Kansas City Barbecue: The Good, the Sad and the Smugly

The bottom line for those of us trapped here in the ever so humble flyover zone: we

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4 Responses to Kansas City Barbecue: The Good, the Sad and the Smugly

  1. Anonymous says:

    V. Matula
    AMEN!!! Adam’s Rib has probably the BEST pulled pork I have ever tasted. I keep trying to try more on the menu, but usually go back to what I love. The Big Beef Rib, which Hope has custom cut, is the biggest and the best I have ever had!
    Almost hate to let people know about this secret, always want a seat!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gino Licata
    While I will always be Gates biggest supporter, I have a couple of others worth mentioning.

    First, Oklahoma Joe’s is a must try. I was, to my surprise, very well impressed. The pulled pork sandwich is their specialty, and the best I have had. Unique BBQ beans, also.

    I have become increasingly fond of Zarda’s over the past year or so. I used to go because it was so close to home, but their food is consistently excellent. The sliced sausage sandwich is killer, and I’m not even a sausage fan. And what they call “rib trim” is basically as much of a slab of ribs as one person can eat for $3.75. It’s the best value in the city if you are broke and just gotta have some ribs.

    Lastly, Rosedale’s. The crinkly fries in the wax paper bag still do it for me. It’s the cheapest barbecue in the city, and a guilty pleasure.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Concur Rosedale’s is the bomb. Trying Friday for the first time Oklahoma Joe’s. We’ll see. Arthur Bryants has such fatty beef….very disappointing. After an awful first experience with Jackstack have returned twice and once everything was excellent. Second visit pretty good.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bill Gilbert
    The BBQ is good in Kansas City, however the best, by far,by repeated serious taste tests over a period of years, is found at the Wabash BBQ located in Excelsior Springs, Mo. about 20 miles N.E. of Kansas City, Mo.

    It is really worth your time to visit the Wabash BBQ.

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