OTC: Can B12 North Football Compete?

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    I think both Missouri and Kansas will beat Nebraska at home and meet at Arrowhead for the Big 12 North title…again!

    I don’t care what the Chiefs helmets look like–I just want the players inside them to win some games…

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    Greg, don’t leave out Bobby Douglas from the KUQB mix. Todd Reesing may be a stud at KU but I don’t think he has a snowballs chance in the NFL. Let’s keep his skills in perspective.

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    You are dead on …growing up a Bears fans in Omaha, how could I forget Bobby Douglass? I should be subjected to being sat upon by Abe Gibron.

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    You’re not “hopeful” Bill Snyder will succeed again at Kansas State? Well duh! You’re a Husker. I’m not hopeful that Mangino ever gets fired (the farks are too damn funny!), but he will….someday.

    If Bill Snyder has difficulty this season, it will be because his predecessor left the program devoid of talent. When Snyder retired, the program had QB’s that were starting in the Pac 10 and Big 10 after Prince ran them off, and NFL players at wide receiver and runningback. Admittedly, the defense fell a step under Snyder’s old defensive coaching staff. You would have to agree that it has since been significantly upgraded. And if this coaching staff falters, you can be reasonable assured that Snyder will not have them running stairs.

    One thing I learned long ago about Bill Snyder — NEVER count him out.

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    forget diamond club…stadium club..$110 seats…
    the action is in the right field seats.
    We sat in right field right over the royals bullpen and got 3 balls thrown to us from royals
    pitchers. The real a-hole out there is guillen.
    What a jerk. And Ponzon (he’s on his way out).
    I’ve been to 4 games here my opinion of the
    new stadium.
    HALL OF FAME SUITES: Way overpriced. $2400 for
    24 people and its like sitting on a deck at home
    watching a game. They are way way overdone and
    you really can’t get into the game that far away. The views are limited and even though you
    get food and booze,these suites are a waste of
    CENTERFIELD: Good…and the crowd is great.
    Best part is that people are into the game
    and drinking booze..lots of it!
    RIVALS: Again..its like going to 810 zone and
    watching a game. It’s too sterile. Its no
    fun and if watching a baseball game thru a
    glass window is your idea of fun then you’ll
    be okay at rivals.
    PARTY DECK: Lots of hot chicks. Wow..like
    panama city during spring break. Great restrooms but you have to be looking out for when the
    lines are short.
    STADIUM BAR B Q: an insult to all the good
    bar b q’s in kc. Apparently the royals took back the bar b q concession for themselves this year and brought in a chef from jack stack.
    Good sauce…but the meat is very weak. Dayton: Get this food straigthened out and make it
    as good as the other guys in town.
    RIGHT FIELD: Steve the usher is cool. Soria
    is friendly. McClure is great. Cruz is great.
    Greinke is on fire and aknowledges the fans above him.
    Get lots of beer…hangout in right field…this summer you can forget power and light/westport/plaza/$10 glasses of wine in
    johnson county/ because the hottest place to
    be willbe Royals stadium. Maybe if we get some girls topless in the water in outfield we
    can rename it ‘PARTY COVER FOUNTAINS”…

  7. Anonymous says:

    SORRY…ITS “COVe”…not “COVER”

  8. Anonymous says:

    As Rome would say, RAAAACK him!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Smartman said, “Don

  10. Anonymous says:

    Topless girls in the fountains?
    Now there’s a great promotional tool for the Royals! Sure beats the heck out of Freddy Patek and Cookie Rojas romping out there…

  11. Anonymous says:

    I’m a Mizzou fan as well, and I have to say that I hate Reesing with every fiber of my fandom … but that’s a compliment because the guy is so damn good. He literally makes plays out of nothing (the TD pass to beat Mizzou is an example … he should have been sacked on that play but moved just enough to get the ball away … besides, after some of the hits he took in that game, he shouldn’t have still been out there … he’s tough).

    And I think that Mizzou will take a step back this year. They won’t win 10 games like they have the last two, but I still think they go bowling. Mizzou lost a lot and they are going to be extremely young (of their top 44, only 8 are seniors and only 7 are juniors). I expect them to go to a lesser bowl. Anything more than that is gravy.

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    The MU defense made Reesing look like Joe Montana. Reesing may own every QB record when he leaves Lawrence but he still won’t make it in the NFL. The gap between great college and good NFL QB’s is wider than ever. College football just can’t prepare a QB for the NFL game. The spread offense that Offensive Coordinators are trying to introduce in the NFL has the D guys jerking off. Being a great college QB today doesn’t carry the same weight it did 20 years ago. You gotta have great physical skills, have a damn near genius IQ and 12 inch BRASS BALLS to succeed as an NFL QB. That’s hard to find.

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    How do you translate the career of Tom Brady…from good college QB to great NFL QB?

    Great college quarterbacks are apples, great NFL quarterbacks are oranges and rarely the twain shall meet. I can’t think of any who were great at both levels.

    As a Tiger fan I will take bushels of apples.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Petomane: You make a good point. Brady had plenty of time to learn from Drew Bledsoe. He wasn’t thrown into the fire like say…David Carr. He had crazy wicked talent around him and when Bledsoe went down everybody including the kid that picks the tee up on the field after the kickoff stepped up their game. Finally, and I hate to say this…THE HOODIE. The dude is Dr. Spock/Steven Hawking and Vince Lombardi rolled into one when it comes to motivating players and making things work. The Pats organization is one of the top in the NFL. They play as a team. Nobody plays the role of MESSIAH on that squad. Let’s see how Matt Cassel does this year with substantially less talent around him. It is very much apples and oranges. The attributes that make a GREAT NFL QB aren’t really required in the College Game. You’ve got 32 teams with a 53 man roster…so basically 1696 guys good enough to play Sunday ball. Your’re culling the herd down from say 15,000 kids that play college ball. At that point it’s not about being the biggest and the fastest. It does in many ways come down to the one muscle they can’t measure at the combine….HEART. Either you got it or you don’t. But in addition to that you still gotta have smarts-skills and brass balls to play QB in the NFL.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Todd won’t be a NFL QB but will make a living in arena or CFL. Do be able to make a living do what you love is a good thing. Cromwell was a heck of NFL player and a fave of mine also.

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