Bottom Line Bottoms Out: Local Media Gossip Site Eats Dirt

I can’t remember when I stumbled onto PR dude John Landsberg’s Web site, Bottom Line Communications (, eight, ten years ago? Probably via a Google search.

It was loaded with dullish drivel about how his public relations techniques could help company’s amp up their bottom lines. Get it?

Early on he cited my Kansas City Star column in a flattering way, as being a no-nonsense, cut-to-the-chase vehicle that required people to be clear, concise and candid – unlike me, of course. That’s how his clients should engage the media, Landsberg proffered. Follow him and wear diamonds…

But sandwiched amidst those ding-dong directions were a handful of edgy, interesting and entertaining – if generally little-to-poorly-reported tidbits and observations about local media and sports.

Hey, that’s how I remember it anyway…

I didn’t look at Bottom Line often, but would stumble onto something here and there.
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4 Responses to Bottom Line Bottoms Out: Local Media Gossip Site Eats Dirt

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bill bonks
    Averse to confirming info by phone? Talk about the pot calling the kettle…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pot, here. Let me get this straight. You don’t think I work the phones?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Scott Simon
    Hearne, all I can say about you, working in Kansas City media for 8 years and reading your stuff is that you focus was on 5-7 people, repeated over and over. The soccer marketing guy whose name I can’t remember stands out the most. Who really cared? Or Bob Zuroweste, my former general manager at KMBZ. You gave him more press than the St. Louis Post Dispatch gave the late Robert Hyland, the man who invented talk radio as a full service format. Truthfully, I thought you were lazy. I’ve read and been a part of other columns, such as Jerry Berger’s in St. Louis. John did a very good job with Bottom Line, superior to similar web sites in other markets. Don’t be criticizing his sources – they’re the same people who called to tip you off about items.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Scott, Scott, Scott, how are ya? Where are ya? Where to begin, Z ran like 9 stations in this market – some of the biggest. He blew up a few long the way, had to address problems, controversies at all of ’em.
    As for criticizing sources, you gotta read a little closer, man. I’m not criticizing sources, I’m criticizing JL for not following up on the tips with reporting to verify. Like reporting Lauren Chapin’s death while she was still alive. Or that Greg Hall was fired by the Star when he wasn’t. Get it?

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