Megan Fox to McTavish: You Were Right Transformers 2 Does Suck

When KC Confidential entertainment hit man Brian McTavish laid the proverbial pipe to Transformers 2 recently the fan boys went nuts…

Take a hike, party pooper was their message – although it was delivered far less politely.

Turns out TF2 star Megan Fox more-or-less had McTavish’s back…

He definitely did a number on TF2.

“I can

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4 Responses to Megan Fox to McTavish: You Were Right Transformers 2 Does Suck

  1. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Hot, hot, hot….who cares if she can act, cook,think or show up on time, course I’m used to all that, great photo, thanks

  2. Anonymous says:

    Johnny Utah
    TF1 sucked. why would I pay to see that No.2?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hearne way to call out your readers; do you feel better now? You got your boy’s back and laid the smack down on all of us out there who are intellectually inferior to you.

    I know you have double degrees history and English, I mean that’s pretty impressive, but please, can you just put up with us a little longer so we can read more of your wise Walt Whitman words and then one day we can be an intellectual giant such as yourself.

    Hearne says:
    “…a word to the otherwise unwise.” Unwise? Sorry, I guess we need to watch The Dark Knight a few more times? It was awesome … or was it just a good movie which got overhyped because of Ledger’s death. No, that never happens.

    Hearne says:
    “Hey not that the fan boys didn

  4. Anonymous says:

    Megan was blasted for her remarks about the movie by the movie producer who pointed out that she was a no body before he came along. I did not like the movie but that being said I think what should bother Megan is that she was required to have very little acting range in this movie and she still sucked. She just needs to stand in the corner and look pretty. We’ll wait for the inevitable shirtless spot or spread in an adult magazine. But please…we have no interest in your brain.

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