New BBQ Joint Smokes Overland Park: Adam’s Rib Topples Hayward’s as OP’S King of Zing

I have seen the future of kick ass BBQ in Overland Park and it is Adam
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10 Responses to New BBQ Joint Smokes Overland Park: Adam’s Rib Topples Hayward’s as OP’S King of Zing

  1. Anonymous says:

    V. Matula
    I agree whole heartedly. Atmosphere is wonderful, food is even better! I am becoming a new regular.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Meghan Tallman

  3. Anonymous says:

    “It’s spanking new” – please remove the apostrophe.

    “fewer and further between” – I think you mean farther – farther is distance.

    “I hand pull it myself and take any grilse or fat out of it.” – the word is gristle


  4. Anonymous says:

    Adam’s Rib has a good thing going for sure. The portions are ridiculous which probably accounts for the police and UPS drivers. In general it’s your best BBQ bet next to the OP Jack Stack.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey Dick,

    “It’s spanking new” doesn’t need an apostrophe removed because it means “It is”.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Everett Bake
    I worked with Hope at Ameristar. Everything she does is first rate. I would not expect less.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great a teacher who wants to correct everything. The biggest mistake in barbecue history in KC. KC Masterpiece getting rid of their fritters. Can’t wait to check this place out. Also though not barbecue. Love Strouds turkey lunch special on Thursday I believe. Had enough for three meals.

  8. Anonymous says:


    The “it’s” in question is possessive, which means it should not have an apostrophe.

    But thanks for playing. Hearne’s not going to correct it anyway.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I ate dinner there on 6/27/09. I was very disappointed. If you are going to have ordering at the counter you need to have it well organized so customers can tell what is going on. Here, those waiting to order end up in line right in front of the customers coming in the door. The real order window is hidden back in the corner and nobody knows they are supposed to go there. Then you must wait at your table and listen intently so you don’t miss them calling out your name when your order is ready. As for the food, average at best. I had a 2 meat combo selecting the baby back ribs and brisket with baked beans for a side. The rib portion was four very small ribs and the brisket was a very small serving. The bean serving was a good size and they were pretty good. Another in our party had a rib combo and his rib portions amounted to only three ribs. We both felt it was a very poor value for $10.99 or so. We also both noted that there was very little smokey flavor in any of our meats. They seem to depend on some type of liquid smoke added to their sauce to provide the smoke flavor. Very nice facility but service, portion size and quality were all lacking in my opinion, and I eat a lot of BBQ. I really recommend going to table service and scrapping the counter servive unless they reconfigure the layout it to make it less confusing and congested at the front door.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Carson Brackney
    I thought it had potential. The ‘Q wasn’t top-notch and they had wrinkles to iron out, but it was moving in the right direction based on my three visits (we live nearby).

    Now it’s Hayward’s II, after all.

    Checking it out tonight.

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