Hearne on the Street: After The Fox; Medlock Out, Slacker In

Takes a scorecard these daze to keep abreast of changes in the local media landscape...

The recent axing of longtime KUDL FM program director Thom McGinty, for example.

Add now to the growing slagheap of former broadcasters KCFX FM morning host Doug Medlock.

Word on the street is The Fox is “looking to go in a new direction” in the morning drive. Longtime KY102/99.7 host Slacker is picking up the slack for now, and has reportedly tossed his hat in the ring to take on the position full time. Medlock meanwhile will continue to do voice work and…?

Stay tuned…

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3 Responses to Hearne on the Street: After The Fox; Medlock Out, Slacker In

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m Rick James Bitch
    You ought to do a where are they now feature on all the radio folks that got whacked over the past couple of years. Add in some of the old guys and gals from the ORIGINAL WHB…Phil Jay, Jeff Roberts, Johnny Dolan, Greg Austin, Miss Elfinger. And my all time favorites Von Mack, Paul Fredricks and Jay Cooper. What’s going on with the Randy Miller / Mancow feud?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good idea. That may be going back a bit far. Just had the Miller/Muller update. They made nice and Miller was vying for a slot in Chicago going up against Muller

  3. Anonymous says:

    Craig Burnett
    Doug’s a great guy and a teriffic VO artist…hopefully he’ll land on his feet in no time.

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