OTC: Young Chiefs Like Coach Haley’s Style

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Talk is cheap. This is a 6 and 10 team at best. The only thing that matters is RESULTS. Don’t buy in to or promote the hype.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Duhh…danny clinkscale. You rank there with
    Jack Harry. Nothing important or interesting to
    say. Sit there…say nothing and let kevin do
    all the talking. You’re
    Haleyis very cool. Met him on a Saturday night
    at Brio on the plaza. He doesn’t say much but
    spent the entire time grabbing his wifes
    ass. I guess it was his wife…nice looking
    brown hair….kind of cute.someone said she’s
    related to parcells?
    As he was heading to the elevator
    on the second floor one of the owners of
    a downtown bar jumped over one of the couches
    to say hello and haley nearly had a heart
    I hope he does well. But he still needs a
    great receiver. If they get that it could
    be really really fun year.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think you’re right about Waters, Greg. Maybe just wishful thinking though.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am rooting for Waters to see the light but I’m banking on him wanting to be on a winning team more than showing the Chiefs’ brass who’s boss. I like what I’m hearing from his teammates and I think Brian will as well once he gets in that locker room.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I hope Waters comes in and lets bygones be bygones. Cassel needs him on the line or he is going to get killed in the pocket next year. I see a 6 and 10 year also. They just don’t have enough great players to get them very far.

    It sounds like Haley is doing the right things to establish himself as the coach. I am looking forward to seeing the results of the new philosophy of the Scott/Todd regime.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Haley’s wife is not related to Parcells. Pioli’s wife is Parcells’ daughter.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Media Observer
    Off thread a bit, but since two comments posted a 6-10 record, I’d like them to identify the six games they expect the Chiefs to win.

  8. Anonymous says:

    In response to Media Observer here are my 6 wins for 2009.

    1)Oakland at home
    2)San Diego at home
    3)Jacksonville away
    4)Denver at home
    5)Browns at home
    6)Cincinnati away

    I think away at Oakland and Denver are possibilities. Who knows if Oakland is going to be good or not and Denver could be screwed up with all the goings on there. Hopefully this year a couple close games go our way which last year did not happen at all.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I see the chiefs at 7-9 being horrible the first half of the season but ending the year winning 5 in a row.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Obviously injuries are always a key

  11. Anonymous says:

    I sure hope Todd Haley knows what he’s doing, because 1.) he’s never won an NFL game as a head coach and 2.) had the relatively easy life being OC with Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin (who wouldn’t, especially with a healthy Warner behind the gun?), but is walking proud and talking loud anyway. Reality check: He’s got a starting QB one year removed from being a rookie, wthe lone season as starter with the best franchise in the NFL (maybe Cassel is special, but one can only wonder how Tyler Thigpen might evolve in that system). If Vrabel isn’t up to his form of 2007 and before, the Chiefs haven’t added much sack potential, and the secondary is still pretty young (although a higher talent up-side than that of the previous 4-5 years).

    And who’s gonna carry the ball? Any show of hands for those who trust LJ? I don’t think he’s been heard from recently; is he buying in or will he continue to be a clubhouse cancer? Is Jamaal Charles ready, or even the long-term answer?

    Excuse me, therefore, for not being overly optimistic about the Chiefs’ 2010 prospects, at least not without seeing how this new configuration of personnel — on and off the field — is going to mesh. However, the most silver of linings to the godawful mess left behind by Peterson after staying a dozen years too long (keep Schottenheimer, ditch Peterson in that dispute) is the positive attitude of some of the younger and newer Chiefs. This may be a case where established veterans — like Waters, among the Chiefs’ many legacy OLs — may have to prove themselves over to a new Arrowhead generation and the current squad find the leaders for the future.

    If Pioli is good, then Haley will succeed and the Chiefs will be back among the AFC’s best within three years — four if clear, sustained progress is occurring. If Scott is not, well, where were we? Can’t fall much further than 2-14, and there we new, hot GM gems in the NFL constellation.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Rah! Rah? Pardon me if I don’t ask “how high” when Halen says “jump.” He may end up being a great success in KC, but, quite simply, I have all this s**t before. Marty? Oh he’s a real task master…..gets after guys…..3 hour practices…..the “Oklahoma Drill”….one AFC title appearance. Gunther? Man he cusses a lot…..he’ll really gets in a guy’s face…..no playoff wins. Vermeil? A real player’s coach…..been there…..done that….had to be lured off his farm for one more run…..nada (unless you like video game football). Herm? Well, New Yorkers did warn us….we kind of got what we expected – only worse….So, I I have no feeling one way or another. I can, however, hear the collective knees of the Chiefs linebacker core creaking with every step.

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