OTC: June Swoon Has Royals Fans’ Attention

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    What free agents did Dayton Moore pass on this past off-season that are tearing it up right now? Glass wouldn’t pay Ibanez or Furcal, sure as hell wouldn’t pony up for big money players like Texeria or Sabathia, so what has Moore done that is so contemptible?

    The biggest mistake you can criticize Moore for is the manager he hired. Imagine if he’d signed Andruw Jones or Milton Bradley. These kids in the minors Moore has drafted won’t sniff the big leagues for another 2-3 years. Crow will be in the starting rotation next year but if he starts out 0-2 everybody will pile on Moore.

    This team has been so bad for so long and was so rotten so deep down into its core that it is taking much longer to turn around than people expected. Could another GM have put together a better team than the one Moore put together this season? Go back and look at the free agents who signed in ’08-’09, who did Moore whiff on that he could have afforded under Glass’ budget restrictions?

    It is what it is. When you only have $3.50 in your pocket, you don’t blame a Burger King Whopper for not tasting like a Ruth’s Chris Filet Mignon.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “If he

  3. Anonymous says:

    Orlando Hudson

    Rafael Furcal

    THERE’S the free agents DM whiffed on.

  4. Anonymous says:

    hasn’t baseball advanced beyond the “unwritten rule” stage? Pudge, man up and quit your bitchin’!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    Paul, I mentioned Furcal as one of the players Moore wanted to sign but Glass wouldn’t pay the money. Furcal signed a 3-year deal for $30 million with the Dodgers. We never had a chance of getting him, therefore Moore did not whiff on Furcal.

    Moore went after Orlando Hudson but Hudson signed with the Dodgers. If you look at Hudson so far this season, his numbers aren’t much better than Callaspo’s and Callaspo only costs $415,000 whereas Hudson costs $3.3 million.

    Orlando Hudson – current numbers for 2009

    .312 BA
    5 HRs
    41 RBI
    .381 OBP
    .452 SLG

    Alberto Callaspo – current numbers for 2009

    .301 BA
    4 HRs
    26 RBI
    .355 OBP
    .444 SLG

  6. Anonymous says:

    Reason # 456,789,234 to not watch MLB anymore, the unsaid rule that hurt the other teams feelings! I played every summer through high-school and lived and died with the Cardinals.
    I would have rather watched a Chiefs pre-season game than the Cards World Series win. That’s what MLB has bcome. Much rather watch the college series.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dexter, while the offensive numbers between Hudson and Callaspo are respectively close — although Hudson is still clearly superior — Hudson is a three-time gold glover who this year has a fielding percentage of .988 and range factor of 4.71 while Callaspo’s numbers are .972 and 4.53 at 2B and ain’t going to win a GG.

    I do agree with you in substance, though, that Callaspo has enough upside potential that paying the $$$ Hudson commanded wouldn’t have been an effective investment.

    When Dayton Moore was hired, it was clear that while the Royals’ purse strings might loosen up a little, the franchise was going to be built with young players — with the occasional free agent to fill major gaps and keep the club remotely competitive.

    The problem with counting on young players is that they are often inconsistent while in the development mode, and even some of the most highly-touted don’t pan out. And don’t forget injuries; with the Royals this season, players that were being counted on for big contributions — like Gordon, Crisp and Aviles — have gone down for extended periods. A franchise that has been down as long as Kansas City’s isn’t going to have the depth to overcome those blows or the money to fill the holes.

    It’s going to take a while, and there are going to be missteps — one possibly being the hiring of Hillman — before the Royals are a franchise which can legitimately contend. Although there’s been a dip so far this season, the long-term trend for the franchise is positive. But KC isn’t New York, Boston, Chicago or LA, where the teams can pony up the dollars for the muscles.

  8. Anonymous says:

    AS much as we like to bitch the Royals are still
    going to do better this year.
    If these players had a real manager who made sense it would be easier to field a winner.
    If they listened to brett and white when they
    talked about the royals not playing fundamentally
    sound baseball it would be easier to field
    a winner.
    Problem is that we all expect a winner now.
    I get disgusted at the play sometimes of the
    royals and the managerial moves but theres
    something in the team that tells me they
    are close to really doing well in July
    and August.
    The anncrs at whb have proven they are wrong
    70% of the time in their assessments (I will
    have a rant about that soon) of every sport.
    So I look ( and hope) for good things with
    the royals. This pitching is going to get
    unbeatable…the hitters are eventually going
    to get hotter and if they could get rid of
    hillman things would get better quick.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Greg Hall
    I know who’s not wrong on stuff and that’s 610 Sports. How about that Nick Wright, maybe next to Orsen Wells, one of the greatest broadcasters of all time. Please listen to 610. I’ll have a column soon documenting everything the do on a daily basis. I bet they could use a blogger on their station…hmmm…wonder who that could be.

    KK, Jack Harry, Pork Chop = Douchebag

    Go Twibell…..!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Jim Rome
    “I know who

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hey 810 intern,
    It was mildly humorous the first time you did it. Now it’s just plain annoying. I agree that GH has been giving Nick Wright a rusty trombone. Your point has been made. But if you’re that bored, why don’t you go fetch St. John some ganj or something.

  12. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Once again, you guys are right…the hope of Gordon,Butler and Mark T….has failed, pitching has improved but with baseballs worst hitting team, and no defense….90 loses seems likely…does it matter, we stink again….and again almost nobody on THIS team will be a Royal in 2012, maybe two guys…and we likely will continue to stink in a sport that is dying nationally…behind pro basketball now…wow…however in KC it still matters mostly because of the Brett era….aw the old memories….George,Otis,Hal,White,Cowens….Freddie….those were the days….way gone…way gone..and it is sad we deserve better

  13. Anonymous says:

    Craig Glazer, are you kidding? What makes you think baseball is dying nationally? When in fact it’s the other way around.

    Is it because blacks don’t play it?

    Who cares, last time I read hispanics are the top minority in this country and let me tell you, you don’t see very many Garcia’s or Hernandez’s in the NBA.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Dayton Moore cannot resurect this team in 2 years. He probably needs 4-5 years just to get us back to being competitive and also the Glass family has to keep spending $$. What we have is a neglected franchise with a lot of players who would not start for another major league ballclub. Most of them might be in AAA or at the best utility players.

    Hillman is a terrible manager but we could bring back Casey Stengel from the grave and it would not matter. The pitching is much better but this has got to be the worst defensive team ever assembled.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Why are we talking baseball?

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