Scream Queen Rebekah Kochan Disses Playboy Centerfolds, Badmouths Bugs

Comic, actress, scream queen – oh and smoking hot babe – Rebekah Kochan’s resume has it all…

Kochan laid down her comic and scream queen schtick this weekend at Stanford & Sons in the Legends.

“Yeah, I’ve been in a lot of slasher movies,” Kochan says. ‘Like ‘When a Killer Calls,’ ‘Dracula’s Curse,’ and ‘The Telling’ – that’s my most recent one. I’m one of the lead characters and I get killed by a killer doll.”

Kochan’s movie resume comes with a parental advisory: “They’re definitely all rated PG 13 or R,” Kochan says. “They’re definitely not family movies.”

In ‘The Telling,’ for example, Kochan says she worked with a pair of Playboy centerfolds…

“They were kind of snotty,” she says. “I mean, when you’re a Playboy centerfold you can’t be nice to the other girls that are attractive.”

Wildest behind the scenes scene ever to go down in Kochan’s scream/screen career?

“I did this movie where I was supposed to get skinned alive,” she says. “So they made this full body cast and I was covered in corn syrup – red corn syrup that looked like blood – and I was in it for like 14 hours. It was terrible and it was outside and because of the corn syrup there were like flies and bugs and they had tom keep swatting them away. And they had a bunch of PAs, personal assistants all around me spraying bug spray and stuff.”

How one gets tagged with the title “scream queen”?

“Well, I do scream a lot,” Kochan muses. “It’s something I’m naturally good at – I didn’t know I was good at it until…”

Do her scream skills come in handy in other areas of life, like romance?

“No, not like that,” Kochan says. “Definitely not in a way that someone is trying to kill me.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Craig Glazer
    She is even hotter than the photo, not bad for a Jewish girl and funny

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Not bad for a Jewish girl”? You’ve revealed more about yourself with those 6 words than anything else you’ve ever written. Bet that’ll play well with the Eisner’s. You don’t happen to have a secretary named Traudl Junge, do you?

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