Jack Goes Confidential: Unite, Star Trek Virgins!


After last week’s mighty Summer-Movie Jump Start with

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10 Responses to Jack Goes Confidential: Unite, Star Trek Virgins!

  1. Anonymous says:

    you’ve got to love it. can’t wait to have jack’s 4 fingers beam me up.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jack Jack Jack. I love your energy and love of movies. But brother you are just not up to date. A spoiler is when you know something no one else knows or is suppose to know. Nimoy being in Star Trek is not a secret. He has been part of the promotion from the beginning. Heck today I saw he is on the Burger King Glasses. So Jack let me help get you up to date and relevant to your audience. Ten things you need to know. 1-Movies are no longer called talkies. 2-You can see them in color. 3-Siskel died. 5-Reagan is no longer president of the screen actor’s guild. 6-ET is not just a cute creature from a movie but is an entertainment show, if you watch this and read People magazine you will be somewhat current. 7-Brad and Jennifer are broken up and he is now with Jon Voight’s daughter. 8-Nimoy will also be on the show Fringe this coming Tuesday and a few episodes next season. 9-That was at one time a spoiler but is now common knowledge. 10-Lindsey Lohan has made movies since Mean Girls but if you didn’t know that it doesn’t mean you are out of touch as almost no one else went and saw these flicks either. I got your back bro.

  3. Anonymous says:

    PS Yes I know I skipped 4 but figured Jack would not miss it. Also I’m not anti age. I LOVE JACK HARRY!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    More help. The Shatner story is a mystery. Shatner says he wasn’t asked. The producers say he was asked but he refused saying he doesn’t do cameos. So who knows where the truth is. But obviously the producers didn’t feel his presence would be over the top. Though I think I would agree with Jack.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Rick Rick Rick. I had no idea Nimoy was in the film. Thought he had died last year. Was greatly relieved when I saw him doing the top 10 list on Letterman the other night.
    Rick Rick Rick. Why be so harsh on jack. at least he doesn’t give away the plots the way Robert Butler does.
    Rick Rick Rick. treat yourself to a massage. Happy ending optional.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I saw him on Letterman also. So the spoiler for you was that he was alive??? Always up for a massage…no pun intended. But the last one those oriental women got arrested and…………. See I have a sense of humor. I’m just to Jack what Greg is to all the sports personalities in KC. This goes back to the previous Jack post where he was shocked to see what condition Roger Ebert was in. Just trying to help the brother out.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Where to begin, Rick? Is it tiresome repeat bagging on Jack for his well-stated shock at seeing Roger Ebert in real life? Jack noted he was well aware of Ebert’s med condition, so your point is?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I think my current point would be the following. “Hearne, Jack’s a big boy who has been in this business for quite a while.” While you coming to the defense of your writers is admirable to a degree it also seems kind of weak that you get perturbed if the critics are criticized. Newsflash. We may not always concur or agree with what is said. Be it, you, Jack, Greg, etc,…heck I in reflection don’t always agree with what I say. So stop whining. If you are thin skinned don’t read the comment section or eliminate it. JACK IS FAIR GAME. You can’t have a deal where you bag on people, the mayor, whoever. Where Greg shares his thoughts of local sports personalities. Where in my eyes legend Jack Harry takes shots and then cry “It’s tiresome Rick the way you repeatably bag on Jack.” That’s called a double standard. Again I stand by my thoughts. Jack shouldn’t of been shocked by Roger’s appearance, just cursory interest in entertainment news and he would of been aware of how he looked. Nimoy’s appearance in Star Trek is not a spoiler and was well documented. Sorry if you disagree with those sentiments. But I would say if that is the case then maybe your head is in the sand and you will also be surprised when Farah or Patrick Swayne dies. And when you are….I will point out you shouldn’t be. As previously stated. I’m going to be to Jack what Greg is to 610, 810, Whitlock, national media, etc. I enjoy his stuff and think its fair though I don’t always agree. As said by a famous Missouri resident…..if you can’t stand the heat….

  9. Anonymous says:

    You are correct, sir Jack indeed – as am I – is fair game. Now let’s try a little experiment here. I want you to step in front of a mirror and take a good, long look: You too, my man are fair game. And I think you would be better served bagging on Jack for some of his more glaring deficiencies rather than hammering him for something he pointed out that you seem to have missed. How’s that?
    Everyone knew Ebert was in sad shape – as did Jack – but seeing him up close and in person was shocking. You don’t get that?

  10. Anonymous says:

    ahhhhhhhh….you crack me up. First off I concur that I’m fair game in the sense that I put myself out there and share my thoughts for all to see. People can agree or disagree with what my thoughts are. My guess and based on my dialog with you, if I disagree I’ll respond and not have my own “hearne” come to my defense.
    Though limited I have a background in law enforcement. So I know that different things can be seen by different people at a crime scene. My guess is the same applies to Jack. So while your mystery in regards to Jack’s more glaring deficiencies and telling me I missed something is intriguing I’m going to let you keep that to yourself. I’ve already found my bone to chew on so I don’t think I’ll be participating in your experiment. Here is what I get. It is understandable that as Jack said “His heart was nearly broken” when he saw this person he admired,emulated, and was a colleague in the condition that he is. GOT IT. But also note that Jack said he was “SHOCKED”. That tells me that Jack had not seem him prior to the event. Because if you had seen him then you would of been fully aware of what he looked like. Or you would of most likely wrote “I had seen Roger on TV but I until you see him in person you are not fully aware of the level of his disfigurement”. So NO I don’t get how you can be a fan boy and be so shocked when you see someone that has been all over the media. But here let’s try this experiment. Very simple. Ask JACK. Ask him if he had seen any pictures or TV of Roger prior to seeing him in person. Case Closed.

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