OTC: MU’s Mike Alden Hints That Illini/Mizzou Football Rivalry Is Toast

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21 Responses to OTC: MU’s Mike Alden Hints That Illini/Mizzou Football Rivalry Is Toast

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are right, GH, this is all about money. But I think Alden is angling for a bigger payday from STL not backing away from the Illini necessarily.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Missour wants into the big 10. Missouri is on
    a record fund raising pace. I saw numbers where
    the university endowment fund is outraising Texas. Missouri
    academically and financially would be smart
    to say bye to the big 12. The money, the prestige and the stature is not in the big
    12. We heard this rumbling before but now that
    the big 10 is thinking of adding additional
    schools like syracuse Missouri needs to make the
    leap and move into the upper echelon of schools
    in the nation.
    I’m sure the curators and heads of MU are looking
    at all kinds of revenue enhancements since it looks like state funds for universities might
    not be coming as easily during this recession.
    And best of all…Missouri wouldn’t have to
    face Bill Self and his mini NBA team. Wow…
    has bill done an incredible job inLawrence?
    And he’s one of the coolest guys in sports.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Geoff Daniels
    Why would the Big-10 want missouri? What national title have they ever won? what do they bring to the table? Wow – you guys go to the sweet 16 and now suddenly you’r a national power. All 11 schools know who the most obnoxious idiots are in the conference, hands down…

    Frankly, I’d be happy to see them go to the MVC – but just having them in the conference provides comic relief every year when their national championship aspirations (pick the sport) are shown to be as fraudulent. Without a doubt the most hated school in the conference and, certainly, the most laughable…

    And no, I’m not a KSU or KU alum…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mr. ISU
    This Big 10 talk is so laughable and it comes up every frickin decade. WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THE BIG10 GIVE A RATS @SS TO HAVE MU IN THEIR CONFERENCE? Their women’s softball team?

    They didn’t let Penn State in because of their basketball team.

    Every time some idiot from Missouri starts talking about going to the Big 10 – 11 other alumni think (after they get off of the floor from rolling around laughing) good riddance!

    But, but, what are we going to do about all of the revenue the school brings into the conference with their women’s softball wins?

  5. Anonymous says:

    wow – a couple of wins in football and a Sweet-16 APPEARANCE and suddenly the tiggers are NOtre Dame.

    Typical MU

  6. Anonymous says:

    Best way to make stuff like this go away is for the NCAA to institute a playoff system in football just like they do in basketball, baseball, volleyball, lacrosse, bowling, tiddly-winks, golf and every other NCAA sport. There will certainly be MORE MONEY and the whole BCS formula, as we know it today, can go bye-bye. Too many teams schedule weak non-conference opponents to avoid losses early in the season that kill you at Bowl Time.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hey Greg, Missouri won the Big 12 basketball tourney this year. They did lose the football and baseball championship games, but the Tigers won in basketball.

  8. Anonymous says:

    What the hell was I thiinking? Thanks for the fix.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Bob Sacamano

    This was talked about last year, and it is the Illini that is wanting out of the deal. They were unhappy that the last two years they lost the first game of the season and they didn’t want anymore of it. Alden is just towing the AD line and is not going to say anything about another school.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know what article Jeoff and ISU read, but I think they are idiots.

    Its a little too early for such hostility.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wow, we ahve smart ones above. Last time I checked they made it to the elite 8 this past season. You must have been thinking of the beakers, dummies.
    This is also the first time in the history of the Big 12 that the same school has made it to the conference championship game in the big 3 sports (football, basketball and football). It’s called being a well rounded program, someting the rest of the conference wouldn;t know about with the possible exception of OU. Why wouldn’t the big 10 want a team that is competitive the entire year and not just Decemeber-March.

  12. Anonymous says:

    You might be correct, Illini may be the one who wants out, but Alden made it sound like it was Mizzou who was souring on the series. It may also be as Glow mentions above, that Alden is not happy with the payout from St. Louis. But again, he just made it sound like they weren’t interested in continuing the Illinois series but did not offer an explanation as to why.

    I hated that they bought out the Iowa contract a few years ago instead of playing the Hawkweyes. That would be a great home-and-home series for fans of both teams.

  13. Anonymous says:

    yes, congrats on getting to 3 conference championship games and getting your ass kicked in 2 of them. There was the monumental win over Baylor in the b12 tourney. Congrats on that. And how about the softball coach blaming his loss on the field- whatta douche.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I think Missouri and Illinois both want out because whoever loses has an uphill road to get to a bowl. Pre-conference you want to come out undefeated so that no matter how terrible you are you can go to a bowl. Missouri may see the downside of it this year whereas Illinois has seen the downside that last couple of years. Yes it is all about money and bowls mean money and exposure for your program. I see a BCS cupcake if there is one out there for both schools when the contract ends.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Mizzou-Illinois isn’t a tremendous rivalry; not on the scale of Missouri-Nebraska, and not even on the same scale as Missouri-Kansas. Up until the mid-’80s, the Tigers and Illini played each other only about once every four years on average. Growing up a Tiger fan on the St. Louis side of Missouri, I never considered it much of a big deal to play Illinois in football; the annual basketball game was far more serious.

    So if Alden thinks dropping Illinois for a non-BCS opponent is in the program’s best overall interest, I’ve got no qualms about it and am not the least bit nostalgic. By my estimation, the Big XII is a tough enough test of the mettle of any program; Mizzou only need to prove its worth by how it performs in Big XII play.

    Alden should keep in mind, though, that scheduling patsies is no way to prepare for the Big XII season. After the Illini, the Tigers face Bowling Green, Furman and Nevada — juggernauts none — heading into its conference opener against Nebraska. In 2010, it’s IU, McNeese St. and three open dates. Putting in the MAC, the WAC and the SWAC may fluff up the record, but doesn’t build in much cushion for an unexpectedly Big XII loss.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hey BS…you mean the Baylor team that wiped the floor with Sherrons man-boobs?
    Yeah, Mizzou was clobbered in two of the CC games but at least they were there. Gotta walk before you run.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Why would the Big 10 want Mizzou? I guess you’re right. They wouldn’t want any part of the only decent TV markets in the Big 12 outside of Texas.

    And Mr. ISU … competitively speaking, the Cyclones appear to be several notches below a lot of mid-majors these days. Maybe ISU should be looking for a new conference?

  18. Anonymous says:

    I have it from an informed source that it is not MU who wants to end the Illinois series but the Illini who are looking to pull out. I have edited my OTC column to make me look a bit brighter but you can only do so much with text.

  19. Anonymous says:

    STUPID F*CKS! Look at Missouri athletics…
    one of the top programs OVERALL in the nation…
    final 8 basketball…top 20 football…top 10
    and higher in wrestling…look at the other
    sports and mu ranks very very high in many other
    Now…ku obviously has a great basektball program…one of the best in the nation…
    football has been okay in the last 2 years but
    never won much before that and never will after
    this year.
    This was not about sports only. Missouri is
    moving up the ladder as one of the top
    veterinarian and equine schools in the nation.
    Their engineering school is moving up quickly.
    The journalism school still remains one the top
    in the nation and with recent endowments and
    programs will move up steadily. Their
    academic programs in many other areas including
    new biolife areas is growing. Contrary to the
    nimble minded idiots who frequent this website
    college is not just hoops and passes.
    Its about real studies…can you blue collar
    beer drinkers understand that? MU is fast becoming one of the nations top schools. Athletics is important and mu football and
    basketball have made major advances in the last
    few years (#5 in 2008/ above KU)…finished
    higher than KU in ncaa tournament) but this
    was not about strictly athletics.
    Missouri has an overall athletic program that
    has become big nationally. But more important
    is the vast progress seen in the classroom and
    with their nationally acclaimed educational
    Endowment funds for all types of research has
    hit record amounts far surpassing any other
    big 12 school. Sure athletics is important but
    long after the athletes who don’t go pro are
    selling cars remains the incredible academic
    records that MU is achieving.
    Record enrollments. Billions coming for new
    research and education. MU is on a roll.
    For those idiots who screamed only about athletic you need to go back drinking your
    beers…sitting on the couch…collecting
    unemployment and watch sports on tv every
    night and weekend.
    You who jumped on my earlier comments are
    no less than a joke. Can you discuss anything but free throw % or y.a.c.? Probably not because that’sall your life is about.
    MU is becoming a powerful academic and educational institution far above the rest of
    the big 12. And it would make sense to consider
    a move to a more “powerful” and all encompassing
    superior group of schools.
    Its time for MU to leave behind KU/KSU etc.
    ..okay you guys might have a better basketball
    team and coach but there are more important items to consider.
    Go play your video games. Go play your pick up
    games wishing you were playing for a final 8
    team…you are shallow
    p.s….ran into bill self last night at sullivans. He is really a good guy and told the
    story of a coed kissing him aftoer the ncaa
    championship game. Said he is good friends with
    Norm Stewart…see ku and mu people can get along.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Markey Mark
    jojo is right. Missouri is outclassing Big XII north schools at an ever-increasing pace, in every area of athletics and academics, and it is hard for the other schools to deal with. The negative backlash can be expected to increase as these other programs are left in the dust.

  21. Anonymous says:

    thank you mark. The ku fans have one track
    minds…b ball…b ball…b ball. They probably don’t even care about academics.
    They have a class basketball program in lawrence
    I live in joco. I hope ku wins every game except
    when they play missouri. But MU is on a roll
    academically and in athletics. Noone can deny
    that. And the rest of the big 12 can be proud
    of their single sport accomplishments
    MU has struggled to gain some national recognistion in athletics. They’ve been ranked
    higher than KU both of the last 2 years in
    football. And they did better than ku this
    year in b ball. Take an overall look at sports
    between the 2 schools and MU is superior.
    MU will probablynever win any national championship in any sport but in academics we
    are fast becoming a major powerhouse in the
    classroom…and to me that is more relevant,
    important and distinguishing.

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