OTC: Kornacki Blesses Hillman / Royals Still Embarrassing

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13 Responses to OTC: Kornacki Blesses Hillman / Royals Still Embarrassing

  1. Anonymous says:

    If prayers could help this team they would be in first place. The Lord helps those that help themselves. The Royals, unfortunately are HELPLESS. David Glass does not OWN Wal-Mart.Nobody would pay 250 million for the Royals, even if they could move the team.David Glass is a wealthy man but he is not a baseball man. As long as he is the owner this team sleeps with the fishes. The Royals and the fans need a hands on, in your face owner, someone like Mark Cuban who invests as much mind, body and soul as he does money. In the meantime it would be nice to see David or Dan Glass throw some heaters at Moore, Hillman and the players. By the way Greg you might want to consider Paschals Wager, just in case. Never hurts to hedge.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Embarrasing! Frustrating! Another bunch of losers! A manager who has no motivational skills!
    Dayton must go! Hillman must go! But Glass
    had 300,000 at this homestand and he’s counting
    the dough like a kid with a lemonade stand.
    Compare the Cardinals to the Royals.
    1. Fitness: Butler’s a slob. Can’t run out a
    double without getting winded. Guillen can’t
    bend over to catch a routine popup that would be
    caught by any other players. Dejesus is out
    of shape. Teahen got a gut. Ryan Pena ate too
    many cupcakes. Pena jr. has no strength.
    The pitchers get winded walking out of the
    bullpen. Watch them when they get to the mound.
    Cardinals. They look like they’ve hit the weights and are in top physical shape. Broad
    shoulders, big forearms and noone has a gut.
    There are no “little” guys like Pena jr or
    callaspo or dejesus or crisp (guys with no
    upper body strength to hit a ball).
    TheCardinals have a strict conditioning programs
    that put them in the top of mlb. The royals
    look flabby/slow/winded/and no ability to
    crush a pitch. Jacob (a power hitter) can’t
    match 7 cardinals in strength.
    2. Make a mistake with LaRussa and you’ll catch hell. Make a mistake with Hillman and he’ll
    throw you a wad of smokeless. LaRussa is up
    talking with players, giving directions, working
    with the coaches. Hillman’s in a trance wondering what will go wrong next.
    3. Mental mistakes. Hillman is a bigmental
    misfit. If he’s not coaching during the game
    when does he coach. He sits there vwithout
    a clue. No emotion. NO planning strategy. No
    clue. Now he’s even moved mcclure away from him
    and he makes all the pitching calls himself.
    Seitzer is at the other endo f the dugout
    and he’s so far removed from hillman that
    he should be fired soon.
    Problem mostly is that this team has no talent.
    Plain and simple there’s no talent on this team. Worse is that there is no pride in any of these
    players except greinke and olivo.
    IN every position the royals have problems.
    Theycan’t evaluate talent at any level. They
    put together a team with no power and the
    odds are against them scoring enough runs to
    win when they have no speed or defense. To win
    in mlb you must score runs in multiples. Rag
    tag play with a bunch of singles won’t get you
    to the playoffs.
    Moore sold glass on this team. 70 million down
    the drain. Glass is almost to 1 million fans
    after this homestand and he knows that with a
    new ballpark, a weak economy, families looking for cheap entertainment, people not going on
    vacations this year, lots of booze and food
    money spent that he can make money even with
    the royals 20 games out in october.
    CHEAP! CHEAP! CHEAP! I ate the buffet at the
    stadium club and the food sucked. Ponderosa
    buffets are better. Took one bite of a $1 hot
    dog and wanted to get sick. The stadium (although a lot of fun) was rebuilt on the cheap. The whole wal mart philosophy is alive
    at royals stadium this year. I average about
    $80-$90 each time at royals stadium. No more.
    This crap has to end.
    The Moore-Hillman experiment is over. Bring on
    an experienced hard driving talent evaluating
    team before the damage is irrepairable.
    The royals have given up. ATtendance will follow.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What everyone needs to be praying for is an owner like Ewing Kauffman who wanted to win and would do everything it took to win without thought of whether it was profitable or not. Since Mr. Kauffman died who has been in charge in one way or another? David Glass! We have been pathetic and will continue to be pathetic until ownership changes. It all starts from the top and it won’t be fixed until that is changed. I wish Glass would sell the Royals and there would be a local owner who could step up and put pride back into this organization.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Re: Hillman’s reliance on his faith to see the Royals through…

    Didn’t we already suffer through an embarrassingly bad run with the Jesus-freak that was Mike Sweeney? I’m not so sure another lover-of-the-Word is what this team — or this city — really needs at the moment.

    In fact, I would argue that someone who approaches things with a vengeance is what we need… someone who says “fuck” once in a while. As in, “What the FUCK are you guys doing out there?!?!?”… as he throws shit around the dugout and clubhouse. Oh yea, he should also say “shit” a lot too.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good point HoneyBaked. Even Jesus got pissed off when he tossed the money lenders out of the Temple. Baseball Fans in KC have been crucified for too long. Forgive them, (Glass-Moore-Hillman), Lord…they know not what they are doing. It’s time to get off the cross and in to the tomb for three days so we can RISE UP. It’s a bad product and you can have all the FAITH you want in the current Royals ownership and management. The solution is simple; STOP GOING TO THE BALLPARK! That’s the quickest way to send a message, when the dollar count is down.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think the reason why the media don’t hold David Glass acountable for the Royals is because many of them look at him at the great knight that save the Royals from moveing to Washington DC or folding.

    Do I think Glass is a bad owner. Yes.

    But, I also know that no one local would want to buy this team. No one here that could buy the team. IE, Sprint, Hallmark, ect don’t want it.

    If he did sell it it would be to a out of towner who within five to ten years could move the team to Northern NJ, when the upgrades to the new OK become outdated.

  7. Anonymous says:

    About Pujols. I remember talking to Independence Examiner reporter Bill Althaus one time about Pujols.

    He said he asked John Wathan about it. Well, according to Bill, Wathan and the Royals scouts thought Pujols was lazy. They were afraid that he would get fat and not work hard to be a good player.

    Looking back I think it was the Royals scouts who were lazy and not Pujols.


  8. Anonymous says:

    I have heard a lot of stories about Pujols and how the Royals missed out on him over the years. My favorite is that his grandfather brought him over to Royals Stadium and tried to get him a private tryout but the Royals were not interested. Not once but twice. I have no idea if any parts of this story are true but it makes for great conversation.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Greg, no matter how the Royals missed out on him, the bottom line is that they missed out on him. The excuse that he was taken in the 15th round and every MLB team had a chance on him doesn’t hold water with me.

    The Royals are not the Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, Braves or Dodgers.

    A small market team that claims poverty every year can’t afford to let a player in their area go to the cross state rival and become the player he is now.

    It was just bad scouting by the Royals. Just another reason why AB sucked as a scout and GM.

  10. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Guys why are people still going to see The Royals? Do they need to drink outdoors beer that badly? Nobody save one or two players will be a Royal by 2011, so THIS IS NOT YOUR FUTURE..END IT, LOSERS AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN,POOR MANAGEMENT AGAIN….ETC..STAY AWAY, DON’t reward poor production with attendance….that helped get Carl fired….Ok YOU SAW THE REMODEL ENOUGH STAY AWAY….TIL WE HAVE A PRO TEAM NOT A DOUBLE AA TEAM

  11. Anonymous says:

    Even if the Royals would have drafted and signed Pujols, there’s a strong possibility that their player development system wouldn’t have allowed Albert to flourish the way he has in St. Louis. While I think our player development system is better in 2009, I know for a fact we were low-class in the late 90s and early 2000s when Albert was developing. Albert, as sad as it is to say, might have only been another Juan LeBron or Dee Brown.

    One thing I can guarantee, however, is that Pujols would not still be a Royal. He’d be a Met, Yankee or Red Sock about right now. No way Glass would have ponied up the cash to sign Pujols to a long-term deal a few years ago. No effin’ way.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Much as I love South Beach I miss you guys when I’m away. Even Craig Glazer has his opinion game SMOKIN’. As someone else said..STAY AWAY FROM THE K!

  13. Anonymous says:

    *Is Karen a poor sports reporter? Well yes and no. If you are looking for hard news then yes. But understand that in any business their are different types of success stories. Do you listen to Larry King because of his hard news and breaking stories? Of course not. He throws softballs but he does it well.

    *Trey I think was just telling the Star that he was going to be consistent with what he was doing.

    *Greg you are not fond of organized religion. So you like disorganized religion?

    *People taking their religious beliefs to work and allowing others to witness that. It amazes me that we are ok with people talking about their hobbies, sports, kids, Amway, music tastes, what they did over the weekend. But hey if someone mentions religion, church, or God we get all bent out of shape. STOP PUSHING Jesus!! We are more tolerant of drug pushers then we are Christ followers.

    *A person of authority sharing their religious beliefs. Can that be a problem? Yes as I think we’ve seen with Deb Patterson. But again the double standard really bothers me. If Trey was sharing quotes from Zig Ziglar, Martin Luther King, or even Obama no one would bat an eye. But if he talks about someone from the best selling book of all time and share his quotes….then we have a problem.

    *Trey in the Cardinals dug out. Another non issue. Do NBA coach’s not talk before a game? Do we not see NFL players high fiving and hugging before and after games? And sometimes going to dinner together. This is making a mountain out of a mole hill. I’m old school also and I want my team to HATE the other team. But sports aren’t like that. Heck they sometimes share the same agent and girlfriends. Greg I just feel you are pushing the message nice guys finish last. And we’ve seen to many non cussing nice guys like Tony Dungy win. Several ways to skin a cat.

    Trey’s five runs comment was pitiful.

    Trey was portrayed as a tough guy with the media but a cream puff with the players. Don’t think that was a fair assessment.

    No excuse for the Royals not getting Pujols but that being said I agree with Gob we wouldn’t of been able to keep him just as we’ve seen other superstars leave us.

    Smartman how many championships has Cuban won?

    Homeybaked, you guys paint people with broad strokes. So therefore if you are a Christian that means you are a wimp. Well Todd Haley is a Christian. Do you think he is like Trey? Christians like all people come in all types of personalities.

    John you are wrong. Brett wanted the team. But the media, fans, sports radio were motivated by fear and went with the easy choice. Glass.

    Craig people continue to support the Royals just like they do say….a comedy club that has over priced drinks, food, and comedians that aren’t funny. You can always hope.

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