OTC: Is Dayton Moore More Demi Than Clayton?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, I’m not as down on Betancourt as the rest of KC. Even during his worst season in MLB, he’s a better defensive SS than Bloomquist (going from about a 3.5 to 4.3 range factor) and can out-hit Pena in his sleep. And the Royals didn’t give up any pitchers who really figured into their plans (has anybody among the chattering class actually seen Cortes or Saito pitch? AAA material at best).

    Betancourt is probably only a cheap stop-gap until the Royals can develop or deal for an upgrade, although it’s possible to could begin producing like he did earlier in his career*. But, he’s worth a flyer — especially considering the garbage the Royals have played at that position this season (Bloomquist excepted, although he ain’t no SS).

    * – Betancourt’s biggest problem is he has tendency to slack off on the field, but that could be said of half the Mariners — when I saw them earlier this season, they reminded me of the Tony Pena-era Royals with their complete lack of energy. Whatever else the fault with the current Royals, as a group they play hard — not necessarily well or smart, but they hustle. If Betancourt can catch some of that, he could be a valuable addition. If not, he really hasn’t cost much.

  2. Anonymous says:

    the experiment has failed…the b.s. of Moore is
    Bettancourt: 30 points batting avg. than bloomquist.
    Bettancourt: 40 points less in on base and slugging. 9 errors which puts him on par with
    Bloomquist defensively.
    Pena: lowest avg. in mlb for player with
    40 a.b.’s.
    Guillen: 16 years…1 breakout year. Too old
    …too slow…too stupid.
    Meche: 500 pitcher…not worth the money.
    Jacobs: worth $2.00/year.
    This whole team is a mish mash of crap. Nothing
    planned in this operation. We’ll feel our way
    thru the season and hope to win 80 games.
    Glass choked up the money/got a great stadium
    for almost nothing/could give a shit about this
    team as long as the dollars flow in.
    HILLMAN: I tried to find a succssful team and
    looked at their hiring of managers. Seems like
    all the managers in mlb get recycled by other
    teams. Why take a chance on a long shot inexperienced manager from Japan? Your first
    really big decision and you pick this loser.
    There were mlb experienced managers who could
    see talent/manage players/develope a new program
    to become competitive. All the really good teams have epxerienced major league managers.
    LaRussa/Torre/Yankees/Boston/Leland/Baker…couldnt dayton NOmoore have gotten someone better.
    Starters hitting .098? Manager who know nothing.
    NO ability to develope players (moore is now
    cleaning out the farm system to win games this
    year…when they have no chance to win division).
    NO talent developing/You’re excited for a third
    baseman coming up who hits below 210. You bring
    a bad attitude shortstop who’s worse than the
    hustling/running/base stealing guy you have there
    Willy..keep the faith. Moore and Hillman will be
    packing their bags and leaving soon. (Unless the
    Royals reach 2 million this year!)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dayton Moore is doing a fine job. It’s going to take more then two years to clear up the mess that AB made. If Glass just gets out of the way and stops penny pinching the Royals will be fine. This team by all acounts should of folded around 1998. It’s going to take a lot more then two years to make something of this orginization.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Jack Harry was on fire last night on the 10PM news! He was breakin’ David Glass’ balls. We’ll see if the rest of the boys pick up where Jack left off. I think David Glass is a shrewd dude but if he did indeed get one hundred million dollars in MLB revenue sharing money, not to mention the upgrade money from Jackson County, it’s time for the guy to show some love back. He’s got more money than he or his family will ever need; been blessed in ways you can’t begin to count and has the opportunity to do something very rare in life and sports, own a CHAMPIONSHIP team and he fiddles in Arkansas while KC burns.

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