McTavish: Hardest Working Hick in Show Biz Unleashes Cornpone Zingers

Like a one-man sitcom, Larry the Cable Guy got as many laughs per minute as any stand-up comic could expect to get during the first of two packed shows Saturday at the Midland by AMC.

Attired in his trademark ball cap and button-down shirt cut off at the shoulders, the hardest working hick in show business sauntered on stage and sent out absurdist cornpone zingers like a somewhat smarter brother of Junior Samples.

It may have felt more than a little like

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6 Responses to McTavish: Hardest Working Hick in Show Biz Unleashes Cornpone Zingers

  1. Anonymous says:

    “the denial (of anthropogenic global warming) on display could have been seen as amusing in itself.”

    Once a Star reporter, always a Star reporter. Mr. McTavish should stay within his realm. The last 10 years have actually seen the earth’s temperatures decrease. Is man causing that too? By the way, it might interest you also to know that during that time period, the US and the world have increased their burning of fossil fuels and their use of energy overall.

    ‘Amusing’ occurs when an entertainment writer thinks he can speak on science.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Larry the Cable Guy knows that his audience is made up of stupid people who think global warming isn’t real, mexicans are going to take their jobs, and gay people are trying to convert them with their “queer rays”.

    He knows his audience, so he just tells lame “I hate liberal” jokes about Hillary Clinton and wraps himself up in bumper-sticker style patriotism.

    Idiot entertainment for Rush Limbaugh fans.

  3. Anonymous says:

    give me the names of every dumb f*ck who went
    and bought tickets to that show. They have to
    be the lowest form of humans anywhere with
    iq below that of a pig. I have to laugh when i
    hear that people actually paid money to see this
    hickm tell jokes that aren’t even funny.
    shows how stupid and ignorant rural people are.

  4. Anonymous says:

    While human behavior certainly has an impact on the planet any rational person knows that the clarion call for disaster sounded by Al Gore and friends is over the top. We can solve the crisis with a little discipline in our behavior both at the personal and corporate level. While driving through KC during the election it was amazing to see how the homes with Obama signs had big SUV’s and gas guzzlers on display in the driveway and had plenty of architectural lighting wasting energy by the kilowatt.

    It is a sad commentary on society that LTCB can demand $250,000.00 per show, and get it. I suspect that all the morona that went to the show wweren’t “rural”. Lot’s of city-slickers who should know better were present and accounted for. Just goes to show what a good Public Education will do for you.

    Mr. McTavish is a breath of fresh air. Far more insightful and enjoyable to read than Tim Finn. Keep up the great work Brian.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Y’not Pali
    If Larry the Cable Guy’s ilk are the majority, we’s in trubble.

  6. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    I worked with Larry when he was Dan Whitney, he is without any argument the biggest money star of the last 6 years, yes that includes Chris Rock,Jerry etc…he’s number one, I know, he has made over 60 million a year the last several years with concerts,clothing(get r’done)movies and tv shows…he is the man, so yes most white people and especially in the midwest lean his way…they are the majority…eveidence nobody in comedy draws more in KC…nobody…sorry but its true..and Larry is good at what he does and yes he knows his audience….Lewis Black, another friend of mine plays to the educated, he can only do one show at The Midland…not two and never could do Kemper…see what I mean

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