OTC: Whitlock Passes On Draft To Burn Herm

A steady downpour pelted Kansas City residents as they scurried from their beds Monday morning to rescue their Kansas City Star from drowning on the front lawn. Few things start a day off more poorly than a soaked newspaper. While the Monday morning Star is now just a fading shadow of its once proud self, I was eager to read Jason Whitlock

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I disagree with you on Petro. Every broadcaster shills for products. When they had the Royals radio rights they shilled for ticket packages. Nonetheless, they still ripped and critiqued the very same team they were broadcasting. They had chiefs ads on their radio station last year and it didn’t stop any of them from bashing Carl or Herm. Petro’s ad is a testimonial. “Hey I bought season tix so should you.” He has stated numerous times that he’s been a season ticket holder for years. The chiefs paid for the ad. Petro will still criticize them as will Keitzman or anyone on the station.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Who in the hell would marry Petro? And you’re right GH he should not be pimping for Chiefs. I haven’t heard the ad but it can’t be any more disturbing or embarassing than Trace Atkins and the whole “it’s about the fans” and “anything can happen from the 50.” I’ll bet Steven Hawking will chew on that one for a while. And whjile we’re on the subject of the Honky-Tonk-Ba-Donk-A-Donk…Jason Whitlock is more of an embarassment to KC than Mama Gloria. The fact that he still scribes for the “Scar” speaks volumes about his talents. He was is and always will be a poor excuse for a minority hire. If he was a fat sweaty white guy he would have been sent packing way before Flanny. At least he didn’t exploit Buck O’Neil the way that JoPo did.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Soren Petro has become the new Bob Gretz for the new regime. And that’s ok. He’ll deny it, just like Gretz did. He’ll be ctitical at times, just like Gretz was. And he’ll cease to be taken seriously–just like Gretz.
    What price is worth selling one’s credibility?

    The problem with Whitlock’s column–like so many recent columns–is that it could be written sitting in front of his TV with a Gates rib hanging out of his yap…

    I hope we’re not going to hear another season about these “certain upcoming Chiefs blackouts” that Kietzman, Harry, and co. have been “guaranteeing” for the past two seasons. The Chiefs have had no problems selling 70,000 tickets every home game, and that’s not changing anytime soon…

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Whitlock’s bulbousness is fodder for critics PRECISELY because he used the charge against Mangino.

    What coach in ANY college or professional sport is a better figure of discipline than his players? Larry Eustachy? Rick Majerus? Ralph Friedgen? Roy Williams and Krizewsky can’t jump and touch the bottom of the net without a pogo-stick. Coaches are successful coaches because of their abilities to motivate and teach, and of course win.

    Whitlock hammering on Herm for his initial foray into big time TV is ludicrous when one considers his own initial plop in front of the TV cameras on KMBC several years ago.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Everyone is writing columns about a columnist. Whether you love him or hate him Whitlock is a must read in the paper and is a lightning rod in Kansas City and across the country. He really tries to do everything he can to aggravate whoever he can. By now, we pretty much know what we have with Whitlock.

    Petro on the other hand we don’t know where his allegiances lie. I always felt he gave Carl Petersen a pass when the rest of the media was pointing out the problems. The new ad I don’t like because it shows how far the lines cross. If these things go on behind the scenes great but don’t be a part of an advertisement for the Chiefs.

    Do you think the Chiefs would allow Kietzman in that ad. I doubt it!

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