Wizards Tart Up Starting 11: Unleash Calendar Friday at Mint

Those tres polite, helpful Kansas City Wizards women in the sexy-but-subtle ensembles – the Starting 11 Girls – are upping the animal magnetism ante…

This time last year, the cheerleader-looking Starting 11 were charged primarily with schmoozing VIPs, helping people find their seats, customer service and hospitality.

That was then…

“We wanted to enhance the program with the Starting 11 Girls,” says Wizards marketing man Rob Thomson. “So we have a whole new team and now there’s a dance component and they’re performing at half time and before the game. You know, like what you see in arena sports – it’s very new. This will be something people come to games that they’ll want to see.”

With luck, they’ll want to see even more, as in the Wizards new Starting 11 Girls calendar that can be purchased at games, Starting 11 Girls appearances or online at kcwizards.com.

So did Thomson wisk the Starting 11 off to a remote tropical paradise for the shoot? Uh, no.

“One was at Tony Gonzalez condo on the Plaza and another was at Spa Tuscano at Briarcliff,” Thomson says. “And we did some in the West Bottoms.”

How about Oceans of Fun?

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6 Responses to Wizards Tart Up Starting 11: Unleash Calendar Friday at Mint

  1. Anonymous says:

    It says “Starting 11” and there are 14 girls pictured…. me confused (not unusual).

  2. Anonymous says:

    What, no comment from Craig Glazer?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Even weirder…Starting 11 with 14 pictured and 15 showing up for the party at Mint!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see you are back to your same old six sources. Thomson was number 5.
    Where’s Vivien?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Do the Wizards realize this not a pointyball game? How about improving the product on the field and worry about the gimmicks later. You can have all the gimmicks in the world but it is all for not if the product your are paying for sucks. That is why people go to the games!

  6. Ex-S11G says:

    Late Explanation
    There are 11 players on the soccer field at once and there were 12-13 dancers and the rest of use were Ambassadors to the team. So the name relates to the # of the players on the field at once, not the # of girls on the team. We’re a team for the team….make sense now?

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