OTC: YahooSports’ Passan Calls Royals’ Talent Tops in ALC

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10 Responses to OTC: YahooSports’ Passan Calls Royals’ Talent Tops in ALC

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jeez, nice racism Kietzman! Jacobs has a wad of chew and gets excoriated. Guillen has the same thing in his lower front lip and nobody says anything.

    My bet is Jacobs is doing the old Gossage thing of taking a wad of Red Man and wrapping it in a wad of bubble gum.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I honestly quit reading Passan. He writes a nice feature column, but his alleged MLB “expertise” is painfully thin. He’s a “soup du jour” analyst; what’s hot at the moment is great and what’s not sucks. Which explains why he is constantly equivocating. When one makes grand pronouncements based on small sample sizes, the need to back-track on one’s opinions is ever-present.

    The skinny is that the Royals are around .500 despite their lack of offensive and defensive talent, not because they possess it in large sums. Great starting pitching can mask a lot of flaws.

  3. Anonymous says:

    He is doing the old Gossage chew and gum (it keeps it packed better). I learned this trick at Ft. Myers from former RF Jerry Martin. I had a dad that told me it was not a good thing(so I didn’t). When I was an adult I decided to do it my dad would have still said it was bad but he would have let me make my own decision. (I tried chewing once or twice but i never took to it)

    Seriously, dudes are jacked up on juice and this guy gets jacked up on espresso and chaw…not a big deal…players have been chewing since Pie Traynor

  4. Anonymous says:

    Jerry Martin. Was this before or after he was busted for coke?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Rick in PV
    I’ve been marveling over the size of that chaw myself!

  6. Anonymous says:

    AGAIN…jack harry is an idiot. Nobody is paying
    attention to the guy except kevin kietzman and the 4 viewers of kshb news. In the recent ratings, jack’s b.s. on the show took another dive. KSHB news now has lower ratings in kc than the
    beverly hillbillies…the munsters…ellen
    degeneres and judge ray brown. When will you guys realize this guy just doesn’t know anything
    about baseball/football/soccer/fashion or
    hair cuts.
    NOW..lets not forget hillman. He’s used to bowing to his opponents when he coached in the land of the rising sun (japan) and where you never ridicule your opponents (trash talking)
    so now he comes here and instantly ruins the
    royals with his 3rd grade managerial skills.
    We don’t need a new glove at short. We need
    bloomquist (i dont think he’s had a single error
    all year) and take avilas and keep him in the
    minors. Hernandez the jockey (whats this guy weight? 120. He’d look better on the back of a
    horse at Del Mar than he does trying to hit
    major league fast balls. He can’t hit his weight and miraculously got a bunt single
    the other night. Wow…what power!
    Guillen needs to behit in the head with a
    louisville slugger or taught how to catch a
    fly ball or pick up a grounder.
    Hillman…get rid of that stupid 3rd base coach..
    move teahen to right field (guillen will cost you
    games out there. Move dejesus to center.
    Move mitch to left and left play some ball.
    Use olivo at catcher everday and don’t listen
    to your prima donna pitchers who have to have
    their favorite catcher. Screw that.
    The Royals are hot. They have a new buzz at the
    stadium. They will stay close thru june hopefully and fillthe stands for $1.00 old
    hot dogs and flat beer.
    Moore needs to get busy figuring out what he’s
    got down in omaha. Bring up some pitchers and
    let them see if they are worth anything.
    This is their year. Penny pinching glass won’t
    waste another dime if they don’t make it right
    this year.
    Open up the hall of fame suites for less money.
    Get some hot female ushers in short shorts
    and some ballgirls hustling on the lines.
    Hold wet t shirt contests on the party porch..
    beer chugging contests…happy hours and
    lets all have an incredible fun filled season
    of royals baseball.
    Jack Harry…stay home til you change those
    pants you wear…you remind me of my grandpa.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hipity Hop
    JoJo..we get it. You don’t like KK or Jack Harry.

    They can say the sky is blue and you would rant that’s it’s red. They could give you a million dollars and you would rant as to why they didn’t give you a million and one dollars. They could cure cancer and you would rant to why they didn’t do it sooner.

    KK is the King of all KC sports media.


  8. Anonymous says:

    The only chaw bigger than Jacobs I can remember is Lenny Dykstra. Guillen and Callaspo go the “dip route” – not as big as a chaw, but, packs the same punch. My guess – and obserbation based on that guess – is that Jacobs wraps his chaw with 3-4 pieces of well chewed Bazooka Joe. A time-honored tradition among baseball old schoolers. Gross? Maybe. But if the dude hits jacks like the one he hit to the base of the scoreboard a couple of weeks ago I don’t give a s**t! If you are worried about the message it sends to kids, you need to talk to your own kids. Movie stars, singers, and politicians set daily examples of bad behavior. It is up to parents to control the message (like a good politician).

  9. Anonymous says:

    Doc Ellis used to have a pretty big chaw. At least I assume it was chaw.

  10. Anonymous says:

    With Dock, you wonder whether it was chaw or a different kind of leafy substance?

    As for Jacobs, that’s a huge wad he’s working on, whatever the psychosexual implications.

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