Adam: Clancy Martin

As the familiar saying goes, we
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Did you see Rolling Stone mag listed CM on their “Hot List” as the hot author right now? There was even a photo, that if you looked close, he was leaning on one of the Nelson Shuttlecocks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    so, i read the book…easy read—uhhhhh, i’m not so sure. seems to me like the more depressed the the main character becomes, or shall i say author???, the more flowery detail the author creates. in the end, it’s almost as if he paints life of prostitution and grime as the real american dream rather than that of ambition and goals. maybe lisa does have ambition…but ambition of what? i began to loathe her character—and, i began to loathe the fact that i too agreed with her notion of prostitution as a more honest living. overall, fair review of the book… thanks for giving me the idea to read it.

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