OTC: Royals Futility Sad, Chris McLovin’ Good

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That guy from Minnesota can chuckle, but these sad sack Royals forced them into a playoff game vs the ChiSox last year–which they promptly lost. Who clowned who again, buddy?

    Fully agree that Seitzer’s cheerleading for Tony Pena was the seasons low point. Dayton needs to take a long, hard look at what’s going on out there…

  2. Anonymous says:

    “That guy from Minnesota can chuckle, but these sad sack Royals forced them into a playoff game vs the ChiSox last year

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you owned a miserable team like the Lansing Lugnuts wouldn’t you try to do anything you can to make them respectable. No, we have an owner who wants to “break even” every year. If you want to do that go invest in something else. We need an owner who wants to turn the Lansing Lugnuts back into the Kansas City Royals a once proud organization whatever the cost.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Greg: You keep qouting local sports guys who
    know absolutely nothing about sports. Whether its 810 or 610…none of these small market
    guys knows anything.
    In may, I knew there were problems…lots of
    1. Hitting coach: Kevin Seitzer: Wasn’t he
    fired from Arizona at midseason. I think he
    has a partner in business, Mike McFarlane.
    They have a baseball training facility.
    And Mike coaches a high school team? Great..
    make this guy the next batting coach becasue
    seitzer has turned a 266 team into a 220 team.
    Is seitzer the best Dayton could do? Before
    he taught kids 8-18 how to bat. What qualifies
    this guy to tell major leaguers how to bat?
    Stop listening to Brett and realize those
    days are over. Seitzer was a loser before..n
    nothing has changed. Send him back to teaching
    grade school kids how to hit t-ball.
    Seiter is turning this team into singles hitters
    which in todays game is a rx for disaster.
    You need runs in bunches today…the odds against
    scoring enough runs to win games hitting soft
    shots into the outfield are too great.
    And with that type of offense you force the pitchers to throw perfect games or they lose.
    Seitzer…it works with 3rd graders..not in mlb.
    2. Hillman: Is this the best Dayton Moore could
    do? Probably. Name a team…any mlb team that
    hired a manager who was from Japan? Yankees/
    Red Sox/Twins/Detroit/Dodgers/st. louis.
    In business you find what the successful companies do and emulate it. You take whatthey
    are doing and fine tune it. Sam Walton didn’t
    invent the discount store. There were dozens of
    successful companies he emulated and then he
    found his niche. Why hire this guy? Was he the
    best available or the only person who would take
    the job? Hillman is reading verses while he’s
    supposed to be coaching. He has no plan for this
    team. Bases loaded and he’s got a guy who can’t
    hit up…he’s batting 100(no other managerin
    baseball would have a guy batting .098 on the
    roster) and the guy fouls off a dozen pitches
    before stiking out and hillman says thats a
    “quality at bat” AHHHHHHHHHHH! In spring he
    said team was built on speed and defense.
    wheres the speed? wheres the defense?
    He must go. Glass can do better.
    3. MOORE: His experiment has failed. He has
    added nothing to this team. His trades have not
    worked out. He’s brought in offcasts from other
    teams. He’s pieced together a rag tag group
    of players without any rhyme or reason.
    The stadium is nice but when the Royals play like
    losers fans remember the other parts of the
    game. He’s destroyed the concession business
    (kicked out local bar b q and put in a
    chef who couldn’t boil an egg) sells crap
    hot dogs that my dog would turn down.
    Stadium club is a joke and the food there is
    no better than $4.95 all you can eat CiCis pizza.
    He must go.
    4. PLAYERS: Out of shape/overweight!
    BUTLER: fat/out of shape. When he threw
    bad throw to second that cost royals the game
    he looked awkward. He can’t bend over he’s
    so fat.
    RYAN PENA: WOW…spends too much time at
    Krispy creme. Who is the conditioning coach?
    He needs to go too. Has a gut hanging over
    his belt and when he goes to plate he’s tyring
    to hit homers and he’s really out of place at
    the k.
    WILLY: Heart/drive/determination for a guy
    who runs his ass off on every hit.
    PENA JR. :omg! Why is he still on the team?
    Too small and frail to play. And starting?
    Bating .098? Dayton/Trey..do you not have
    anyone in the minor leagues who can at least
    hit .`150 and play shortstop. If not, just walk
    out of the stadium and don’t look back.
    CALLASPO: hELLO…bend over and pick up the ball.
    TEAHEN: tHE guy has done everything possible to
    help the team. Set him in a position, keep him
    there…let him learn it and see what he does.
    OLIVO: I can barely understand the guy but he
    has heart. He can’t play catcher well but he
    makes it up in desire.
    DEJESUS: I bashed him earilier but he has
    come on with some great plays and hit. He needs
    to bulk up and get some power and become a major
    MAIER: 7 years in the organization. After 7 years can’t Dayton and his idiots decide if the
    guy is major league. He has made more bus trips
    between omaha and kc than any other player.
    At some time, Dayton you have to decide if this
    is your guy. No more putting off.
    Either you play him and have confidence in him
    or you ship him out. Can he play? After 7 years
    the royals can’t decide? Then management must
    BULLPEN: you gotta love these guys. They
    are into it. Soria is great and all of us
    in section 152 rows a and b have become
    friends with the other relievers. they have
    hope but they still struggle.
    GUILLEN: SH*T CAN THIS GUY! make an example
    of him because this guy mouths off to hillman
    and hillman backs away. When guillen took on
    an umpire hillman did nothing and stayed in
    the dugout. I think hillman needs to get it
    on with an umpire and show the team he supports
    ZACK: NO players reminds us more of the
    old royals than zACK. We watch the guy warm up
    before games and he’s intense and focused. He
    does not accept losing. He’s in it to win..win…win…and he’s always up on the
    dugout steps watching/cheering/studying the
    opponents. If we had 24 guys like him there’d
    be 3 championship flags out in left field.
    I’ve been to 14 royals games. I’ve been a fan
    for over 40 years. I’ve sat thru storms/tornado
    warnings/memorials/great teams/horrible teams
    and cheered them on. I’ve eaten those rotten
    hot dogs/drank lots of beer/joked with every
    player who ever wore a royals uniform/was at
    game 7 world series and the last game of the
    worst year in royals history.
    We need major changes and we need them now.
    Hillman must go! Dayton must go!
    Seitzer must go! Glass wake up. Your core
    of 15,000 fans is fading. AS MICHAEL JACKSON

  5. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    Hey Greg, can you get in touch with your buddy, Turd on a Wire, to come to KC and pinch a loaf on each of the Boyal’s cars? Maybe a graphic example representing the kind of baseball this team plays could be a wake up call, or better yet, an invitation to pack up their shit and go back to Podunk, Hooterville, or wherever they came from and secure a job at the local fertilizer plant, implement dealer, or casket factory. Since they are a bunch of stiffs, spreading their manure on once hallowed ground, they would be qualified for any of those positions.

    I’ve been watching MLB in KC since 1958. No matter how bad the A’s sucked, they weren’t nearly as embarassing as the current collection of AA talent. The lowest paid player on this cluster-f*** of a team makes more than the entire payroll of the ’67 A’s. I’d rather park at Sam’s, sit behind a girter, drink Schlitz from a paper cup and watch Catfish pitch, Campy avoid paternity suits in LA, and Charlie O. taking a dump in the Pennant Porch instead of this group of overpaid crybabies. The Magic Rabbit behind home plate was more fun than any of this fan-friendly horseshit they have at the K. Give me a team that knows how to get on base, advance the runner, and make the other team play good defense over sitting in the dugout with your hats turned backwards and praying for rain.

    At least when the Rabbit showed up he had balls, something these guys will never have.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick,
    I saw Turd on a Wire at a high school alumni golf tourney a couple of years ago. He was sitting with his three sons who are now all in their 20s. I told that story to his kids while he was sitting there and they all LTAO. I then pointed out the baseball coach who was sitting two tables away — hopefully he had traded in that silver Monte Carlo.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Chris and Cowboy
    We’re calling for his job……….WERE CALLING FOR HILMANS JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    I was channel surfing last night asnd saw a show entitled “I Survived Japenese Game Show’, where a couple of folks were belly flopping ballons filled with some gooey stuff while wearing a penguin costume. Maybe Fox can do a show based in Kansas City-“I Survived a Japanese Manager”, featuring fans puking overpriced beer and mediocre food every time Killman sends in Farnsworth or tries to ruin one of our young pitchers with a 150 pitch outing. Couldn’t be any more humiliating than shelling out a hundred bucks to watch the T-Bones East stumbling over each other attempting to perform routine baseball fundamentals.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The Royals have had 100 managers in the last 20 years. So when does it stop being the managers fault and start being managments fault? I like Hillman and Moore.

    Moore is doing a good job to what he was given. KC has become the dead zone when it comes to baseball. Moore almost quit four times last year because of the owner Glass.

    My guess is that Moore right now is wishing he never heard of the Royals and wishes he was back in Atlanta with a real baseball team.

  10. Anonymous says:

    jojo: “Greg: You keep qouting [sic] local sports guys who know absolutely nothing about sports. Whether its 810 or 610

  11. Anonymous says:

    poor preparation. Never been in athletics before.
    Don’t know how to evaluate a team or sport.
    Being wrong 90% of the time with predictions.
    Thinking their ideas are the only valid ones.
    Not being able to place themselves in an
    athletes shoes. Most of these small town market
    sports talk people probably have never sweated
    before. I’ve seen kk/clinks/steven john/cowboy/
    and the whole rest of these armchair athletes
    and not one of them has probably broken
    a sweat on any field or court. Small market
    minds…small market opinions. Thats what we
    have in kc. They know nothing but make us
    think they know everything.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Jojo, ever listened or saw Mike and Mad Dog in NY? Or Jim Rome in LA? or Hank Goldberg in Miami. The mindset your have runs deep in talk radio in genreral. Not what area of the country your in.

    Plus, if you listen to those players many of them couldent tell you about any pro or college team other then Big 10, or Chicago sports.

  13. Anonymous says:

    “And just a wild hunch, I’m going to assume being alone is not all unfamiliar territory for him.” That was wrong Greg, just wrong!!!

    Mermaid maybe you can help a brother out???

    Signed the guy that took his cousin(yes she was female) to see Michael Jackson.

  14. Anonymous says:

    jojo the thought process that because you’ve never played the game or as you say never sweat before you can’t make or have judgments on a team is the same one George Brett has expounded. You don’t have to “play the game” to coach it or to intelligently talk about it. That being said I know nothing about baseball other then I loved the days of Cookie, Fred, Amos, Hal, and all those guys. And I don’t think we’ll ever see that type of baseball again.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    Hey Rick,

    Did you know WalMart was having a sale to honor Michael Jackson? Boys underwear half off after midnight.

    The Jackson kids will have some adjusting to do.
    They’ll find out that “bobbing for weinies” is not a Halloween tradition.

    Took your cousin to a MJ concert? I’d rather be in the car for 56 hours.

    Alone. What do you expect for a guy who wears a towel and follows a second rate ball team around the country like a mushroom eating Dead Head. Maybe you could set him up with your cousin.

  16. Anonymous says:

    ha ha ha u r BAD. Like Michael Jackson Bad album. Second rate….you sure that’s not giving them to much credit? The entire city of Chicago has been like that….following a team that its been what 75 years? My cousin was hot. No I’m not from alabama. My aunt said I didn’t know she was hot. I was like “She was blond and had big boobs…hello. She would of been the perfect woman if she had been mute. Oh oh…..

  17. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    With a flat head, a round mouth, a trust fund, and a daddy with a liquor store. The only cousins I had that were virgins were the ones that could run faster than me. If cousin bumpin’ didn’t happen, there would be no newborns in Independence.

  18. Anonymous says:

    BAD boy!!!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    The Royals are extremely bad. It was sad that they started out well this year and then just completely flopped. Oh well. They are the Loveable Losers.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Not into sports Rick- not going there. And I am not helping you out on anything. Or “Last Word” for that matter.

  21. Anonymous says:

    You wouldn’t of been helping me out but Royals superfan Chris. Everyone needs love. It might do you good to get out and enjoy the Royals game. God knows us men go to enough chick flicks. About time you all return the favor and scrafice a little. Sounds like Chris could use the company and a listening ear. Be back in two and two.

  22. Anonymous says:

    What? I don’t go to chick flicks Rick. And when I said I don’t go there I meant I don’t talk sports not that I don’t go to games! I go to Royal’s games all the time and I have season tickets to the Chiefs. What are you anyway? You sound like a woman hater. “Scrafice” a little- Rick watch the spelling dude. I notice you have some trouble with that in your blogs!

  23. Anonymous says:

    You don’t go to chick flicks. Maybe that explains it. You don’t talk sports….ahhh…you know you’re on a sports blog right? Amen to you supporting our local teams. I’m trying to get you to chill out and set you up…that makes me a woman hater? I misspell as often as Greg Hall so that puts me in good company. But thanks for the correction. Maybe you can become an editor and edit Craig’s next book. Oh oh….their you go again Rick mentioning Craig in one of your blogs 🙂

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