OTC: Royals ’09 Reality Revealed?

Coco Crisp #2 of the Kansas City Royals follows the action from the dugout against the Cleveland Indians during a spring training game at the Surprise Stadium on March 3, 2009 in Surprise, Arizona.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Coco Crisp

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12 Responses to OTC: Royals ’09 Reality Revealed?

  1. Anonymous says:

    C’mon Royals Fans, there’s always next year. You didn’t really expect this perm to hold all Summer did ya?

  2. Anonymous says:

    More bullsh*t from Jack Harry. This guy got his
    job because the guy above him keeled over with a
    heart attack and died. Had Rice not had the “big
    one” Jack Harry would never be anything.
    He’s an idiot. Plain and simple. I would challenge this bumbling idiot to a $10,000
    “bragging rights” game to see who knows more about baseball.
    Come on Jack..put up or shut up. You know nothing about sports and lets see if you have
    the guts to put up some money and see just how
    “brilliant” you really are.
    Hopefully KSHB (the worst ranked news channel in
    the city) will wake up and see just how bad
    this bumbling know nothing is hurting their
    ratings. Of course 41’s numbers can’t go down
    much further than they already are.
    As far as the Royals: They are a “new team”
    and you can see that lack of time playing together is hurting them. Butler at first/
    callaspo at second/Bloomquist at short (mike
    can’t hit and willy can make things happen so
    its time to ship mike down the minors for
    some refresher course in hitting)/the outfield
    is still pretty new except for guillen. So
    with all the new players it takes time to get
    used to playing with each other.
    What will the Royals do? They will hopefully
    contend for a division title til september or
    october, the stadium will be filled with
    fans and moore and glass won’t back off spending
    money next year.
    With the foolish “sports talk” mumbo jumbo of
    old washed up guys like Jack Harry we will spend
    a summer listening to all these amatuers trying
    to make predictions about the Royals and all of
    them being wrong. Kevin and Jack were wrong
    before the season started…they’re wrong now.
    But you got to smile when you see the new stadium, the enthusiastic crowds and still some
    very good baseball.
    Problem with Hillman is he’s still trying to establish who is going to be his everday starting players. Until thats firmly established you can see the lack of coherent
    playing by the team.
    As for Jack Harry: When’s his head going to
    explode on tv and when is he going to get
    an updated haircut. This guy is old and everyone in the city looks forward to when
    he’s given his retirement rocking chair and
    sent to John Knox Village. And Jack is not
    a legend…he’s an idiot.
    Clinkscale: Wow..another winner! He’s been wrong on every prediction he’s ever made.
    610: Getting better. But they really have no
    chance of catching “BJ boy” kietzman.
    Someone needs to find out every verbal mistake
    these talk radio sports “idiots” have made and
    call them out on it.

  3. Anonymous says:


    That takes care of that introduction.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bring it jojo. I’m feelin’ the passion. If Jack takes you up on the offer let me know and I’ll make book on that.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Matt B.
    JoJo- WHY does someone need to “find out every verbal mistake these talk radio sports

  6. Anonymous says:

    why…these guys make dozens of mistakes every
    day. They are in the public sector…they are
    public figures andjust like hillman they need
    to be held accountable for their words and
    If kk says something wrong on the air, someone
    needs to correct him. If he’s way off on a
    subject he knows nothing about, he needs to
    be chastised. KK and Harry do it everyday when
    a player or manager makes a mistake. Why not
    give them the same treatment.
    Hillman makes a misjudgement, old man Harry is
    on him big time. When is someone going to call out old man Harry on his over the top lies and
    These radio/tv guys know nothing about sports.
    They never played professionally but seem to
    think they are holier than thou with their
    comments. Harry needs to be taken to task because he is 100% negative every day.
    He’s a public figure like a pro player so lets see him take some heat when he’s wrong.
    Yes…harry needs to retire. His ideas of sports are as old as dirt. Listen to him. He’s done nothing to improve 41 ratings and in fact I would
    venture to say that he’s actually hurting their
    ratings dramatically.
    He’s been around long enough. His comments are
    usually wrong. Has he ever taken a hot grounder
    or faced a 100 mph fastball. These pretenders don’t know sh*t about sports. If this washed up
    old man is so smart get him to take my $10,000
    For all these years he’s shot off his mouth about
    every topic without being held accountable for his misreperentations and outright stupid comments. Listen to him..he says nothing.
    I’ve got towonder when 41 and their gm will pull
    the plug on this guy. His comments are crazy.
    Brett was right! The whole bunch of them need
    to be held accountable. Take out the “f” word
    and brett’s statements were right on target.
    And what a great friend brett has in jack harry.
    Harry’s plan was to rip brett and he did a
    good job at it. With friends like oldman harry
    noone at 41 or in the Royals organization need
    Jack shut the f*k up.

  7. Anonymous says:

    SM, shout the introduction this time…don’t whisper it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    jojo, STFU. Seriously.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I wasn’t going to get into this flame until I saw this inance comment: “Has he ever taken a hot grounder or faced a 100 mph fastball. These pretenders don

  10. Anonymous says:

    omg..another “expert” comes out of the woodwork.
    MoCrash: Did you forget to wear a helmet riding
    your bike when you ran into the trash can?
    FYI: There’s more to baseball or any business
    than what meets the eye. A real true chef can
    taste food and know that the ingredients put in
    there should not have been mixed because of their makeup. Its not just some amatuer tasting
    the food who can tell that. A true artist can
    look at a painting and tell whether the techniqes and colors of that piece of art work
    together and look beyond the artwork to determine
    if the style is consistent with the artists other
    works. Its not some housewife saying “I like that
    painting” and putting it in her house.
    A manager has huge amounts of information and
    data to work with. Baseball is now so technical
    that a manager can use detailed information and
    decide based on percentages and numbers how to
    use a particular player in a particular situation. The fan doesn’t have that. Jack
    Harry doesnt have that. He’s just blowhard idiot like you sitting in the stands can say “boy that was a dumb move” when
    an idiot like you has no experience and no data or information to make that decision.
    You are just another armchair player.
    You don’t know sh*t about baseball. Sitting watching baseball you can’t tell much about a
    player. Sure…Guillen may have trouble in right
    field but the manager and probably moore think
    the guy needs to be in for his bat. He’ll probably make some errors in right but those
    errors won’t kill you. This year guillens errors
    have been costly.
    The poiint I make is that Jack Harry has consistently been wrong about almost everything
    he has said. He’s not knowledgeable. Sit him down with vermeil/peterson/or any professional
    in the sports world and they could rip him apart
    about his comments. He’s just plain wrong.
    Sure you don’t have to be tarantino to know
    about films but a film maker sees way beyond
    some filmgoer at amc. They can determine if the
    camera angles were right. The lighting in a
    scene was correct. If the film flowed from segment to segment. YOu only see the little bit
    of the film without realizing all the intricacies
    that go into making a 2 hour full length film.
    Harry/KK and the rest of the blowhard don’t know
    baseball or football. They don’t have access to the detailed information about players and the
    game. Tony Larussa studies for 3 hours before a
    game the opponents information. He said he makes decision based on that data. He said he
    even looks at the composition of the pitching
    mound in each stadium to give his pitchers
    heads up about how the depth of that mound might affect their pitching. So no…jack harry doesnt know sh*t about baseball. He knowswhat
    his aging eyes see (hey the guy wears glasses).
    He fails to predict anything right. My grandmother who never watches baseball could do
    better at picking winners.
    Hillman may make some stupid mistakes and has
    made some moves that have won them games they
    should have lost. But I think his low key, don’t play to the press attitude has theseguys
    all pissed off.
    As for you, you need to maybe go see what its
    like to hit a 100mph fastball. Or learn the
    inside info that teams get. You are wrong again.
    Listen to frank white. He’s always talking about
    different items about the players. He’s talking
    about how a player made the wrong technique in
    going after a grounder. He’s talking about infromation that harry and kk never ever knew
    or learned.
    So sit you fat a$$ on the couch and be an
    armchair manager. You know nothing close to what
    the teams know. George Brett was right.
    100% right because guys like you and harry don’t
    know sh*t about sports.

  11. Anonymous says:

    why such venom jojo? You have some solid points but they get lost in the haze of hate. Glad I have Memorial day off so I can read your posts ha ha 🙂

  12. Anonymous says:

    also do you really think Jack Harry has been in the local sports world for 100 years JUST because Bruce Rice died???? Also you know most people would have no clue who Bruce is. we must be old farts.

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