Eat, Drink & Be Real: Star Restaurant Reviews Fall on Hard Times

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2 Responses to Eat, Drink & Be Real: Star Restaurant Reviews Fall on Hard Times

  1. Anonymous says:

    your points are spot on, but baby boy you are beating a dead horse. I am like a lot of folks here in the cowtown. I have stopped reading the Star. To quote Gertrude Stein: there is no there, there. There hasn’t been any for a very long time.
    The star is on life support and it’s gonna stay that way until the beast expires. It is as sad as it is inevitable.
    By the way,The American Restaurant is nothing more than a gustatory geriatric ward. It is all so anal. Small portions and smaller pleasures: it’s glory days not even remembered by centenerians.
    Lauren Chapin was a lovely lady and a fine human being. I liked her immensely, but as a restaurant critic and/or a food writer she was,”pollyanna the glad girl.” The writing was all in the affirmative tone of a rotarion in a Sherwood Anderson novel. The one element missing in her mind- numbing prose was the capacity to form a critical judgment. It just was not there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ferruza: fuzzy….? HE let’s loose of some sarcasm and cynicism from time to time. Like John said, Chapin never found a restaurant she didn’t like. Wake up. No wonder the Star sent your arse packing.

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