OTC: Did Whitlock Pilfer “His” Serena Column From Greg Couch?

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8 Responses to OTC: Did Whitlock Pilfer “His” Serena Column From Greg Couch?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jason Whitlock…Jason Blair…I’m just sayin’

  2. Anonymous says:

    greg..you are wrong again and again. Stop your
    blatant bias in this area. We know you hate
    jason but the 2 qoutes you are comparing are
    pretty much completely different. You don’t
    know anything about plagarism. The words and
    thoughts are different. So lay off the big
    The reason williams isn’t huge. She’s a
    black woman in a sport run by whites including
    many europeans and non americans. She’s not
    attractive and she doesn’t have a good pr
    person. Thats what it is. Golf is a white man’s
    country clubsport. The PGA is an american
    organization. Its run by americans with a few
    indians/british/etc in the tournaments.
    So williams will never reach the stature of
    any other black sportsperson because she is not
    attractive physically or personality wise with
    white males. I just don’t find her attractive.
    I would rather see the sleek blondes in short
    skirts and those long legs.
    Williams can eat all the chicken and cookies
    she wants. She will never capture the attention
    of america like other black personalities.
    You seldom see her speak. She has no image.
    She has no media presence. She is not attractive. Won’t wear mini skirts. She’s a
    great tennis player. Maybe she needs to go
    out and get drunk and be on TMZ more.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Whitlock plagarized AND made it even uglier.

    Serena Williams doesn’t owe ANYONE anything; however she chooses to look and play tennis is no one’s business but her OWN. She doesn’t owe me, you, the public anything.

    Whitlock is a PIG in every sense of the word.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Chris, you’re right about Serena not owing any of us anything. And while I don’t know that you’re wrong (or right, for that matter) about Whitlock being a pig, I don’t take his column to say that Serena OWES anyone anything. I think he is just talking about her failure to reach her potential because of her poor habits, whether they be related to training or eating or not caring generally. Which is a salient point for a sportswriter to make. How often do sportswriters talk about John Daly’s weaknesses and failures to corral his demons? But when Whitlock talks about Serena’s supposedly poor habits he is a pig and a sexist.

    Mind you, I’m not defending Whitlock here. I’m not sure what I think of his column and I’ve read it several times. But the things he said could be about a lot of male athletes, like John Daly, John Kruk, David Wells and many MANY others, and no one would bat an eye. But does anyone really think that if Daly would get some exercise, eat the occasional salad and cut down to a six-pack a day that he wouldn’t be in a better place in the golfing world right now? No, he probably was never going to be the greatest, but it’s still untapped potential, isn’t it?

    As for the question of plagiarism, Greg, I’m not sure how to feel about this either. Jojo has a point about this column being not plagiarized but more two guys writing about the same ideas. It’d be a lot easier to accept your charges of plagiarism if you didn’t clealy have so much animosity toward Whitlock. You may be right about Whitlock’s free use of someone else’s idea, but it’d be easier to believe you if I had the faintest notion that you could be objective about Whitlock, which you clearly can’t.

    I do think it’s interesting that the only place I have seen this charge in yoru blog, Greg. If your charge is accurate, wouldn’t there be some national play by now, even if you were the one to “break” the story? Maybe I am wrong, but I haven’t seen any other criticism of this type and Whotlock’s column is still running on Fox Sports, althoigh you do have to look a buit to find it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Getting back to the point of the original article, I think the reason Serena Williiams isn’t more popular is because she is an extremely poor sport. Any time she loses (unless it is to her sister) she gives very little credit to the opponent always blaming her health (directly related to the conditioning issues Couch brought up and her own fault) or just talks about how terribly she played. Sometimes she will accuse her opponent of gamemanship when she has been as guilty of that as anyone. I have seldom heard her be gracious in defeat to a player other than Venus.

    Mary Carillo and the commentators never call Williams out on her poor behavior but it’s there nearly every time she loses. You would think she could have learned from her sister by this point in her career who behaves whether she wins or loses with a great deal of class.

    I will prefer to watch the men’s game where guys like Federer and Nadal (and lately Roddick) are true credits to the sport.

  6. Anonymous says:

    WARGA….Whitlock is still the best at the Star. I rather have him then JoPo talking about clouds, unicorns, Care Bears or that he was “homeless” while staying at a posh Plaza hotel.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Chris nailed it- to the letter.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thanks. 🙂

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