All Aboard! Kansas City BBQ Tour Launches Saturday

Only five more shopping days before liftoff…

That’s when Amanda Fredrickson’s Kansas City BBQ getaway ushers forth. One night, eight joints – I’d say no waiting but it’s a five hour blowout – plus a healthy mix of jazz, blues, Boulevard Beer and more.

The name of Fredrickson’s game: Gourmet Nomads.

“It’s luxury culinary travel,” she explains. “We go to unique, boutique dining destinations in the United States. I would rather take people to Portland, Charlston, Santa Fe, Philly – Kansas City, of course – as opposed to Chicago, Dallas or New York because those cities are already being done. People already know they have fantastic dining scenes.”

Fredrickson wants to turn diners on to unexpected, overlooked places “that can rival what’s going on in the larger cities,” she says. “The really die hard foodies know about these other cities, but the general population doesn’t. But these places have just as much or more to offer.”

Which brings us to her BBQ tour of KC July 11th…

“Because I live here, it makes perfect sense,” Fredrickson says. “It’s the one tour that I would be remiss in not doing, the Kansas City BBQ tour – it’s synonymous with Kansas City.”

Here’s what you get for $110 per person all in:

“It’s eight places in one night, and no, I’m not crazy,” Fredrickson says. “It’s like a tasting trip through Kansas City barbecue – you’ll be tasting the best that each of these restaurants have. So it’s like Thanksgiving dinner; you’ll be beyond full and want to take a nap – but it’s not eight separate dinners. It’s like one large meal.”

Got that?

“For example at BB’s Lawnside they have bread pudding that’s like heaven,” Fredrickson says. “It’s full of bourbon. And when you go to Danny Edwards you’ve got to have the brisket and smoked chicken. And at Fiorella’s Jack Stack you have to have the lamb ribs and you have to go to the Martin City location, their original location.

“I mean, you can get ribs at each of these places, but ribs may not be the best thing on their menu in my opinion. Like all these places have great ribs but at LC’s I’d rather have the sliced meats – specifically the beef and pork – it’s sinful. But when I got to Gates, I want the ribs.”

The trip includes a Boulevard Beer Smokestack Series tasting and will be co-hosted by KC “Baron of Barbecue” Paul Kirk.

If it all works out, Fredrickson will unleash two tours a month along with the scheduling of customized three hour and/or catered tours.

Transportation Czar Bill George will provide luxury busses for the fandango.

“All you have to do is show up hungry,” Fredrickson says. “And there’s going to be a pseudo scavenger hunt for prizes. Like one place has a picture of Aerosmith on the wall with a plateful of just bones in front of Stephen Tyler and the band’s guitarist. And another is where the most recent presidential candidate ate and there’s a photo of him on the wall. Or how many sauces were available on the tour to try?”

The rundown for Fredrickson’s premier BBQ run:

Hillsdale Bank BBQ, Paola

Danny Edwards Boulevard Barbecue

Smokestack Bar-B-Q 89th and Wornall

Gates Bar B. Q. 32nd and Main

Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque

B.B.’s Lawnside BBQ

LC’s Bar-B-Q

Jack Stack Martin City

So will Fredrickson be packing any stomach powders for the adventure?

“Well, what’s funny is my aunt said to me, I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news or anything, but are you going to bring barf bags?” Fredrickson says. “But, no, there won’t be so much food to make anybody sick. It’s a large meal but it’s completely doable. But I will have Tums.”

For more info check out or hit Fredrickson at 312 636-2028
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