Peregrine: Urban Delight Tonight at West Eighteenth Fashion Show

I wonder if anyone has ever turned to designer
Vivienne Westwood and asked of her fashion show, “What

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2 Responses to Peregrine: Urban Delight Tonight at West Eighteenth Fashion Show

  1. Anonymous says:

    just a girl.
    sorry about the most beautiful and charming abby who adored sneaking into dressing rooms to keep people company. she will be missed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What I saw of the show was pretty much close to consistent fabulosity. Ron McGee was shockingly retro in his “Glenda the Good Witch Gigantismic Couture.” Like some ancient deity, he floated down the runway in a penumbra of mystery- meets- kitsch. That kind of icy hot dialectic is hard to pull off. Kudos to Ron and his design team. All in all–with all the eye candy, with all the energy onstage and off this years production was simply a sublime aesthetic experience.
    Unfortunately for me, I’m getting up in years and have always been a bit of a hothouse flower. I toddled off to Extra Virgin for a little liquid nourishment before the show was over. And, well, you know, I got so caught up in the good life at Michaels little boite that I never made it back to fashion central. Anyway, P, you and all your compadres created one helluva fashion show. Bless ya!

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