Jack Goes Confidential: Pill Popping Mall Cop Disturbs

Contrary to those funny TV spots you’ve been seeing for actor Seth Rogen’s latest bipolar raunch-fest, “Observe and Report,” it’s NOT just another “Paul Blart: Mall Cop”!

The Hollywood trade paper Variety said it best when it called the movie “…a shocking and sometimes discomfortably funny comedy about an unstable security guard who views himself as a vigilante protector while patrolling a suburban shopping mall.”

The first half –very funny – but the picture takes a stark left turn as we discover a far darker, creepier side of this wanna-be cop’s inner-psyche as he’s about to crack under the pressure of a flasher who’s terrorizing shoppers.

A local screening audience’s laughter morphed into an uncomfortable twitter and finally a quiet exit from the auditorium.

Be forewarned: “Observe and Report” is a hard R-rated, very dark comedy due to language, graphic (male frontal) nudity, drug use, and sexual content.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    John Doe
    Let me guess. Shawn Edwards gave it 5 stars and got his quote into the NY TIMES.

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