Call Reporter Takes Hit From Jewish Chronicle, Gumming by Star

Say this for Call reporter Eric Wesson: at least he didn’t f-bomb anybody…

That said, the often affable Wesson’s email re: the Jazzy Jeff controversy at the Power & Light District had a somewhat similar effect to the Pitch reporter that f-bombed practically everybody within walking distance of the P&L recently after the DJ’s set was cut short.

Tony’s Kansas City was first to unleash Wesson’s email including this ditty:

“…Cordish like all jews they look at money not black or white.”

Kansas City Jewish Chronicle editor Rick Hellman hopped aboard the controversy today at High Noon:

“Prominent members of the Cordish family, which controls the Baltimore-based company, are Jewish, a fact Wesson apparently knows…” Hellman writes. “That set off a spate of criticism directed at Wesson, who responded by calling, among others, Marvin Szneler, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Bureau/American Jewish Committee to discuss the matter. Szneler said he tried to impress upon Wesson why references to money-grubbing Jews were offensive.

“Wesson then sent out a second e-mail June 12, partially apologizing and partially justifying his original e-mail, which generated more conversation…As of The Chronicle

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8 Responses to Call Reporter Takes Hit From Jewish Chronicle, Gumming by Star

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bernie Madoff is Jewish, most of his victims were Jewish. Greed, and love of money were certainly emotions and desires involved in his Ponzi Scheme. Where there is smoke one can usually find a fire. If Madoff and his victims had been predominantly, Black, Hispanic, Catholic or Evangelicals the story would have been covered much differently. Bernie was portrayed as the bad guy whose investors seemed to bear no reponsibility for not doing proper due diligence. Cordish is fleecing Kansas City. They lied about how successful the P&L would be. Our civic leaders did not do proper due diligence. They only focused on the promise of big returns. Only difference is that our leaders who set this city on the path of financial ruin by making unwise choices about downtown redevelopment and the partners they chose do not and will not feel the pain that taxpayers will. Who’s the victim? Who’s your REAL Daddy?

  2. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    I don’t think race, color, or being Jewish has anything to do with any of this…but smartman is right about one thing..Cordish early on knew the KC Downtown was a major loser and just hit and run, had our mayor or city council bothered to travel to their other locations(I did) they would have known NONE OF THEM WORKED all are bankrupt or close to it, save the Hollywood,Fla…project propelled by the Hardrock and yes I was there as well(made famous by the death there of Anna Nicole Smith)…great tourist spot, but Baltimore,Lou,Kentucky are pretty much toast already…both with way more people living around them then our 8,000 or so condo guys….its a national joke…might have helped had our leaders at least looked into this deal…all we did was move Westport to a less populated spot with newer bars…

    Again as I said five years ago…on the record, put the money into your near winners…Plaza,Westport,Brookside and Waldo…make playoff teams winners, don’t try and make a 70 year old ghetto your entertainment center…it didn’t work in LA who spent 30 times the money….hey council and leaders ever heard of airplanes/get on one and look around the nation….sad deal….no downtown won’t ever, ever work the way we were told it would…a clean up was ok, but this, MORONS

  3. Anonymous says:

    Keep preachin’ Pastor Glazer! Share some tales of the outrageous rent they tried to hit you up with compared to comps in other parts of the city.

  4. Anonymous says:

    jim tooks
    That’s rich. Hearne chastising the star for not calling the call for a response. This guy rarely calls or attempts to email the subjects of his hit pieces. Pot, kettle…shithead

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jim: remember this is a blog and not a legit news organ. There is a lower standard in play here. It’s one of those day as I say and not as I do deals. The meal has been cooked we can serve ourselves.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Craig-Downtown a ghetto….that’s a little harsh.
    Smartman-If you’ve read past messages from Hearne you know he considers this a legitimate news source and not just a blog where opinion is being expressed. So based on what “he” has said no lower standard.
    Hearne-I don’t get the continual Star blasts. YOU WORKED THERE!!!! So you’re NOW blasting them for falling short, ethics, lack of preparation, etc. makes you look bad because you were part of the team. It’s like working at McDonalds for 25 years, being fired, and THEN complaining about the nutritional quality of the food.

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