McTavish: Mike Epps Gets Streetwise at the Midland; N the Winner is…

The notion that context is everything was never truer than at the
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  1. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Brian, that is an interesting observation, Mike Epps is a friend of mine, I was there and as you know he has played Stanfords many times to packed houses, he is clearly along with Wayons and DL and Kat Williams, one of the biggest names in Black superstar comics….but even with our new president, all these guys still use the N word hundreds of times in their shows…and yet want everyone else not to say that word….I don’t get it…it only promotes the use of the word that urban crowds say is off limits and awful….I don’t hear too many Jewish comics use Kike, once in a blue moon…so who knows I guess like the F bomb with white acts, its a sure fire laugh machine thats more important to them….it was a good show though, The Midland looks cleaner but not much done on the remodel…a good time was had by all….and Mike is a good guy off stage

  2. Anonymous says:

    You know, I was on the fourth floor and it was really hard to make out what Epps was saying. No way I missed his N word kickoff comment. Interesting how even here – on this ostensibly wide open blog format – we somehow don’t have the guts to spell it out, the so-called N-word.
    What I want to know: did Glazer and Epps go strip club hopping after the show?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jonathan Bell
    Mike Epps is an entertainer and used the word to make people laugh unlike another Michael in the not-too-distant past. Both had the right to say what they said. It’s up to the audience to decide how they are going to react. Understandably the words “nigger” and “nigga” make many people uncomfortable, I just don’t happen to fall among the ranks of the offended. While I agree that there appears to be a double-standard when dealing with who is “allowed” to use such language, I am fine with ANYONE (white, black or otherwise) who wants to use either word.
    As a black man in my early 30’s, I have been called both words quite a few times and both words are met with the exact same response… indifference.
    I happen to be in the housing industry and one of the very first lessons we are taught is: “a house is ALWAYS only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.” I think the same applies to these words. They only value they have is the value we give them.
    How one reacts determines the impact. If someone walked up to me and called me a horse, I wouldn’t all-of-a-sudden start believing I was a horse and gallop off angrily. Yet, when someone calls a black person a “nigger” it upsets them and makes some want to cuss and maybe fight. That doesn’t make any sense. I am not a nigger and it would take an awful lot to convince me that I am.
    Being in my early 30’s, I didn’t experience some of the things my parents and grandparents did. However, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that if one pours gasoline on a fire it’s going to grow. The KKK can plan a 40 person march in Selma, Alabama that would probably not draw any media attention if not for the 3,000 people that show up to protest the march.
    While I understand the history and pain behind the word, if its negativity is allowed to grow and fester, it wil continue to hold people hostage, it most certainly will. It is time to let it go.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nigger, porch monkey, coon. There, I said it you pussies. Oh damn, the “P” word…sorry, I meant to say you cunts! The letters N I G G E R are the most expensive in the English language, unless of course you’re on Wheel of Fortune, land on the $5K spot and pick an S and the word is Mississippi. All this PC stuff is bullshit! So make up your mind Black people. The “N” word had a funeral a while back and was supposed to be buried. But for so many comedians and rappers it’s like crack. Without the “N” word they’ve got no act, no street cred. Mike Epps and Kat Williams will never approach the comedic genius of Richard Pryor….or even that white ass cracker Fred Pryor. They are lame excuses for comedians. Just ask Bill Cosby. I think he’s got the bona fides to make that call.

    By the way Craig it’s the Wayans Brothers…not the Wayons. For somebody that drops names like rabbits shit you do you’d think you could fucking spell the name correctly. Nobody gives a shit that you’re “friends” with Larry the Cable Guy, Ralphie May or Mike Epps. Just cause you pay a guy to perform at your club doesn’t make you friends. I could be wrong but I doubt these guys would call you a “friend” in the true sense of the word. You gettin Christmas cards from ’em? Get invited to baptisms or graduations? Acquaintance is probably a better term. Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy are friends, Ralphie May and Food are friends. You’re just another promoter out of the hundreds if not thousands these guys have dealt with over the years. Big Fucking Deal. You get backstage, who gives a shit?

    What I really wanna know about the show Brian is how many Lisa Lampanelli-esque coal hauling bitches with their big ass feet wedged into shoes two sizes too small were there with their chocolate daddies that haven’t destroyed their credit ratings yet?

    Oh yeah…why is it OK for Ellen Degeneres to call Justin Timberlake a “Wigger” aka White Nigger and get a pass? If Ann Coulter let that rip we’d be marchin’ in the streets to lynch that skinny ass white bitch. No junk in her trunk is there?

    Nigger is just a fucking word, letters strung together. It’s part of our language and it’s never gonna change. If White people or Latinos, or Orientals want to use it fine. If you get a cap busted in your ass for using it that’s part of the deal. Probably woulda happened if you called somebody a cock-sucker or mother fucker anyway.

    Black people that get offended by the word Nigger, get over it. If a word alone offends you or causes you harm you need a good shrink. Good shrinks are mostly White Jewish people by the way.

    This is a free country. If Mike Epps and Snoop Dogg can say Nigger, so can I. When the Black Community finally gets all the offenders to agree to stop using the term, so will I.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Belle Ringer
    Jonathan, you are one funny nigga.

    I’m fine with blacks, african-americans, whatever you want to call yourselves using the word too. It’s a free country and you can throw shit around if that’s your version of pursuit of happiness.

    But I’d prefer you not call my president one.

    Let’s quit denigrating women too, bitch.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Renal Failure
    The President is not a Nigger. He’s an Oreo….just like Halle Berry. Get the facts right. Just keepin it REAL for me and my homies. Peace Up A-Town

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