OTC: Is Alex Gordon A Must Or A Bust?

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2 Responses to OTC: Is Alex Gordon A Must Or A Bust?

  1. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    George Brett was a star by his second year starting at 3rd, he replaced Amos Otis as the only Royal who people really, really followed on as far as a hitter, maybe Macrea….but not so much….As of now there is no Royal to follow, nobody, none, zip, hasn’t been for years and years..since Brett, nobody, ever, get it, nothing, one big zero, listening….we have been a baseball joke…So, if Gordon can hit 300 plus, hit 25 plus homers and drive in l00, he will be our first batting star since Brett…with much less to offer, but still of interest…again so far we have nothing…I am hoping for the best, but as of today WE STINK

  2. Anonymous says:

    Paul Kardules
    I stop by your blog everyday to see if you have updated it! LOL! More updates please!

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