytime soon for the Royals.

  9. Anonymous says:

    tampa had many many years of losing baseball..
    milwaukee had many year of losing baseball and
    I don’t think they ever won a world series…
    same for rangers…cubs…and many many other
    teams in mlb.
    Glass has given moore the money. Glass gave him
    70 million this year…and glass will make money.
    Reemmber for glass its a business not a hobby.
    He will make money.
    At 70 million we are above the salaries of
    other succesful teams like tampa bay/twins etc.
    So glass has come to the table.
    Until he realies that moore is not the guy
    (he doesn’t know baseball and the stats)..hes
    in a dream world. Until we go and buy a manager
    who has a passion for winning…not in japan
    and not a washed up burned out manager like
    bell…theroyals will not be winners.
    Follow other teams who are successful. They
    know how to do it. Hillman must go!
    to really kick this team’s ass.
    I knew we vwere sunk when jacobs struck out
    3 times in the boston game and hillman patted
    him on the back. Should have been clubbed with
    a bat on the head. The guy needs a major change.
    Until we do this or scrap the entire farm/scouting/system then the royals are crap.
    I’ve paid my last dollar to glass. It’s not
    glass’s fault he picked 2 losers to run the
    operation. What a mess.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sheesh! I hate to say this, but I’d be more embarrassed to call myself a Royals fan due to the implied association with the club’s so-called fans than with the product on the field (as poor as that has been at times). What a bunch of freakin’ whiners. Here the club goes out and gets an upgrade at SS, and since he’s not the dream pick of the “Moneyball” crowd, the deal’s being trashed as something akin to Dye-for-Perez (a ridiculous analogy; Dye was already an All-Star at the time, while Cortes has never pitched an inning in the majors — and hasn’t exactly been blowing them away in nearly two seasons at Springdale. I think there are Royals fans moaning about this deal who had never even heard of Cortes before).

    I’m sure Dayton Moore knows exactly what he got in Betancourt, other than what the final results will be. It’s a risk, although maybe less of one than hoping Cortes develops (if he doesn’t get busted before then; he ain’t exactly free of off-the-field questions), that Betancourt will demonstrate the ability he has already flashed at the major league level. Bloomie and TJ know Betancourt well, as respectively a former teammate and childhood friend, and if he was a major character problem I’m sure Moore would realize it.

    And what could the Royals even hope to get for what they have to offer? Cabrera? Escobar? Reyes? Young? Keep dreaming. When a team doesn’t have unlimited resources, either financially or in its talent pool, it has to make do with what is within its reach. This is what the Cardinals and Twins M.O., and I suspect Royals fans would love to have the consistent level of realistic hope which fans of those clubs possess each season.

    Whether the Royals can follow the Cardinals’ or Twins’ models is questionable; the Kansas City organization has not shown the ability to get great value out of limited assets by maximizing what talent exists. But I’ll give Moore credit for trying, whether or not Betancourt works out.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Bob Sacamano, I’m with you. I haven’t really called myself a Royals fan in a long time. In fact I put the Royals in the company of teams like the Wizards, Brigade or UMKC basketball. I’ll go to a game or two to have a cheap fun time. But really don’t care if they win or lose.

    I really stoped careing about the Royals when I was in high school. I was tired of them loseing and looking like the Bad News Bears.

    One summer day I turned the TV to WGN and saw a Cubs Vs. Mets game when Harry Carrey was still around. I haven’t been a true blue Royals fan since.

    I know the Cubs haven’t won anything since 1908. But, I rather root for a loveable loser, then a pathetic one.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Bob Sacamano

    Seems like the Royals have made you content just having a major league team in KC! You are the typical Royals fan, accept failure on the field. I think most Royals fans would at expect at mediocrity.

    Nobody is screaming for a World Series, but is it too much to ask for meaningful baseball after the All Star break? There is no excuse for the ineptitude out at Kauffman Stadium. How is it that the Twins, Rays, Brewers, and other small markets have at least been competitive the past 5 years and the Royals are still bottom feeders?

    Let’s face it, Moore has been trying and failed. Look at the moves he’s made this offseason, Crisp-club will buy his option out at the end of the year, Farnsworth-worst relief pitcher signing by the Royals since Doug Henry, Mike Jacobs-guy can’t hit and he can’t play defense, notably known for keeping a 1b prospect with power in the minor leagues. Plus, Moore backs away from the Hocheaver draft, but he was taking the GM job, he should have been responsible or have input on the #1 overall pick.

    This team doesn’t look any closer to being a winner now than it did the day Moore took over.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    The Royals are like being my age and single:
    Datin’ More, gettin’ less, don’t get to third base often and usually don’t score unless there’s an error.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Bob, I don’t wholly disagree with you. But let’s be realistic. Until the Royals can develop players to meet their needs, it’s mix and match with spare parts. That’s what Crisp, Jacobs, Farnsworth and others are. This is what happens from years of neglect; thanks for nothing, David Glass.

    The Royals needed a better defensive CF and a top-of-the-order hitter and Crisp was the best they could do; and he was an improvement over what they had, until injured (which was the biggest risk in acquiring Crisp, since durability has never been his strength). They needed power, and Jacobs was what they could get. They needed BP depth, whence Farnsworth.

    The Cardinals and Twins have spent years developing depth (this is why the Cardinals could trade Perez for DeRosa; if the Royals had someone of similar value, with the depth to replace him, they also could have gone after him and others).

    Maybe the Royals have been down so long that people here don’t remember how quality franchises are built, and recognize its not an exact linear progression. The Royals have shown an improved record each year under Moore, until this season — but when some of the guys the club is counting on go down for injuries or ineffectiveness, there’s nobody handy in their organization to pick up the slack or anybody good enough to trade for bonafide replacements.

    This is why the Royals have to take flyers on guys like Crisp, Jacobs and Betancourt. It doesn’t always work, but until KC has the parts on hand to fill big gaps adequately that’s the necessary approach. Unless, of course, the fans are willing to be non-competitive a few more years (and say what you want, but the Royals with all their faults are considerably more competitive than they have usually been during previous GMs). I’m not going to drink the Moore Kool-Aid — I’m still not sold on Hillman as a Big League manager — but at least I can see his logic.

    It’s not simply being happy to have a MLB franchise — although I’ve lived in towns without one (like San Antonio) and it sucks for a lifelong baseball fan. It’s about being knowledgeable and patient enough to recognize when the FO is trying to make improvements and the limitations under which it works — and recognizing there will be missteps along the way. That’s the state of the Royals, and it’s going to take more than 3 or 4 years to overcome.

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