OTC: Petro On The Royals Broadcasters’ Work

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Greg: stop posting this crap. Petro knows nothing except the fact that his ego is as big
    as the building.
    I’ve listened to 50% of the Royals tv games.
    Ryan has done an excellent job. Frank White
    has taught us all the basics and the inside
    information about baseball. Frank points out
    the position of the player in relation to the
    bag. How to handle balls and strikes. Actually
    Frank provides insight into the game that most
    of us never got from someone who never played
    the game. Frank is funny/entertaining and he
    knows the game from every position. Last night
    he pointed out the soria has great fastballs
    and shouldn’t fool around too much with his other
    Sure enough soria goes back to the fastball and
    gets a huge save.
    The current tv announcers are excellent compared to any others in kc history.
    Petro and Keitzman have one goal. To run down the
    Royals. If the royals do well on this road
    trip they could be back in contention and
    7-8 games out at the break. That means that WHB
    will lose listeners. Its simple. 610 may be the
    last station listened to. So in the morning
    people have their dials on 610. I’ve studied
    arbitron and in years past this was a big
    advantage for the royals radio station. It was
    huge for kmbz years ago…and if the royals come
    back (WHICH I HAVE PREDICTED) then WHB could
    be in trouble.
    ad rates at whb are about 60% what they were
    last year at this time. Their revenuesare off
    about 25-30% from last year based on stats i
    saw. So WHB has tyhis inflated payroll (and egos) to keep feeding along with some huge losses
    they haveto pay for with other unsuccessful
    ventures. Basically if the royals continue to
    win and stay close…whb could lose even more
    revenue. The reality is that 610 has a staff
    of sales people who aren’treally selling 610.
    They are one of the most inept sales staff in
    town and can’t sell. So whb with their heavy
    weight sales staff cansteal lots of business.
    Petroand KK could be hurt dramatically through
    the july/august period.
    I predicted a royal winning streak and with
    starting pitching getting hot it could mean
    some players don’t get moved to omaha.
    Watch Davies and other royals starters to really
    come back after trips to omaha.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh boy here we go! Jojo you have a lot of energy! Do you work for the Royals? Advertising? Entercom? Trying to figure you out! You are definitely a spunky one. They should hire you to fix all the problems at the Royals and the Chiefs. I think you could make an impact!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Neal Harris
    Good article…I am responding more to the comment from jojo. It is widely known that there is one sale rep at 610 that everyone wants to work with… The problem is he does not have the time to take on a large client list because he also happens to be an on air personality. Trust me, I challenge you to find one of the large accounts he works with to tell u he is not one of the best in the business.

  4. Anonymous says:

    neal…theres no sales staff. Its like you getting a hundred calls to fix a toilet and
    you have no plumbers to send out.
    i’m not familiar with your rep and hopefully
    he is good but stats show that revnue wise
    610 is underperforming. Whats the reps name?

  5. Anonymous says:

    All this talk about the Royals on radio, and not one mention of Bob Davis?

    To me, he’s the one piece of the Royals broadcasts that has to go. He’s awful. The worst.

    When Denny and Ryan worked together, I listened to every game. I loved it. Now, TV is fine with Ryan and Frank (or split), but I *cannot* listen to the radio anymore. Denny takes too many innings off can Davis makes me want to hang myself.

  6. Anonymous says:

    newbaum turk
    jojo, if you think the Royals are going to get back into it I have some land you might be interested in. As for ad sales, they are down in every market there is. It is not only 810 but the industry as a whole.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Burman Dinstow
    I’m back to beat this dead horse. Last night, I listened to Bob Davis call the last couple of innings. He was genuinely excited and enthusiastic when Jacobs hit the game-winning homer…he even got excited when someone (don’t remember who) hit a foul ball that looked like it might have potential….such a contrast to the deathly monotony of Denny. My opinion is that Denny has always been awful, but there can be no doubt among anyone that in 2009, whatever broadcasting talents he ever had have disappeared. Maybe Bob Davis wouldn’t wear well over the years, and maybe too many anti-jayhawkers can’t get passed his KU connection to ever embrace him, but he is so far superior to Matthews that it is embarrassing.
    Also–Frank White–surprisingly good. He says insightful things, and sometimes critical things, but his voice is so friendly that the comments don’t seem as disparaging.
    Ryan L–he’s much better than when he was on radio and felt he had to kowtow to you-know-who. But Ryan–you’re not nearly as clever and witty as you think you are.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Clint Warren
    When the Royals start winning the announcers will magically sound better to people.

  9. Anonymous says:

    In short. 810 still rules. The Royals announcers are alright. I heard worst in much larger markets. and 610 no matter how hard they try still sucks…

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