Star Struck: More is Less as Double Whammy Wallops Subscribers

Just as the haze Monday from Kansas City Star editor Mike Fannin’s front page “we are not dying” opus began to recede, up popped the devil…

That in the form of a letter from the Star’s circulation department.

“I am writing to notify you that a subscription rate increase of 15 percent will go into effect beginning May 1, 2009…” it read. “This is an across-the-board increase for all home-delivery subscribers.”

Talk about timing!

Fannin’s missive talks of the hardship Kansas Citians face in these tough economic times.
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5 Responses to Star Struck: More is Less as Double Whammy Wallops Subscribers

  1. Anonymous says:

    Easter Sunday paper will only be about 200 pages.
    They are raising the rate, but they are only running 2 presses, making the paper get to the carriers later than normal. Which makes the paper to the subscribers later than normal. They are combining distrubution centers in July, so the Kansas side will have the distrubution center by I-435 and I-35 in Lenexa. It will have 228 carriers trying to get papers every morning. The KCStar at it’s finest, again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for clearing up the propaganda from the “Scar”. Are Fannin’s teeth really that yellow or was that picture taken after he fellated someone to get his promotion to editor? Until they get serious and whack JoPo or BIG SEXY I don’t think they can say they are serious about cutting costs. Plenty of guys and gals in the sports section that scribe better than either of those two.

  3. Anonymous says:

    WWCG do?
    Bitter much? Let’s see, so far you have set one of your former co workers out for comments he made on facebook, slammed the guy who fired you, and quoted or referenced Craig coke dealer Glazer on a daily basis. I give this blog another month, 2 at best. JoPo at least has a strong enough following to KEEP his job. Stick to writing fluff for the Sun.

  4. Anonymous says:

    WWCG, is it true that IGNORANCE is bliss?

  5. Anonymous says:

    i would say that jacking the rates up would piss off a lot of price sensative subscribers at this time. Does the rate increase make up for all the dropped subscribers? people will do without the paper when watching the budget. I would also like to know who the idiots were who dropped the price of the sunday paper to 1.25 a few years back when it was the best selling issue. The problem is no one is on the same page down at the star.

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