Mercurial Jazz Diva Descends on Jardine’s Tomorrow & Thursday

One of KC’s most petulant performers – and one of its most celebrated – Karrin Allyson will storm the stage at Jardine’s Wednesday and Thursday…

Columnist insert: be on your best behavior.

That’s because the Grammy-nominated jazz singer from Great Bend, Kansas is known to have a temper.

Quite a temper.

As evidenced by a column I wrote at
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6 Responses to Mercurial Jazz Diva Descends on Jardine’s Tomorrow & Thursday

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a Grade A bitch. Grow up in a nice small Kansas town, get famous, and BAM! Diva’d.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve seen Stan Kessler do the shhh!!! number at the blue room. As a fellow musician, I believe that if you are lucky enough to draw a crowd in this town, you’re better off to just do your thing and keep your diva ways to yourself.

    If you’re show isn’t interesting enough to keep the crowd’s attention, and they’re talking, then it’s you who has the problem — not the crowd. Remember, they PAID money to come to your show. The least you could do is respect their right to be entertained…and if you’re not doing the job, just shut up and sing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Am I losing it? Didn’t she used to spell her name Karyn or something like that?. Is she still with the former symphony director William McGlaughin?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hearne, what’s the age of this gal? As a person familiar with GB, I’m having a hard time placing her….

  5. Anonymous says:

    Nobody talks at the Kansas City Jazz Orchestra concerts, Jammin’ at the Gem or the Folly Jazz series. If she does not like talking stay out of bars and play in concert halls.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I had to smile at these comments. Karrin (and it’s always been spelled KARRIN)has always been and will always be intolerant of smoke and people talking when she is emoting. And boy, does she ever emote, she doesn’t just sing. Believe it or not she was the same way in our band Tomboy, way back in Omaha in 1981. We were playing smoky dive bars and she would tell people to go blow it elsewhere. She also was known to tell people to SHHHHH before she sang a ballad, and try doing that to 200 bikers who only came to see you because you’re an all girl band. Go see Karrin if you want to see someone leave every bit of their heart and soul on that stage. Just like she did at 19. Just don’t smoke or chatter and it will be fine.
    And for your entertainment amusement, see Karrin on youtube by searching Tomboy, Omaha, 1984. 🙂
    Julee Dennis

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