Skip Skips Skipping: “One Moment of Silence, Please!!” And More

Genial gadfly Skip Sleyster is gone, but his “advertisement” soldiers on in Sunday’s Star...

But instead of beckoning readers for a moment of their time, the posthumous post calls for a moment of silence. With a call to action from Sleyster’s family for locals to make contributions to the charity of their choice. Naturally there were deals to be had, like “inside car storage” for $40 a month.

Which gives me an excuse to saddle up again with excerpts of my final interview with the Skipper last year and his thoughts on the state of the Cowtown.

*** His all-time favorite topic:

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4 Responses to Skip Skips Skipping: “One Moment of Silence, Please!!” And More

  1. Anonymous says:

    Skip will be missed. He was one of the last Mohican’s. Called ’em like he saw ’em, a real elegant gentleman and a pleasure to do business with. God Bless ya’ Skip!!!

    Hearne, did you really think you’d get proper attribution from the Star?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bill Schlozman
    Skip was a great guy– a Show-Me guy all the way. Rest in peace.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Local KC legend. People like him is what makes a city a city.

  4. Anonymous says:

    aleeta rachel sleyster hsll long
    Skippy, as I have always called him, will live forever…
    Blue Valley will continue to change, but what Skip touched will be a permanet legacy.
    Hopefully his children will continue to help the city grow and help others.
    Our last conversation on the telephone , a few weeks before he died, was about my website…and the mentioning of his comments a few years back.
    He had discovered it when googling his name.
    We both had a laugh over it.
    Skip did not have a selective fancy wardrobe. He did not drive a big fancy car.
    His main possessions in the room where he slept were a desk , file cabinets, television and some art. President Kennedy, my Dodie’s Gate and a large special painting he had me create for him, adorned his wall across from his day/night bed.

    This painting was created as he told me, with some of the politicians of that day, smoking cigars , playing card games of life , while each sitting on their own toilets…as he said, they were each full of ssssssssh…..ttttttttt.

    I don’t know what will happen to that painting, but it should be preserved as skip’s memories, of how he felt about the politicians.

    Still sad at the loss of my brother…

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