To Whom it May Concern: Have Bust Will Travel

This just in from Kansas City Regulated Industries AKA Liquor Control: use it or lose it…

Common sense or your liquor license…

Since January, Liquor Control has been trolling local businesses that sell booze to make ensure they are carding minors – persons under the age of 21 – prior to selling them alcohol.

Here’s how it works: 18 to 20 year-olds enter establishments with legal IDs and ask to buy booze. If they succeed, Liquor Control makes a bust – of the biz – and justice is meted out.

“We use cops kids or kids related to (our) office staff,” says Liquor Control head Gary Majors. “And we don’t allow the girls to wear makeup or provocative clothing, and we don’t allow the males to have facial hair or for either of them to wear sunglasses or ball caps – we want them to look young. They use their own ID – some of them have ‘minor’ stamped on it – and any place with a liquor license we take ’em in to make a purchase. It could be a gas station, a convenience store, a package store, a grocery store of some type, a Wal-Mart, a bar or a restaurant.”

So far so good – or bad actually…

“Sixty percent of the time they’ll get served,” Majors reports. “We’ve gone to 143 establishments since January and of the 143 attempts, we’ve had 85 actual buys.”

The moral to the story: “The message is a couple things,” Majors says. “First of all I think it’s important for parents to know that just because the law says you have to be 21 to drink, parents who feel the law may be protecting them should know that it may not be.
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5 Responses to To Whom it May Concern: Have Bust Will Travel

  1. Anonymous says:

    B. Byard
    They don’t seem to be doing a very good job in the P&L District since I always happen to bump into some of my former…”under 21″ year old students there on the weekend. According to my former students it’s easier to drink in the P&L then it is in Lawrence at THE HAWK. They all have “fake” buy very authentic looking KANSAS DL’s that they can purchase for around $200.00 “IN LAWRENCE”. With close scrutiny, like using the little lights the TSA uses at the airport you can spot a fake very easily.

    Do you know if it’s true that either the KCMOPD or Liquor Control has a class that people can take to learn how to spot a fake?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don Uberoth, GM of The Marquee
    from Don Uberoth, GM of The Marquee:

    We are afraid this headline is misleading and we would like to see an article clarifying that The Marquee at The Mainstreet Theater will without fail be open to 5 am every Friday and Saturday night serving the biggest and best breakfasts in the mid-west. As to Mr. Adams’s charge that there was alcohol served after 3 am we can only wonder what he had been drinking prior to 3 am to make him hallucinate –Casey is way too good of a restaurant-bar operator to have vioated the law and consumed after hours. One too many sake bombs perhaps? That being said, we enjoy Nara very much and look forward to our next opportunity to dine there. Nara is an absolute asset to the downtown entertainment district-Crossroads district and a welcome partner to the KC entertainment/dining mix! We welcome all late-night diners to our great breakfasts, after clubs close–sorry, however, we won’t serve liquor, after-hours!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry so much, Don — no one reads this blog anyway, and the few that do know that Hearne’s authority ends with remembering the fake names of Temptation’s strippers.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Cut the BULLSHIT Don. “THE BIGGEST AND BEST BREAKFASTS IN THE MIDWEST”. Might wanna rethink that. The Midwest is a pretty big chunk of real estate. Fuck the diplomacy too. Why don’t you call a spade a spade and say that Mr. Adams is, in your opinion, a LIAR. Sake bombs my ass.

    PS: Good one c#cksnipe. You’re en fuego today!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad someone is enforcing the drinking laws. Here in Olathe, the PD doesn’t take underage drinking in residences seriously, they just quiet them down and leave.

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