OTC: MU’s Blaine Dalton’s Arrest Troubling

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4 Responses to OTC: MU’s Blaine Dalton’s Arrest Troubling

  1. Anonymous says:

    KU Fans: Hey Mizzou! Looks like you guys are keeping up the good work on making sure your athletic department is stocked with felons! You stay classy.

    MU Fans: Yeah? Well, Last tiome I checked the Morris brotehrs assaulted a woman with a (BB) gun and have you ever heard of JR Giddens or CJ Giles? And don’t forget that Darrell Arthur is a cheat who shouldn’t even have been eligible! You should give back that NCAA trophy you “won” in 2008. Your program is the filthiest EVER!

    KU Fans: Oh, cram it. MU has been filthy since Norm Stewart had Doctor Detroit Daly paying street agents to get academically unqualified players from Motown to commit to Jizzou ever since the 1980s. You guys are absolutely the filthiest.

    MU Fans: Nuh-uh! Shut up and give us back that victory you had to forfeit because of your illegal player back before I was born!

    KU Fans: No, YOU shut up and quit claiming that victory when you don’t claim forfeits from anywhere else besdies that one. You probably didn’t even GO to Mizzou. By the way, how many more times do you think Pinkel will choke away his big chance, assuming he ever gets another one? You should be ashamed at how dirty your program is. Not as ashamed of the fact that you’re a bunch of slavers, but still plenty ashaned.

    MU Fans: Dirty, dirty, dirty KU.

    KU Fans: Your fans throw batteries at our marching band whenever they’re forced to play at Ferret Field!

    MU Fans: Well, your fans started THAT tradition as well. You aren’t only known for your Rock Chalk Gayhawk chant, you know. You’re also known for having a coach so fat he sweats Ragu!

    And so on. So can we please skip this discussion since it was just written down for us all?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing how the cops still use the ‘ol “we smelled pot in the car” trick. I had that used on me and my buddies once in the 70’s that allowed Sugar Creek police to search my car. They found nothing, because there was nothing. We did smoke pot, but rarely in the car.
    I don’t know if Dalton is guilty or innocent, and don’t think I much care, but it’s amusing the police are still using the same tricks they used back when Len Dawson was roaming old Municipal Stadium…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who goes anywhere near Sugar Creek should be arrested and pistol whipped.

  4. Anonymous says:

    No honor, no code, no integrity.

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