Memo from Martini Corner: Drop Goes Family, Dropkicks Lunch

This just in from Fast Eddie Crane – owner/operator of Martini Corner mainstay The Drop…

Starting next week, in order to form a more perfect union, the restaurant will cease serving lunches on June 1st.

It’s like this:

“The Drop is a one-family show,” Crane says. “It’s a young family, too. My wife Molly and me and my 2 year-old son Wyatt. And we have a little girl on the way in two weeks and that’s a load on us. So we decided to close for lunches so we can focus on enriching the nighttime business and spend more time with our family during the day.”

Aside from that the lunch business is basically a break even affair “and it’s easier to add a couple thousand dollars to your business at night than it is to double or triple your lunch business,” Crane says. “The Drop is doing great though and we want to make it better.”

To that end Crane is adding an outdoor deck on the east side of the Drop overlooking the streetscape.

“If you want to watch people in the Martini Corner, this is going to be the spot to do it,” Crane says.

Work begins on what also will double as a smoking porch – including in the fall and winter – in two weeks.

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