OTC: George Brett Goes Diceman on Local Media

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13 Responses to OTC: George Brett Goes Diceman on Local Media

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t listen to local sports radio anymore — just a bunch of men who would be at home at a old ladies aid society with all their gossip and complaining. They are just a bunch of frustrated never-coulda-beens.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Teams and players get ripped MORE when they are doing well then when they are doing poorly. Expectations are higher, fans get caught up in the reverie.

    The fact that we are even talking about the Royals towards Memorial Day weekend and not pining for Mini Camps and OTA’s show you that this town CAN support a team if they want to.

    Check the stats on the Royals:
    – after the 6 first place teams, they are next on the list for run differential (runs scored minus runs allowed)
    – They are 1st in the AL (2nd overall) in Run Allowed
    – They have a pitcher in Greinke that continues to make national headlines (although Halladay will get more because he’s AL East and Toronto is killing it)

    So the fact that all these callers even care whether or not George goes off, or KK does his schpeel, or whatever….it’s Royals talk in late May, and that’s something we haven’t had for a while.

  3. Anonymous says:

    These talk radio idiots are nothing but b.s.
    Kietzman: Lets look at his work and his predictions. Right after the nfl playoffs
    started he said this:
    “I don’t want the cheifs to be like the
    Arizona Cardinals. They win 9 games…go
    9-7..lose most of their games at the end of
    the season…barely make the playoffs and get
    killed in the first game. And they’ve got an
    old quarterback…no real game…that’s not what
    I’m looking for the cheifs”
    Uh..hello Kevin…Arizona made the superbowl!
    and again…you stupid fu*k are wrong again
    and again and again and again. Maybe that hooker
    you had in the car in mission hills giving you
    a boomer when the police showed up and your wife
    sent everyone at 810 emails explaining what you
    did was a good decision. Oh..sorry…that hooker
    was the one you married?
    JACK HARRY: If i’m correct this guy was about to
    get out of tv (we should have been so lucky. All
    these years of this bulldog looking anncr who’s
    on the worst rated newscast in kc screaming because he too knows nothing) until the guy above
    him kicked off and died of a heart attack.
    God I wish that guy would have lived then maybe
    jack wouldbe doing the work he was destined
    to do…shoveling mulch in leawood! I’m going thru his predictions and his b.s. and finding
    this guy is about as smart about sports as
    the dog next door.
    Wow…real briliant guys. All those sports guys
    need tobe taken to task for what they say and
    predict. They know nothing.
    As for George Brett. He’s been there beforeand
    he’s got every right to speak his mind and
    probably 90% of Kansas City agrees with him.
    Lets shut off the radios on 810 and put kshb
    in 8th place in kc market.
    I’ve been to Kaufmann this year. The people who
    work there are great. Rick (get well buddy…miss you at the hall of fame suites)…
    Chuck…Steve in 152…Brian Madden (the hardest
    working guy in the company. Always smiling and
    helping fans)Dayton: Give them all a raise.
    The stadium is hopping. Go Trey/Zack/Olivo/
    gil/cruz/the entire bullpen/mcclure/Butler/
    evenGuillenif he can get his sh*ttogether.
    As for oldman Jack Harry and BJKietzman..go

  4. Anonymous says:

    KK is an ass. KK is always about him. You can hear the pain and embarrassment in his voice when a Hall of Fame player calls him out for the fraud that he is. George Brett was a hero when I was younger and is still today. George just put his foot up sports radio ass, and it was much needed.

  5. Anonymous says:

    George’s rant is not going to stop one person from criticizing Trey Hillman. It probably will only cause some people to intensify their criticism. What he said really makes no difference in how those he mentioned will report on Hillman. They probably love being mentioned because it makes them feel like they matter. If Trey Hillman makes boneheaded decisions then he will be criticized. All 30 managers in the major leagues are being it criticized everyday and it goes with the territory. If Trey Hillman can’t take the heat he needs to get out of the kitchen!

    George Brett is great guy and I wish he could take that passion and transfer it to a couple of Royals players who look like they are sleep walking out there. It is going to be a fun summer with everything is going on around the Royals these days.

  6. Anonymous says:

    George Brett has reporters ask him about the Royals and he gives a profanity-laced answer. The only story seems to be is why did George Brett get so upset about something that is so common? I’m sure every time Brett goes to a charity/social event someone puts a recorder/camera in his face and wants a soundbite, so it’s not like Brett isn’t used to moderating his comments when he knows he’s being taped.

    I’m more worried about George Brett than the Royals. He was either really drunk and the media took advantage of him, or Brett is really, really angry about trivial stuff, and needs some help. George himself has worked on sports radio, and all the sudden it upsets him that people like Kietzman stir up controversy and dissect the actions of the town’s MLB manager? SHOCKING! Perhaps George just didn’t like our previous managers and didn’t feel like they needed as much protection as Holy-roller Hillman.

    Or Brett could still be mad about the spring training pants-crapping story getting out…

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m Rick James Bitch
    For then kind of money these guys make I’d welcome the criticism and would even have an 800 number people could call to bitch at me personally. It goes with the turf guys…and gals. You don’t wanna be criticized then get off the field, out of the pop culture and off the radar screen.

  8. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    George Brett would be making 30 million a year now if his career started ten years after it did…so that has to piss him off..I have attended events where has been, including private parties where lesser players there were making more in a year then he made in his entire career…so he has a right to be upset….in general….it all just came flying out….”Boys will be boys” I think its kinda cool

  9. Anonymous says:

    John Utah
    This is nothing compared to the awesome video with our HOFer talking about pooping his pants at spring training. George can do anything he wants.

    Now about this playground fight, it’s time to see some cops walking around the K. 4 MINUTES? The Va. Tech massacre didn’t even take that long. Get with it K! You let the thugs take over and all the hot babes stop going, just like Westport.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Looks like “jojo” has issues.

    I don’t like how George sort of backpedaled today on KK’s show, but the fact he erupted yesterday in the 1st place is good enough for me.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It’s good that George apologized on KK’s show for his use of language in front of the TV camera, and I have no problem with him standing behind what he said — although it’s the same insipid point professional athletes and officials use whenever they don’t like the media’s criticism, essentially that since the critics didn’t “play/manage” the game, they don’t know what they’re talking about.

    Besides the obvious rejoinder that since George has never practice journalism in any form — and certainly not been trained as a journalist — he has no credentials to criticize the media, it’s ridiculous that he holds baseball in such high esteem as an intellectual product that he considers it impossible that anybody who has not been a MLB manager can understand enough to question Hillman’s moves. Hooey! I’ve been involved, directly or peripherally, in baseball for nigh on 50 years and I’ve never viewed it as rocket science. It’s a child’s game and it doesn’t take a genius to understand it well enough to suggest that maybe some of Hillman’s decisions are dubious (like taking out one’s 4-5 hitters for defensive subs in the 7th inning of a tied game).

    I don’t hate Hillman, but it’s hardly unfair or unacceptable to ask some questions or suggest that the jury is still out on whether he has the ability to manage a team into pennant contention. And if George is irked with the relatively hospitable KC media, let him hang around St. Louis for a while and see what Cardinal Nation have to say sometimes about TLR — who has a lot stronger resume than Hillman. It’s part of the deal, and George should know that.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Glad you’re involved directly or indirectly here at kcconfidential.com. You make a lot of sense.

  13. Anonymous says:

    From my experience with George Brett him and KK are more alike then what one would assume.

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