Git-R-Done: King Kong vs. Godzilla – Ralphie May Tackles Larry the Cable Guy

Not long ago hick humorist Larry the Cable Guy was packing places like Kemper Arena

No mas.

Still what looks to be a double sellout of the new Midland Theater by the cable dude is nothing to sneer at. Equally, if not more impressive, is cetacean-esque comic Ralphie May’s feat of selling out his Saturday shows at Stanford & Sons at the Legends, while going head-to-head with Larry’s Midland sellouts.

Columnist insert: a few seats remain for tonight’s and Sunday’s Ralphie shows at 913 400-7500.

I digress…

The skinny on May: “The cool thing is on May 5th his new DVD Austin-Tatious comes out and it’s already gone platinum on presales,” says Stanford’s main man Craig Glazer. “That means it’s sold 100,000 copies or more.”

On the personal front, “Ralphie had a baby and while at one time he weighed nearly 700 pounds, he’s lost nearly 300 pounds,” Glazer says.

Uh, cuz of the baby?

“No, over the years he was able to do it by originally being on the Celebrity Fit Club and he had a trainer for that show who told him that he’d lost more weight than anybody he’d ever seen,” Glazer says. “He did it by diet, working out – like weight lifting and doing 1,000 sit-ups a day and several hundred pushups.”

Come on, a 600 pound plus dude doing several hundred actual pushups?

“I’m telling you what Ralphie said, I’m not telling you that it’s true,” Glazer says. “And he lost so much weight so quickly it was actually a health hazard.”

How Glazer transported the Big R back in the day: “When he was 600 plus we started in a limo but it was too uncomfortable, so we had to switch to a Cadillac Escalade.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Go figure that there are enough inbred, gravy sweating, white trash retards in the metro to go see these morons repeat the same crap you can see for free on Comedy Central. It’s the survival of the fattest these days ain’t it Chuck D. That’s hip talk for Charles Darwin for those of you in Wyco, JoCo and Independence

  2. Ganzalez says:

    If you have a JPEG image and want to know if it’s PSed. Go to Photoshopped Image Detector, put in the URL to the image, and hit submit. The system will analyze the image for you. If the image has been edited, detailed info will be shown.

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