McTavish Undresses New Theatre’s “Don’t Dress for Dinner”

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5 Responses to McTavish Undresses New Theatre’s “Don’t Dress for Dinner”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have gone to the New Theatre for the last ten years and most shows are really about the same. I saw Don Knotts falling asleep on the set. I have seen Bonnie Franklin and Loretta Swit not be able to act their way out of a paper bag and I have seen stars who can’t move well stay in chairs the whole performance. The local performers are what bring me back and two of my favorites are in this one Jim Korinke and Cathy Barnett.

    All in all it is a great experience and it is good to see people like Jamie Farr continue to press on even though they are a little older. The madcap comedies are my favorite and I am sure I am going to like this one as much as I have before.

  2. Anonymous says:

    To Mr. or Miss McTavish (depending on how you are presenting) I am sure you know what I mean Brian or Brianne?

    Isn’t that hilarious? About as bright as you starting out your review, by bashing some of the audience for being “old”. That tells me something about you. What did that have to do with anything.

    And your point the play was pointless. Really?
    The point was the wife and husband were in the process of cheating and when each spouse found out the other was cheating, they got jealous and realized that they still loved each other, deep down. Too bring out one major point you missed.

    I think you are being hard on the actors. What do you expect? Wow, Jami is 74. You can only hope to be as good as he was in the show (EVER in you life) Let us all know when you reach his level and credibility.

    I am sure you have a right to your opinion.
    Live some more life and maybe you can figure out meaning in plays better.

    Dave Wray

  3. Anonymous says:

    Character development while delivering Abbot and Costello dialogue? Wall Street brokers converting barns, coming over on boats and catering dinner parties and $100 bills are a sticking point? And dude, we are all gonna get old – I saw Hearne Christopher coming out of HyVee and he looks like Methusala.

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