Jack Goes Confidential: Screenland Armour Noses AMC, Earth Sells Out

SCREENLAND Grows on Armour Road-

Independent movie and real estate mogul Butch Rigby has expanded his local exhibition empire by adding a second, smaller auditorium to his main SCREENLAND ARMOUR theatre which was reborn just last year in North Kansas City.

“It’s trimmed out in solid oak paneling like a studio mogul’s private theater,” Rigby says.

The new theater shares the lobby with the main theatre.

And with this past weekend’s opening of his “just under 100 seat auditorium,” Rigby gets a two week jump on his new competitor, AMC’s MAINSTREET THEATRE in nearby downtown K.C. It’s poised to open on May 1 and Rigby admits, could effect his cinematic biz just north of the river on Armour Road…

Rigby plans to use the second auditorium primarily for what in the industry are called “move-overs” from the main auditorium (like in a film’s third week at the complex when a hot new title becomes available for the No. 1 screen.)

Currently the SCREENLAND ARMOUR’s’ main screen is showing STATE OF PLAY with Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck, while the second

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    ghost of chuck saults
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