One Moment Of Your Time, Please!! Voice from the Tomb

A moment of silence, please for Kansas City Star columnist ex officio Skip Sleyster

For decades Sleyster’s column/”advertisement” ran in the Sunday Star’s Local or Metropolitan section. At a significant discount from rates paid by regular advertisers, I was told over the years.

Not a bad bargain – not only did the Star get a paycheck-free columnist, he paid them!

The 85 year-old Sleyster checked out “unexpectedly” April 30, headed no doubt for that slag heap/flea market beyond. However he left a little something to remember him by in Sunday’s newspaper.

“Springtime comes one day and leaves the next,” his column begins. “It will be nice when it comes to stay. I do like summertime. The cold winter doesn’t make it easy on life.”

Naturally what appears to be Sleyster’s swan song includes a plug for “Stihl saws” and a dig at former KC Mayor Emanuel Cleaver’s traffic light infested 71 Highway makeover.

“Stop lights on a freeway doesn’t let traffic proceed as it should,” he writes. Our council should take a look at the mess on 71 Highway.”

Sensing Sleyster’s end was near last year I asked how he wanted to be remembered.

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2 Responses to One Moment Of Your Time, Please!! Voice from the Tomb

  1. Anonymous says:

    God bless you Skip. You will be missed. Who’s gonna fill those shoes?

  2. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Skip you were a wonderful guy, you told it like it was, you even liked me and my Dad, thank you…If there is a heaven you belong there old buddy

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