Hearne on the Street: Surviving Hurricane Karrin at Jardine’s

She had me square in her sights…

Karrin Allyson could have dispensed with me in any number of ways: a caustic quip, face full of the beverage of the celebrated jazz crooner’s choice, full facial slap.

Who’s to say, I didn’t have it coming? Not me…

Especially after documenting for a second time, Allyson’s hair trigger temper and full frontal intolerance of noisy nightclub nabobs. But a funny thing happened at her sold out show last night at Jardine’s…

She took the high road.

Allow me to make one thing perfectly clear however: it wasn’t like the audience wasn’t well warned…

Cards were handed to each and every table and/or patron warning in boldface type to “Please refrain from speaking after the performance has begun.”

And to “please turn off or silence all electronic devices.”

Well, duh! Who wants to fend off a choleric

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5 Responses to Hearne on the Street: Surviving Hurricane Karrin at Jardine’s

  1. Anonymous says:

    Media Observer
    Sounds like there’s been years of enabling unacceptible behavior from this diva. It’s like the chef up at The Drugstore in Smithville refusing to hold the blue cheese off a patron’s steak. Where does the chef think he is, Manhattan? Now, this patron has told this story (there’s much more to this story, believe me) to everyone she socializes with and everyone she works with. I’m guessing a semi-upscale restaurant in Smithville can’t afford to be chasing customers away. I wonder how many people want to have a night out on the town with a date or friends and have to sit like mute animals just to see a tempermental woman sing. I’ll pass, thank you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    Jardine’s gets waaaay too much run from Hearne and has for years. I also seem to see the words “head honcho” far too frequently.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I was at the second show last night. Just about every great KC jazz musician was there. As were major “creatives” from the writing and visual arts community. I was happy to see an intergenerational crowd who came to see an artist perform. We got what we came for.
    It had been awhile since I had seen Karrin. She has evolved into a major musical presence on the world stage. She is unique in her approach to a song and she owns her musical territory like no one I have ever seen.
    Is she a Diva? If so, she is a Diva who delivers! Everything else is ancillary and after the fact. I heard and saw something unique and wonderful on the stage at Jardines.

  4. Anonymous says:

    She ain’t all that if the best gig she can get in KC is at Jardine’s and the tix are less than $300.00 a piece. She’s just a female version of David Basse….remember when David and the CLO thought their shit didn’t stink? David was going to be the second coming of Harry Connick Jr. When you’re playing Jardine’s with an attitude you’re a BITCH. When you’re playing the (shameless plug) MIDLAND BY AMC and filling the house, then you might be a DIVA.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Looooooove the cherry chocolate martini at Jardine’s. Dessert in a glass!

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