OTC: Petro Wants Zamboni Clean Hockey

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why is it the Independence Arena looks better than the Sprint Center? Oh, that’s right. Because it’s Kansas City, where the city motto should be, “We now suck less.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hipity Hop
    Wow, we build a new arena in downtown KC and all we get is a AA hockey team in the new KCK Independence.

    I will never go to a game. We built the Sprint Center to bring in Major League hockey the NHL, not minor league crap. This just seems like it’s good enough but not great.

    Remember when KC use to be a major leauge town? Well, if your younger then 40, I doubt it.

    Kansas City Sports = Epic Fail!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well, I will go see the Independence MethMouths play hockey because that is the only hockey this town will ever see. An NHL exhibition game featuring the Kings and Islanders is a farce. Every day older the Sprint Center gets is another day closer to being obsolete in terms of getting an anchor tenant.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    How bout some cheese with that wine Hipity Hop, Glow1 and Timothy…

    Lean back, loosen your sphincter and enjoy what you have instead of bitching about what you don’t. The city just got handed a cheap sports alternative in a brand new arena with about 50 places to eat & drink within a 5 mile radius before or after each home game.

    There are dozens of cities who would love to have the team. Try living in one of those towns who have nothing and see how much you have to bitch about then.

  5. Anonymous says:

    hockey and violence and fighting. Are you kidding. They fight in hockey. You dumb idiots
    who think people go to a hockey game and don’t
    expect a ton of fights probably think the
    fighter in a mma cage want to dance.
    Get serious. This arena will soak those foolish
    taxpayers just like the other 3 arenas those
    carpetbagging hockey league owners conned
    people into building.
    When will government idiots realize that the
    numbers these con men give them are pie in the
    sky revenue numbers and really are full of
    crap. This arena will end up being in the
    red for years to come while the contractors
    sneak to another town to cheat the taxpayers.
    HAs anyone read about these lying cheats.
    They’ve already decimated 3 other cities with
    their lies.
    As for sprint…I told you so. Anytime you get
    into business with the liewickes count your
    fingers after shaking their hands. This is the
    second time these guys have taken kc for a ride.
    You dumb stupid bumpkins better get smart because
    there’s a target on your forehead that
    reads SUCKER!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan, what people are trying to say is that we built this brand new downtown arena right next to a entertainment district to bring in major leauge sports.

    We were told by the city, “If we build it, they will come.”

    Well we built it and no one has come.

    People in this town will be paying off the Sprint Center someway for a very very very long time. For what and empty arena? Three concerts more then what we were getting at Kemper?

    This city wants major leauge basketball or hockey. We want the NBA or the NHL. Not minor leauge basketball or hockey, which the CHL is.

    And as for those 12 city’s that would love the CHL team in their town. Who are they and how soon can they take them?

  7. Anonymous says:

    The Independence SantaCaliGons may not really fit on a jersey.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Unless the Sprint Center gets a anchor tenant in the next two years it will be one of the biggest BUSTS in the KC history.

  9. Anonymous says:

    no teams at sprint. AEG bamboozled the barnes
    lady and now kc is left with the bill.
    NO nba (this town won’t support a team long
    term)…no nhl (too expensive for these
    hillbillies ) and we’re left with disney on
    ice and the american idol tour.
    Typical kc thinking. Look at the rest of the
    projects. Union station. Thank god the
    kaufmmans kept kc out of their project and
    its going to be incredible.
    I’ve been to the k…where did 250 million bucks go? I think kc or jackson county need to
    get some invoices because there’s no way that
    kind ofmoney was spent. I’d start with the
    genral contractor then look at the bills they
    paid out.
    Sprint is a mess. AEG promised the city so mucn.. but the music industry just isnt putting
    out major acts that can fill a place like that.
    The major acts only tour once every 3 or 4
    years. So kc is left with chicago/neil young/
    earth wind and fire and other acts so old they
    need handicapped assistance to get them in.
    KC needs some new thinkers. Until then they will thrwo money away at the taxpayers expense,
    and will end up costing the city millions.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know if Sprint Center can sustain financially on concerts alone, but it’s my opinion we’d never sell enough NBA/NHL tickets to keep a team here. We need another 500K in population and a robust economy to get that done. Bringing a team here now would simply result in another embarrassing failure for KC.

  11. Anonymous says:

    “If anyone read the papers about our other
    worthless arenas they might think we were
    con men. In no way are we conmen. We just know
    how to fudge numbers for people and taxpayers
    in independence who are dumb sh*ts and can’t
    use a calculator. Look at our track record in
    other cities. They all want to hang us. They
    want to shoot us when we walk into their
    cities. But there will be no violence. We don’t
    operate that way. There will be no violence or
    fighting or confrontation because we’ve already
    gotten our money, we already cooked the books,
    and now we’re headed off to screw some other
    small municipality where the mayor is looking
    for some kickbacks. We have a chance to be
    a big hit. We suckered all those other towns
    into believing us…and we did the same in
    independence. Now would all you people just
    calm down as we pack our bags and thank you
    for letting us take all your money.”
    Brad Lund

  12. Anonymous says:

    Greg, building the SP WITHOUT A TEAM was an embarrassing failure for KC.

    We built it because we were told by Kay Barnes and the Sports Commision that this arena will bring a team to this city. That lie is the reason why it was built.

    Right now the arena in empty 70 percent of the time. And the events that are at the SP were in Kemper anyway.

    If a NBA or NHL doesn’t move here in the next two years, it never will.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Two NHL teams will be sold in 2009. Ever notice how the Star never writes about how this relates to KC? Two blogs do:

  14. Anonymous says:

    Media Observer
    Soren is a real hockey fan, as am I. I also grew up in Omaha and remember enjoying the Knights while hoping for a puck in the seats, like kids at the K hope for a foul ball. However, I think this town has a serious lack of understanding about the different levels of hockey.

    Let me reiterate, I

  15. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    The Sprint Center. Tomorrow’s dump today. Aside from the suites, is it any better than Kemper? Yeah, it’s next to the P&L, another one of those subsidized wonders that are certainly more important than the 2-3 BILLION we need to address sewer and storm water issues. The urban core is imploding under the weight of crime, drugs, poverty, and hopelessness, and we build a shrine to mediocrity in the hope of stimulating the local economy.

    I think the new team should be ‘The Independence Harry S’s”, “If you don’t like us you can kiss our Harry S!” “I may be little, but a killed millions with a single finger” Don’t Mess with Harry S” Can’t wait for “Narc on Your Brother-in-Law Night”

  16. Anonymous says:

    I think Media Observer’s post is right on — almost.

    Let me reiterate, I am also a huge hockey fan.

    I agree that this town has a serious lack of understanding about the different levels of hockey.

    I agree that Major Junior, NCAA and NHL are worth watching, far more so than the CHL.

    However, I would add the AHL to this list. American Hockey League hockey is one step below the NHL and arguably the second best league in the world. During the 2008-09 season, I attended many Hershey Bears games and I can honestly say the hockey was well worth the price of admission.

    Unfortunately, the (frozen) waters are muddied because Paul McGannon seems to think an Independence CHL team could be the affiliate of an NHL team, if we got one. WRONG? The league promotes itself as ‘AA’ hockey. It is not.

    The Independence team is to the NHL what the T-Bones are to MLB.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hipity Hop
    PucKChaser, what you said is very interesting. So your saying that the CHL isn’t even AA hockey but is more like independent leauge level.

    When the Blades were here I always thought they were a pretty high level of hockey. AAA maybe. Then we get the Outlaws and that seemed more like semi-pro level.

    It seems like this is a step backwords. We built a brand new arena for NHL hockey. In stead what we get is D level hockey in an D Level arena.

    Does everything this city touch turns to lead?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hippity Hop,
    Correct. The Kansas City Blades were the top affiliate for the San Jose Sharks and later the Vancouver Canucks. It was AAA level hockey. Players routinely moved from Kansas City to San Jose (and back). The Blades were to the Sharks what the Omaha Royals are to our Kansas City Royals.

    While the CHL promotes itself as AA hockey, very few of the teams have affiliations with NHL teams. The league that has a majority of the “AA” affiliations with the NHL is the ECHL. Not one player that will grace the ice for the Independence team will ever don an NHL sweater.

    That is not to say the Independence team is a bad thing. It is not. Just like the T-Bones are not a bad thing. It just isn’t the same level of hockey we had with the Blades.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Media Observer
    I can agree that the AHL is much better than CHL. I lived and worked in Finland for a while and was pleased to follow the SM Liga and watch many games of two Helsinki and one Espoo teams. Superb hockey. Many of the leagues players are now in the NHL; it’s an excellent feeder league. I think the Finns are beginning to be the dominant European force in the NHL. Having said that, I would have a fun chat with you discussing whether the AHL or the SM Liga is the “second best league in the world.” It would be fun, and I hope we get to have that discussion some day while we watch the CHL players circling the face off circle and we’re waiting for the puck to drop.

    Here’s to hoping that the CHL franchise in KC is successful. Maybe then the naysayers will find something else to slam and we can generate some momentum for an NHL team.

    Keep up the good work with the blog.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hockey? people are talking about hockey? u kidding me?

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