Holly Does Vegas: What Not to Wear Meets What’s Hot to Wear

The latest on 38 the Spot it grrrl Holly Starr’s long distance TV gig…

Her new promotional partnering in Sin City on Vegas TV, Channel 25 (ILoveVegasTV.com) launched yesterday on Earth Day.

Lemme guess, with Starr in a nature-friendly fig leaf?

“Actually I had two little ones, if you know what I mean,” she quips. “I’m just kidding you! Actually I wore a shirt with like a globe on it – let’s call it a globe shirt. And I wore a peace shirt, a shirt with a peace sign on it.”

And for her upcoming Cinco de Mayo promotion?

“For Cinco de Mayo they had me in a little, black spaghetti strapped dress with ruffles,” Starr says. ‘And they had me dancing, like it was a salsa type dress.”

How about Mother’s Day, Little House on the Prairie perhaps?

“How’d you know? No just a basic melon-colored shirt, like an orange shirt. Nothing special for Mother’s Day.”

Last but not least, did Starr take a star turn on 420 Day?

“Nothing,” she says. “You know what’s so funny? Just this year, I kid you not, did I learn what that meant. I just heard about it a couple days ago.”

For the record, 420 Day is what passes for national pot smoking holiday.

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5 Responses to Holly Does Vegas: What Not to Wear Meets What’s Hot to Wear

  1. Anonymous says:

    Holly can wear anything and look smokin hot. And anon, dude, it was for EARTH DAY. Sounds like you celebrated 420 instead. Holly if you do decide to wear the fig leafs be sure to take pictures.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Please…no mo of this ho. Bring back Craig Glazer. At least he’s accomplished something in his life without trading on his looks. This blog is turing into a dog. When does the family money run out?

  3. Anonymous says:

    To anon
    Again anon, get your facts straight, Hearne Christopher did not abandon his kids. He is the most entertaining reporter in KC– hands down.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bob Berdella
    You know, when a blogger gets comments (even if they’re, you know, UNCOMFORTABLE) and deletes the original comment that subsequent comments are based on, it sort of defeats the whole purpose of blogging.

  5. Anonymous says:

    some 411
    Blogging is not intended for slander so if something negative is said about the person who originated the blog they have the right to delete. Get your own blog loser . Oh wait, no one wants to hear what you have to say. Never mind.

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