Take 5: Notes On Weekend @ Sprint Center

Taking in all six games at Sprint Center this past weekend was a treat, even for an on-the-couch kind of guy like me. While there, I could not help jotting down some notes to share with those of you who bother to frequent this odd space. Overall, Sprint Center, KC Live and the P&L were huge hits and created the kind of atmosphere we have always envied in other towns. Let me hear from those of you who also experienced the NCAA tourney Kansas City style.

Magic Fingers: The person operating the Sprint Center scoreboard has the quickest fingers this side of the No-Tell Motel. It is almost impossible to watch the live action of a bucket and then look to the overhead scoreboard before the numbers have changed. The guy (or gal) is good!

The K: We screwed up BIG time by not rebuilding The K next to the Power & Light District. No one campaigned louder and longer than Kevin Kietzman and his WHB radio station at the time that refurbishing The K was a mistake. He was more right than he has ever been. The atmosphere in the P&L for summer baseball would have been incredible. What a damn shame.

Michigan fans: The Maize & Blue came to town in great numbers and their deportment left a lot to be desired. The Michigan horde treated the Oklahoma game like it was football rather than basketball. Coordinated chants of,

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4 Responses to Take 5: Notes On Weekend @ Sprint Center

  1. Anonymous says:

    Kevin Keitzman and right in the same sentence that’s f*cking funny. He makes Don Fortunato look like George Plimpton. The only way a downtown ballpark would have worked is if it were designed to have a Wrigleyville feel…meaning smack dab in the middle of a uber-chic residential neighborhood…. (including the Cubby Bear Lounge. That would have been very cool but way too progrssive for the Cowtown Crowd. Don’t get all excited about the NCAA weekend. Even Lyle Lovett got in Julia Roberts knickers for a while. The P&L can’t even generate enough tax revenue to cover their bonds during the honeymoon year. If they ever start checking id’s there booze sales will drop by 30%. Stick to sports and not economics or urban renewal projects. Just ’cause you know how to raise pigs doesn’t mean you know how to sell bacon.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, great. Losing team downtown. Do you own property down there?

    Somebody said B&V is buying lots of property in OP… weren’t they also in KCMO? Nuther Koup for Kansas?

    Downtown KC is west of State Line and south of 435. Time the Old Kansas City /Waldo /Westport /Redbridge crowd realize it’s over. They need to extend Penn Valley park northwards to the river. Thank the Italians for killing downtown Kansas City. Imagine if the River Quay hadn’t been a Beirut warzone back in the day. The mob would have huge riverboat casinos… probably walkways over the river. Tower Restaurants. Hell, maybe even a docked aircraft carrier!

    And youre talking about moving one of the best stadiums in the country? Snow news day, I guess. But I’m sure you made Keitzman’s day!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hard to take the economic lessons from someone who uses “methlab” as a screen name – might know the ROI on Meth, but can you seriously think being off I70 is better than downtown..at nearly any cost?

    The K is a piece of shit and the area is the toilet in which it floats.

    Having the park downtown or at least somewhere between downtown and the Plaza makes it a helluva lot more attractive than I70.

    Also, has anyone else noticed how EASY it is to get in and out of downtown? Amazing. Parking Lot to highway in 5 mins tops even after emptying a packed Sprint Center.

    I agree that Keitzman and right don’t go in a sentence very often, but oddly enough the blind squirrel did find a nut.

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