OTC: K-State Mess Leaves A Hangover

June 23, 2009

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  1. Anonymous says:

    KState — where is the KS Board of Regents’ oversight? Don’t they have some responsibility for accounting for what money goes where in their institutions? If not, then let’s do an audit of Chancellor Hemenway’s exit analysis. Shouldn’t we see where all the bodies are buried in the Larry Brown, Roy Williams, Glen Mason, Mark Mangino, and Bill Self hirings/firings?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mmmmmm… Heather Graham….

  3. Anonymous says:

    I heard a rumor that either dan or david glass
    was so upset with fridays game that he hit the
    glass in the suite full power with his fist.
    Don’t know if that’s true but it is true from
    others that a growing rift is developing between
    the glass family and dayton moore and the actions
    of hillman.
    It’s known that glass gave up the money for the
    salaries this year to make sure the team had
    a huge opening for the team and the new K.
    He went with the players that moore brought in
    and now wonders whether it was a good deal.
    It’s obvious that something is wrong.
    Jacobs had a breakout 2008 and this year can’t
    keep from striking out. Crisp is gone and was
    a waste of money. Butler the slob can’t run out
    a double without cardiac arrest. The entire team has a sense of hopelessness because they
    can’t play defense. And now the pitchers are
    starting to realize that unless they throw
    a shutout they are going to lose.
    For glass 2009 is a perfect year. People are
    not taking vacations because of tight money and are looking for inexpensive entertainment.
    The Royals have a promotion every night and
    are probably the cheapest ticket in mlb.
    The cheapest seat in st. louis is $30. In kc its half half price night every night.
    Their play has been okay and their timing is
    right. Winning games on the K before big
    games with popular opponents fill the
    stands on key nights. Geinke can draw 25K at
    least. And this last homestand drew over 300K. If you figure the average person spend an
    extra $30 per night, thats an 9 million dollars
    in food and crap.
    So is glass stupid for letting moore and hillman
    put together a second rate team? nO WAY!The royals own all the ad spots in the tv games and
    on the radio during the game. It appears they
    are having problems selling these because you
    see the same advertisers multiple times during
    a game. Either they cut a hell of a deal in
    a down ad market or they are having problems
    getting ad dollars. Whatever the case is
    glass will get it done and sell spots for
    a buck if neccesary to fill the time.
    Most importantly we don’t know how glass structured this 70 million in salaries. He’s
    a smart ceo with probably a team of accoutants.
    MLB players are depreciated like a company
    truck or a company computer. They can
    depcreciate a players salary 100% over 15 years. So an accountant with experience can take those
    salaries and make glass have a huge loss on his
    royals that transfer over to his basic 1040.
    We the taxpayers pay for this because glass
    pays less in taxes because of special treatment
    pro sports owners get from the irs and the
    The perfect economic situation for glass is
    changing. Very quickly. He knows he can
    get good crowds thru the end of July and early
    august with kids out of school and families still
    taking vacations. ONce back to school starts
    its down hill. If the royals are far out when
    wal mart starts their back to school sales events
    attendance dies.
    Glass doesnt care. His mentality throughout the
    stadium has been do everything on the cheap on
    someone elses money. When he and carl peterson
    negotiated with jackson county it was like
    sending a bear into a pack of kittens.
    Glass and peterson are tough freaking businessmen
    and against the politicians they knew they could
    beat the hell out of them. They knew they would
    get what they want and walk away laughing all the
    way to the bank.
    Glass could care less. His heart is into money.
    One st. louis fan said it best..”this stadium
    looks like some traveling county fair. It looks
    cheap. Hell…there’s mud and dirt everywhere..
    the food sucks…even the beer is warm. What kind
    of stadium did you people put in here?”
    Without much money out of his pocket glass
    should make a huge profit but when his taxes
    are doen we the3 taxpayers will get cheated.
    He could give a shit. His whole life is about
    making money. Not winning…but ruining other
    businesses to make a buck. He’s ruthless and
    kansas city has never seen a guy like this.
    Lamar was cheap. But he had a heart for this
    town. He connived every dime he could out of kc
    to fund all his charities and activities in
    dallas while giving us poor coaches and players.
    Clark has a different attitude.
    Hopefully the royals will get a new gm/
    coach etc. becausewe are stuck with a greedy

  4. Anonymous says:

    Greg: WITH ALL DUE RESPECT TO YOU AND YOURS AND WITH BELATED PROPS ON YOUR ANNIVERSARY Other than Heather Graham’s boob cameo…HANGOVER SUCKED. Not even close to Forty Year Old Virgin or Superbad. Hell it wasn’t even as good as the other sleeper MALL COP. You’re making it sound like it’s the freakin GODFATHER….or my favorite flick…Things To Do in Denver When You’re Dead. As for K-State, like the late Notorious BIG said….Mo-Money…Mo-Problems

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Hangover makes me want to go back to Vegas. And I hate Vegas. If they played two hours of closing credits with just those photos alone, this movie would be ranked up there with Old School and 40-Year Old Virgin. Was it perfect? No. But I can’t remember the last time I walked out of the movie theater with a smile that wide plastered on my face.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I gotta disagree. I went in expecting The Hangover to be way overhyped but got the rare surprise in that it lived up to its huge build up. I rank it up there w/ another old fave of mine, Hollywood Knights — a movie my wife detests. “Tastes like it’s got a little wang to it.”

    Loved 40-YOV and McLovin as well. Have not seen Mall Cop but my wife has memorized every episode of King of Queens.

  7. Anonymous says:

    jojo–Great rant! I am not sure who writes more in this column you or Greg!

    In regards to K-State I don’t think I would want to be K-State or any of those employees who are going to get IRS bills . You are either be an employee or a contractor and you can’t be both.

    The Hangover–Haven’t seen it yet but those I know who have love it. Looking forward to getting out and seeing it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It’s a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one.

    Mall Cop sucked.

  9. Anonymous says:

    ManDshagger… Mall Cop? Really? I’m truly at a loss for words on how to best make fun of you for this… other than to point out the fact that you like the movie “Mall Cop”.

    G, I saw The Hangover the other night… and I couldn’t agree more: Instant Classic.

    Required movie quote: “Now remember, what happens in Vegas stays, in Vegas… Except herpes, that shit will come back with you.”

  10. Anonymous says:

    Honey: did not see Mall Cop. But it made a shitpile of money and no one saw that coming. I should have given attribution to my neighbor and his son for the comparison but I didn’t. My bad just like The Star.

  11. Anonymous says:

    jojo get a job. Rome says Hangover is overhyped. My guess like the Borat movie. but we’ll see.

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